Thursday, 1 July 2010

In between days

Round 27: Autumn 2026
last update/next update/Sylvia's next update

Tate Benton is 56, Zelda is 51, Jack and Charlie Benton are both 14 and Sylvia Novak is 4 months old.
(Josie is 24, Julia is 15 and Audrey is 14)

Narrated by Jack Benton

My sister Josie has just started her third year of medical school and she's already hanging out to start her fourth. That's when she'll be an intern and finally get to do something more than follow the other doctors around.

Mum and Dad are so proud they'll have a doctor in the family soon enough.

Mum never went to college so Josie going to med school is a huge deal to her.

I hope she's not getting any ideas about me following in Josie's footsteps though. I've already got my own career plan.

I've got an after school job, working as an assistant to Julian Sitko. Well, he's Mr. Sitko to me. I just do all of his little piddly tasks he doesn't have time to do himself. It's not exciting but I'd love to get a job here after college, so it's good experience.

There's another kid from school who works there too, Tessa. Tessa has the same kind of goals as me, though she's a few years older than me, so she's closer to achieving them!

At the very least, my job is more interesting than Charlie's. He's an attendant at a parking lot and he says he gets so bored, he sometimes feels like he's going to fall asleep right on the spot.

Mum and Dad are fostering a baby right now. We're not sure exactly how long she'll be with us - probably not longer than a year - but her name is Sylvia.

Mum and Dad always wanted a fourth kid but Mum was never able to get pregnant. But when they adopted me, they made sure the agency knew they'd be available for foster care in the future and that's how they ended up with Sylvia.

They know it's coming, eventually but I don't think they're looking forward to handing her over to her adoptive parents when the time comes. They adore Sylvia.

The whole family does. My aunt Araminta came over and she just went crazy for her. Mum says she's waiting for more grandchildren. She has six already but she wants twenty!

Mum works from home now that she writes full time, so she's Sylvia's main carer during the day.

Charlie and I don't really have to help out with her much, though sometimes Mum or Dad will ask us to give her a bottle or something.

Since Charlie started going out with Audrey, we're still close but I'm not going to say I'm not jealous of him.

The worst is when he starts talking about Audrey with me. I never know what to say to him.

So I just nod and smile and don't say much of anything at all. I almost feel like blurting out that I still like her but I just can't do that. It wouldn't be right.

You know how they say mothers have some kind of weird intuition about their kids? I really hope that's not true but the way Mum looks at the two of us sometimes, I wonder. The last person I want to talk to about this is Mum.

I don't really know how I ended out going out with Julia because I don't even really like her that way. She asked me not long after Charlie and Audrey started dating and I said yes. Not to make Audrey jealous. I just thought it might be nice to have someone myself.

I don't dislike Julia but she and Audrey are nothing alike though! Polar opposites, even.

Audrey is really shy and Julia is anything but. I've never known Audrey to be nasty about anyone but Julia can be pretty mean sometimes.

She's never been mean to me but some of the things she says about other kids at school have me wondering what she says about me behind my back.

So Charlie's got Audrey and I just get to watch. I wish I'd got to her first. Or that I'd admitted that I did have a problem with Charlie asking her out when he checked with me beforehand. He wouldn't have asked her if he knew, I know it.

Audrey and I just get along so well. If we were dating, we'd be so good together.

Sometimes I think Audrey likes me too. Sometimes we're all hanging out together but Audrey's talking to me and it's like Charlie's not even there.

But maybe that's just wishful thinking. Because there are plenty of other times when I seem to be the invisible one.

