Sunday, 4 July 2010

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2026

Lia and Gordon, with their daughters Georgina and Annabel, have just moved into their brand new house on Judy Street, Sullivan.

This time, there will be only one Baby Nott! He or she will make their debut in Summer 2027!

  • As I said yesterday, I removed the super fertility benefit from both Lia and Gordon, so no twins this time. The amount of twins I'm getting in this hood has been insane lately. I think I'll remove the benefit from everyone else too. I'm a little scared to count my population for this round!
  • The house is furnished now, although it wasn't when this picture was taken. I almost thought I was going to run out of money so I started leaving out paintings and plants and the like but in the end, I had over $5000 left.
  • If you're interested in downloading this house for yourselves (only $23,000 for a four bedroom? Bargain!), you can get it here.


  1. Lol, a single baby, how rare! I can't wait for baby Nott! Haha, I can totally understand you taking off the super-fertility benefit, I probably will too :P

  2. Now how did I forget that she was pregnant again? *sigh* I need to write these things down. LOL

  3. You should figure the stats of recent births and the odds of singletons. lol I would take off the benefit this has been quite a boost of population with minimal pregnancies.

    I'm excited to see what they will have.

  4. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    Tessa, LOL, yes, lately singletons have been pretty rare in Sullivan! And I would be removing the benefit too, with all your triplets and quadruplets. Your population will go insane if you keep that up! ;)

    Riverdale, well, I only announced it in yesterday's update. Maybe you missed that one?

    Maisie, oh, I don't know. That sounds an awful lot like maths to me!

    I'm already thinking up names for this baby. Nott is a difficult surname to work with.

  5. Only one baby, that's rare! I haven't had that many twins in my game but I think I'll take the benefit away from couples who already have twins.

    Thanks for the link to that house, I have a family who needs a new house and this would be perfect for them.

  6. Sari, you're welcome! I found the kitchen a bit awkward to decorate, because it's so narrow but I figured it out and I actually really like the room now.

  7. How do you remove the twins benefit? I don't need it yet but I need to be prepared.

  8. Thanks for that link! I love the house and that it's so cheap! And I really like that it has four bedrooms. It seems that most houses I find that are affordable are only two bedrooms.

  9. rome_raven, I used that big round aspiration changer thing in the aspiration rewards panel. You know that thing? LOL. I forget what it's called. But it has an option to reset lifetime benefit points without changing aspiration.

    Shana, you're welcome! I find it's pretty hard to find houses with 3+ bedrooms in the first place. Many large houses out there are too elaborate and a lot of people like to build 1 and 2 bedroom places, which aren't too useful for me.

  10. I can't wait for another baby Nott to arrive, Georgina and Annabel are looking so good!

    I've downloaded the house, it's great! Of course I couldn't help myself and start changing things, thanks to that the house is a little bit more expencive in my game, but I'm still loving in it!

    I'm sorry for all the responses at once, I wasn't home for the last couple of days, and I just started reading up on things, only 2 more updates to go :-), and those will be for after work, then I will go on to the other blogs I follow

  11. Tanja, I have been so immersed in Olivia's wedding over the past couple of days that I almost forgot Lia was having a baby! I'm excited too though!

    Respond as often as you like! It makes me feel popular ;) and I'm always very flattered when people fall a little behind and take the time to comment on each update. It's not required, but it's certainly appreciated!

  12. I love her outfit. And I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl what what he/she will look like. Thanks for the link to the house. I'll have to check it out.

  13. Danielle, I'm almost positive that Lia's outfit is by Liana. If it's not from Liana, it's All About Style. They're the only two sites I know of that categorise their maternity wear so that it shows up in the maternity category in InSim, so it has to be one of the two.

    And you're welcome. I really love this house. :)

  14. It must be hard with all those twins, so no wonder you are removing the benefit. Now all we have to wonder about is that is it a girl or a boy ....mhmhm i bet it is a boy :)

  15. Speechless, I don't find twins especially hard to play. I'm really just thinking about my population! I'm going to have to actually play all these kids one day!