Sunday, 18 July 2010

Round 27 Summary

Whoa, that's definitely a record amount of break-ups! And my population didn't go up as much as I thought it had - I always forget to factor in the deaths.

5 (Aurora and Bianca Moretti, Sylvia Novak, Simon and Matthew Lane)

Deaths: 2 (Filippo Moretti, Debbie Lane)

Engagements: 2 (Julian Sitko and Caterina Nihill, Luc Lane and Asha Royce)

Marriages: 2 (Finn and Victoria Romilly, Steve and Olivia Nihill)

Break-ups: 7 (Malcolm Novak and Susannah Carmody, Marshall Thorne and Sarah Carmody, Nathan Collins and Tessa Novak, Dominic Lachance and Hope Collins, Alasdair Meadows and Sarah Carmody, Nick Moretti and Adrienne Novak, Ethan Novak and Matilda Jacobson)

Graduations: 1 (Sarah Carmody)

New residents: 0

Total population: 109 (51 male, 58 female)
Babies: 3
Toddlers: 6
Children: 15
Teens: 16
Adults: 52
Elders: 16


  1. Gosh! Seven break-ups! Definitely a record in my book! This definitely was a drama round! It'll be interesting to see what all of these newly single sims will be up to! ;)
    Looking forward to the next round, although not to that death ROS :(

  2. I agree with Tessa, this really was a drama round! I don't think I've had that many break-ups if I count all rounds together.

  3. This has been a great round! All the break ups and new couples, engagements, and weddings. Only two deaths, and 5 new bundles, including sweet Sylvia. Who hasn't aged up at all, (and I'm super curious on the genetics of her "dad), hey can you post a picture of him when you age her up, so we can see who she looks like?

    The two marriages are both such long-time couples, that it seems they've been married all this time!

  4. I have no idea why I wrote 'who hasn't aged up at all." because it doesn't make sense. And I can't say what I meant to say, maybe I was thinking how I can't wait for her to age up... but it proves that multi-tasking by making lunch, talking to my son, and posting a comment is not a good thing...

  5. Tessa, I have at least a vague idea for just about all the new singles, so you'll probably see lots of new couples forming this round!

    Sari, LOL, well, I've certainly never had that many before! This round was a bit crazy! But all the couples were teens and young adults, and they're kind of fickle sometimes. No divorces! I've still only had two of those, actually (Linnea and Debbie and Sacha and Emmy).

    Maisie, I've enjoyed this round too! So much drama!

    I just this second added a picture of Sylvia's dad in today's birthdays post, so you can compare. I'd forgotten to post one, even though I put one of Adrienne up for comparison.

    Finn and Victoria have been acting married since they were about 20 and the wedding was a long time coming for Steve and Olivia too. It was nice to finally get those two couples hitched!

  6. Is Sarah who you planned Nick to be with? It makes sense, since she had a crush on him when she started university. Matilda is also an option though. You always say how you like those two alot.

    I don't know :S


  7. Flit, I'm not going to say! Yet. ;)It won't be too long until you find out though, as Nick's update will come in the first half of this round. :)

  8. Wow, the break-ups! Like everyone said. These pages always make me wish I'd been doing summaries all along. But you know, I haven't, lol!

    You're population is one shy of catching up with mine ;)

  9. Laura, I went back and added Round Summaries for my previous rounds (I think I started doing these in Round 11). But I didn't have nearly as many families back then, so it wasn't too hard. I wouldn't fancy doing summaries for your hood at the point it's at now!

    I've definitely caught up with you population-wise now, because Lia's had her baby. I have two more coming too, so I'll be ahead of you soon. I'm taking away that fertility benefit from everyone as I play though, so hopefully, that will at least slow the twin tide!