  • Title is from In Between Days, originally by The Cure but I also love the version by Ben Folds.
  • Ugh, finally! It took forever to get this one written! My internet connection was playing up but I just kept typing in the Blogger window, figuring once it came back up, it'd save and it'd be okay. Yeah. Except the connection didn't come back up before my computer got a blue screen (first one ever on XP, I might add!) so I lost 4 or 5 paragraphs. I still didn't get them exactly the way they were.
  • I played Tate's restaurant a bit and it's almost at Level 7. I'll probably have either Jack or Charlie take over the restaurant when Tate retires. Josie will be busy with all her doctor stuff. ;)
  • Of everyone in the house, it's Charlie who takes the best care of Sylvia autonomously. I changed his secondary to Family (it was Fortune) because of it. He goes right to her crib every morning and takes her downstairs to give her a bottle. It's very cute!
  • So Jack is a confused boy! Despite the fact he's going steady with Julia, when I loaded the lot, he had the want to go steady with Sophie. Before he started dating Julia, he had the wants to go steady with both girls but I figured one would roll away once he chose one of them. Apparently not. As documented in the last Lachance-Weaver update, Jack also spends much of his time gazing adoringly at Audrey. Then we have this nuttiness:
I think Tessa's a little old for you right now, Jack, no matter how nice she is to you at work! He doesn't roll wants for Tessa, Julia or Sophie (apart from the go steady want) - they're all for Audrey.

To top it off, I think Audrey might have a little thing for Jack too. She spins up wants for Charlie while they're on dates but otherwise, she's all Jack, Jack, Jack. Every time I think I
know where this is going, one of these three will do something that totally spins it on its head. So I'm still in the "wait and see" stage for them.


  1. Haha, It looks like Audrey/Jack/Charlie are picking up the drama slack from Adrienne/Nick :)

    This is a really random thought, but wouldn't it be kind of neat if Jack and Charlie flipped girls, like if Jack got together with Audrey and Charlie got together with Julia? I know that that would be just about the most awkward situation on Earth, but it would be kind of cool, right?

    Sylvia's such a little cutie, I can see why Zelda and Tate are going to miss her!

  2. Oh man, look at this little love triangle! I love the jobs you have your teens in, parking attendant is definitely the equal of boring. Cool touch to the game, but I can see how it'd be a long work shift.

    I adore Sylvia, she's adorable. I'm a little sad that she'll be moving on soon, but I'm happy with where she's going headed too.

    Where in the world did you get Jack's outfit for work?!?!? It's full of awesomeness.

  3. Wow...Jack. I still want to give him a hug...he might be stealing my affections away from Nick.

    Ditto on Jack's work outfit and the amazing shots of the teens working. Loved that tidbit.

  4. Just thought I'd stop over here and let you know I AM still around.. just a little behind. I'll comment again when I catch back up... I'm sorry I've been so MIA!! :\

  5. Thanks for your comments, guys!

    Tessa, Sullivan is certainly bringing the drama this round, that's for sure. I think my next few families will be a nice little holiday from all the broken hearts!

    LOL, that would be an interesting switch, yes! I can pretty much rule it out though. I'm not saying Jack and Audrey would never get together but a Charlie and Julia pairing is very unlikely. Jack just barely likes her (neutral chemistry) but Charlie really doesn't - he's got a lightning bolt with a little cross through it, so he's rather repulsed by her!

    The Bentons will miss Sylvia but they know they're doing a good thing for her by looking after her until her adoptive parents can take her in.

    Maisie, I was a bit bummed about my parking lot! It was originally a residential lot and it had dozens of cars on it but I had to switch it to community to have Charlie visit it. And the cars all disappeared! I had to use the only decorative cars I had in place of the real ones so it looks fairly empty. But maybe that adds to Charlie's boredom anyway!

    I'm excited to place Sylvia with Joanna and Rose but it feels like ages away! They haven't even done their home study yet.

    Heh, Jack's work outfit is actually from the base game! It's a top and bottom.

    Apple Valley, ooh, that's a big call, because I know how much you love Nick! I'm feeling pretty bad for the poor kid too.

    I guess everyone else looks through the Maxis clothing as often as I do, if two of you didn't recognise Jack's clothes as being from the base game! None of my custom clothes were suitably awkward enough, so I kept scrolling and thought "A short sleeved shirt with a tie? Yes, that's perfect for a 14 year-old working in an office!"

    McTavishams, hello, nice to see you here again!

    Feel free to just jump in wherever, if you don't have time to catch up! I'm flattered when people want to read everything to catch up but it's by no means a requirement!

