Monday, 11 January 2010

Tomorrow never knows

Round 24: Spring 2019
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Adam Gottlieb is 64, Athena is 59, Amelia is 30, Wade is 29, Sophie is 6 and Noah is 1.
(Augustin is 64 and Tatiana is 36)

Narrated by Athena Gottlieb

Noah has only just turned 1 but Amelia just announced that she's pregnant again! Adam is beside himself - I don't know if he'll ever have enough grandchildren! I'm excited too but the news is making me feel a little old. I can't believe I'm old enough to have three grandchildren!

I've been watching Wade carefully for his reaction. You can't really ask these sorts of things but I think Sophie was a bit of a surprise for both of them and it took him a long time to agree to try for a second. But he seemed pretty happy with the news.

I guess Wade is just realising that fatherhood isn't really as scary as he thought it would be. He and Amelia have done a great job so far with Sophie and Noah. Sophie gets straight As in school. She's a bit of a dawdler and she leaves her homework to the last minute but I guess we can't really complain too much as long as she gets it done.

It's too early to tell what Noah will be like when he gets older - he's only just learning to walk!

Looking at Noah is almost exactly like looking at Wade when he was a toddler. He's just the spitting image of his dad. I've even almost called him Wade a couple of times!

I hated being pregnant but pregnancy agrees with Amelia. She doesn't get much morning sickness or fatigue. She went to work the other week, got a promotion to sous chef, came home early and then headed back in to work for another shift a few hours later. I'm amazed! I never could have done that while I was pregnant.

Wade is still a "scatmaster". None of us are quite sure why but he really enjoys it. Maybe it's the late starts. He still gets up very early and goes out bug hunting until it's time for him to leave.

We might have another little chef on our hands in a few years! Sophie was never very interested in the Yummy Channel before but since she realised she could watch Adam on TV, it's become her favourite channel.

Adam's keen to give up the show and Max Nihill is ready to step in and take his place. It's been a nice bonding activity for Adam and Sophie though. I think they'll both miss it.

With the new baby coming, we've realised we won't be able to stay in this house for much longer. Noah's already sleeping in the hallway and Sophie's going to break her neck sliding down that banister one day. I hope our next place doesn't have a spiral staircase!

All we really need is a house with 6 bedrooms, so I can convert one into a home office and at least as many bathrooms as we have here. We're both keen to move to Sullivan. Joanna is already living there and it'd be nice to have the family close together again. We don't really need any extra money but Adam has written a few restaurant guides that have sold well, so we've got some more cash to play around with anyway.

Adam and I enjoyed an early dinner at Le Magnifique the other afternoon. Adam ordered what he always does - Baked Alaska! I went with a healthier option. I eat enough unhealthy food at home!

Adam insisted I needed some time to de-stress and who am I to argue? We haven't been out dancing in a long time!

And Adam is right. Ever since I was elected governor, it sometimes feels like I'm always at work. People approach me all the time in public - sometimes just to say hello, sometimes to complain about something!

Adam gets a lot of attention himself though! Being on television will do that!

It was nice to forget about work for a while but I had to get straight back into it the next day. The main issue for Sullivan right now is overcrowding at the primary school.

Augustin Novak is the outgoing principal and Tatiana Lachance will be taking over from him when he retires. I've been meeting with them both, to talk about what they'll need.

Augustin can be frustrating for both Tatiana and me to deal with but we're making headway.

Augustin was the first principal of SPS, so it's like his baby and he was very reluctant to have the city build a new one and wanted us to renovate. We tried that and it soon became apparent that the building was just not made to fit as many students as we have currently. Our compromise is building a new school but trying to keep the aesthetics of the old one in mind while doing so. I'm hoping we can have this school finished by the time elections roll around - it might make re-election a lot more likely - but these sorts of things are so often plagued by delays, and all we can really do is hope for the best!

  • Title is from the Beatles song Tomorrow Never Knows.
  • I completely forgot to put Amelia back on birth control! I saw them go upstairs to woohoo, considered quickly putting her on it but figured it would be okay, because I hovered my mouse and saw it was just "Casual Woohoo", not "Try for Baby". Of course, I forgot about Risky Woohoo, so Amelia is due in Winter 2020! Amelia has the want for another baby and Adam has the want for a grandchild, so they'll be happy at least.
  • Wade might be my best hope for finishing this cursed bug collection! He's got 26/30 so far - he needs two more spiders and two more butterflies.
  • Athena was the Sim who rolled the Date Night ROS this round. It was the day time when they went out but I followed the spirit of the ROS, if not the letter!
  • I've decided that elections for governor will be held the year following tax year. Next tax year is 2021, so the election will be in 2022. I think Athena will run again - she'll still be relatively young - but I haven't decided who will run against her.
  • I definitely need to build a new primary school and whether it gets finished by the next election will depend on how lazy I am! LOL. I should really get started though.


  1. Sophie and Noah are too cute! I love that you managed to catch Sophie sliding down the stairs. Cole's twins do it ALL the time but I'm never quick enough to catch them!

    Only in the sims does this All we really need is a house with 6 bedrooms, so I can convert one into a home office and at least as many bathrooms as we have here. sound like a normal statement! To those of us in RL, that's a mansion. xD

    OMG, you are so close to getting all the bugs! Woohoo!

  2. Sophie and Noah are really cute. I'm happy at least some of the adults will be happy with a third child, of course I never saw a sim unhappy when he saw his new child or grandchild!

    I too never catch a child sliding down the stairs!

