Saturday, 17 July 2010

Round 28 ROS

Round 27 is not over yet - I've still got one more family update to post, as well as the round summary and outtakes. But I won't have the Novak update ready for today, so I thought I might as well post my ROS for next round, seeing it's been sitting around as a draft for the past couple of days. So here it is!

As usual, I'll be linking to each ROS as it occurs, so if you're reading this in the future, you might not want to click until you're caught up.
  1. Ouch! You've been in a car accident! Lose 5 body points and 2 active points. Miss work (or call in sick) for 2 days, physical therapy.
  2. Family reunion Yeah, because I never do these of my own accord, lol!
  3. Secret admirer (or stalker?): somebody sure likes you lately! I've never rolled this one before, so I'm not sure how I'm going to carry it out but I love who I rolled it for!
  4. Death by fire I am so sad about this one already. I keep looking at pictures of the Sim and going "aww". It figures that I don't have to kill someone for three or four rounds and then when I do, it makes me really sad.
  5. Get gold badge I actually have no idea what badge this Sim should go for. None of them seem to fit, so I'll have to have a think about.
  6. Family vacation Oh, I love who I rolled this for as well. I'd love to take this family on vacation.


  1. You know, wouldn't it be ironic if the secret admirer ROS was for Audrey? It'd be a great way to play that situation out... The Death by Fire ROS makes me sad too... I hope it's not any of the younger adults, like Finn or Olivia or Gordon. It's sad to see an older sim die tragically as well, but at least they don't have young families. I lol'd when I saw you got the family reunion ROS, cause you always seem to do those. :]

  2. Christina, yes, it would be an interesting one for Audrey, wouldn't it? I sort of know where I'm going with that for Round 28, but I won't say whether it's part of this ROS or not. ;)

    The Death by Fire one is going to be really sad. :( I've come to terms with it and I think it'll be a really interesting (but tragic) event for this Sim's family and friends. But when I have to finally do it, watch me have the lot loaded in the background for two hours while I bum around on the internet. I always stall when I have to kill my Sims!

  3. I'm already terrified about the Death by Fire! It's so sad to kill a sim (not that I would know since I haven't done that yet) especially if it really wouldn't be their time to go.

  4. Oh man, death by fire. That's all I can focus on with the list. I'm sad, I wonder who it is... I hope they are old. Cause I hate when the young die, or parents with children at home. :( That above includes Julian, cause I love him, and he can't die before his time. :p I think he should live forever and run the diner. ;)

    I'm relieved that the car accident is only an injury at least... and the family vacation and reunion will be fun, I suppose. Gold badge, those I usually do for fishing for my men, lol.

  5. Sari, oh, I always forget that your Olivia didn't die by ROS! I'm usually sadder when I have to kill a Sim myself, as opposed to when they die by misadventure!

    Maisie, it's definitely been the one I'm focusing on the most too. I've barely thought about the others, even though they'll all need to be written in as well. But I won't give anything away.

    If I told you who the Gold Badge Sim was, I would bet that you wouldn't be able to picture them fishing, lol. None of the badges seem to fit their personality!

  6. Yikes, I'm really nervous about the death by fire one! :( I hope it's not one of my favorites, but then, I don't want to see any of your Sims die before their time.

  7. Oh I don't have that "secret admirer (or stalker) one. I might have to add that. Sounds like it could be interesting.

    And oh nooos! You haven't had to kill anyone due to ROS in a while :(. Hopefully it's not until the end of the round. But I see you have your play schedule up now and I change my mind. I'd probably stall for a while if I had to kill a sim, too. Especially if it's a favorite or a young sim.

  8. Shana, no, nor do I. One of the reasons I released this post early was to commit myself to actually following through and not rerolling. I really hate killing my Sims!

    Danielle, it's a new one for me too. I don't even remember adding it but I think it might be one of Laura's?

    I won't say at what point in the round the death is coming, seeing the play schedule would probably give it away, or at least narrow it down. But I'll say that I even stall when I kill my elders! I hated to off Filippo. I think that was the elder death I was most sad about so far.

  9. Oh no, death by fire! Veto it!

    LOL, blaming the death ones on me?! What do you think I'm morbid or something? ;)

    (I actually might have written that one though, lol!)

  10. Laura, the death is pretty set in stone now, I think. It's going to have a pretty big impact on a lot of other Sims. But I'm very sad about it, still!

    LOL, no, not blaming the death ones on you! I think you wrote the secret admirer one though?