    Good luck on the building a new school! I have 2 lots in SimsVille reserved for school, but I don't seem to get started!

  3. Yay for a new baby! Sophie and Noah are so adorable.

    Is there any special prize for collecting all the bugs? Other than the feeling of achieving the impossible of course! I've never had any sim finish the bug collection, I don't think anyone has even been close.

    I have to set up a governor for Wellington before year 2017 but I have no idea who it'll be.

  4. Sophie is so cute sliding down the banister, but yikes, she's going to break her neck, LOL! ;)

    Aw, another baby! They have cute kids, so I'm looking forward to seeing the new addition! :)

  5. I agree a 6 bedroom house is a mansion irl! I think Athena makes a great governor, I loved seeing Tatiana and Augustin in her office. I'm excited to see the new school once you build it.

    What is your risky woohoo set at? Your sims get pregnant so darn easy with that. Whereas in my game, I don't use b/c unless they are permanently done, but my risky is set low.

  6. Thanks for reading, everyone!

    Mao, I was lucky to catch that! I got a video of it once, when Zaria was a teen and posted it in one of the old Royce updates. I camped myself at the bottom of that staircase and made Zaria go up and down until she did it!

    And well, Athena is the Governor! She needs a mansion!

    I'm trying not to get too excited about Wade and his bugs. Raffaella got 29/30 and she never found that last bug! Fingers crossed though!

    Tanja, yes, everyone seems to just melt when a new baby is born, don't they? Except Stan Benton - he had a breakdown when Zelda was born and he was a Family Sim!

    I still haven't started the school. I got really frustrated with my current one and I don't know what to do with the new one to prevent that. I think I should draw up a plan.

    Cissie, you should see Noah in action. He's much cuter!

    I don't know if there's a prize for the bugs. I heard there was but I heard that for the vacation memories too and we all know how that turned out! I'm prepared for there to be no reward this time though because I think that's the most likely scenario.

    It took me ages to pick a governor for Sullivan! I didn't decide for certain until a day or two before I started the round!

    Shana, Sophie really looks like she's going to break her neck in that last picture! I thought maybe they'd added something where the kids fall of the stairs (like on the monkey bars) but she just hopped off like normal.

    I'm excited to see the baby too!

    Maisie, I like Athena as governor too but we'll see if she lasts past 2022.

    I'm not sure what my risky woohoo is set at but I actually haven't had that many Sims get pregnant from it. Both of Owen and Naomi's kids are RW babies and Tatiana is also an RW baby and this new Gottlieb will be too. More often, my Sims get pregnant because I forget to put them on birth control and they try for a baby themselves or they use the car or another object where ACR BC doesn't work.

    Mind you, I don't dare take any of my couples who I don't want to have kids yet off birth control! Some of my girls seem to get pregnant if their boys just look at them!

  7. Well, sometimes those sims decide how many babies they want. I have no idea how Fiona and Jesse got pregnant again (ok, I know how-but not when). It's like they decided to woohoo when the game was turned off or something.

    I can't wait to see the new school building, I bet it will be great.

  8. OMG, I've still never seen a kid sliding down the spiral stairs!!! I guess I rarely use them though, lol! I'll have to make a note of that and install some more ;)

    I hope you get something special for all those bugs!

    Yay for new babies! I actually can't believe that after my next five are born (OMG, five babies!) I don't even know who's going to have any next. It's been a long time since I had a year without babies!

  9. Thanks for reading!

    Apple Valley, my mistake with Wade and Amelia was I had loaded the house, put her on birth control and then realised that I'd loaded without my objects in. Grrr! Put them all back in, loaded again and went on my merry way, thinking I'd already put her on birth control. Well, she got pregnant literally seconds after I entered the house! LOL!

    Going to see if I can get started on the school today!

    Laura, oh, I use the spiral stairs all the time when I build or add on. They take up less space and are less picky about where you put them than the modulars. And more than one Sim can use them at the same time, unlike the base game ploppable stairs.

    I'm not holding my breath for a bug reward but we'll see!

    I have 4 due right now, with one set of twins but there seems to always be one pregnant woman waddling around! My last year without babies was 12 years ago. Which sadly meant that when I was doing birthdays last night (they'll be posted tomorrow), I didn't get to age anyone up to teen. :(

  10. Aww I love that pose of Adam and Athena in the family portrait. And Wade has such a baby face to me. I can't believe he's 29 here.

    And I love the "All we really need is a house with 6 bedrooms" bit too lol. So nonchalant! I wish I could be so nonchalant about wanting a huge house. I don't even know what I'd do with a house with 6 bedrooms other than have infinite space to toss all my crap I don't want to deal with.

    And I finally know who the tot with the "beautiful eye" is that you posted at N99. Once I saw the birthday pics of Noah with the close ups of him and Wade, I knew who she belonged to. Can't wait til she's born cuz this whole family is beautiful!

  11. Danielle, that's one of my favourite poses too! I used it for Olivia's graduation with Steve too, I think. I have a few poses with one Sim holding the other from behind and I really adore them.

    Wade's 34 now...still a baby face! I've been thinking of checking out what he looks like with some facial hair. It seems to fit his personality that he'd have some scruff anyway.

    That's a kind of nonchalance that can only come from living in a world where you can get a six bedroom house for $120,000! And Athena knows she can afford a maid or butler too, you see? That's the trick!

    Ha, you figured out which family the "beautiful eye" comes from! I figured you would - Sophie has her mother's eyes but Noah's are a very distinctive Gottlieb feature. You won't have to wait long to see the third little Gottlieb now!