  6. Wow, I didn't even recognize Jack's clothes as being by Maxis! That's awesome. I loved the shots of the kids at work. :)

    About the parking lot with cars, have you seen this mod that puts random cars into a community lot? They change after a certain amount of time too so that the same cars aren't always there. I have this set up on a few of my community lots in Arcadia so that it looks like customers are parked there. :)

    Back on topic--I love the Audrey/Jack/Charlie triangle and how they keep changing their minds about what they want. The bad thing is, if Audrey decides she'd rather be with Jack, how upset will Charlie be with both of them? :( But I do feel bad for Jack for liking a girl he can't have right now.

  7. And that is the reason why teens drive me nuts. LOL They are so wishy washy. They like someone one minute then it's off to the next the next minute. LOL But they are slowly coming into their own, and figuring things out. And we keep doing this to ourselves since our sims are still popping out more babies.

  8. I thought is was base game! My Harvis had the same top with some skater pants when he was a teen.

  9. Aww, I feel so bad for Jack! But then I would feel bad for Charlie if Audrey broke up with him because of Jack. I hope that Charlie finds some other girl and then Audrey and Jack can get together. I've always wished they'd end up becoming a couple.

  10. Ah teen angst lol.....there really isn't a good solution here, is there? Hopefully Jake will find someone else because if he gets with Audrey, that will cause a problem with him and Charlie......poor guys :/

  11. Shana, thanks, I'm trying to include more about jobs but I don't have workplaces for all the careers yet.

    Oh, I knew about that mod but I forgot to download it! That would be perfect. I'm going to play with that today.

    The Audrey/Jack/Charlie thing is interesting. At the very least, things are going to be awkward if she chooses Jack over Charlie. But I guess things are at least a little awkward right now, at least for Jack.

    Riverdale, that is both the reasons teens drive me nuts and the reason I love them! It's pretty realistic - like you say, they're growing up and coming into their own and sometimes you make some mistakes/bad choices while you're doing that.

    Apple Valley, yup, base game! I remember way back when the base game was all I had, one of my teens aged up into that shirt and I left him in it because it was paired with the shorts with sandals and socks, and I thought it was hilarious!

    Sari, yes, there's not really a way out of this situation without someone getting hurt. :( It's a very delicate situation.

    Mizzgin03, exactly. Someone's going to get their heart broken. I'll just have to keep watching their wants to see what they all want.

  12. Just don't let them get married, or ten years later (and three kids) you'll end up pulling out your hair like I am in my hood, lol!

    I don't know how to vote in your poll, lol! They're so young, maybe none of them should be with anyone right now. Or at least they should date other insignificant people until they learn more who they are as individuals to make this decision. Or maybe I've just learned enough from my Leila that I don't want Audrey to end up in the same spot.

    So I think I'll say what I wish I'd said in a similar poll of mine: I'm on team Audrey! But since that isn't one of the options, I'll vote for "someone else" - not meaning that I wouldn't like her to end up with one of them in the end, but that she shouldn't be dating either one of them right now.

  13. Laura, you know, I hadn't even thought about your Leila/Matt/Corbin situation! I don't want Audrey ending up like that.

    But whether Audrey breaks up with Charlie and gets back together with him later or whether she ends up with Jack, or someone else entirely, it won't be final for a good while. I'm definitely not going to have her marry Charlie (or anyone else) straight out of high school or anything. I want her to be more sure of what she wants and of herself, before she takes any big steps like that!

    So I guess, if I had to vote, I'd probably vote other too, meaning Team Audrey. Seeing that's been my opinion all along, because I haven't yet figured out what's going to happen, I'm annoyed I didn't make that one of the options!

  14. I have to say that I loved the shots of Jack at work! Those were so great. Do you actually send him to that building to do some "work?"

    Poor Jack. Interesting that he's with someone else; it does seem like he's trying to move on. But sometimes, even from your pictures, it feels like Audrey might also be into him.

  15. Lunar, thanks! I only send him down there when I want pictures, really. Same with Tessa. Sometimes I have them do a little skilling while they're there, if they've got the want. A few of Monique's computers are around, as well as some bookcases.

    I love having workplaces for my Sims. I built a very cool aquarium for Victoria, and any other Oceanography Sims I might have in the future.

    And Jack. Oh dear. I think he is trying to move on but he should probably try it with someone he's at least mildly attracted to. ;) Julia's not really working for him! I don't think any of them really know what they want but they're all only 14, so they don't have to.

  16. It's going to be hard on the family when they have to give up Sylvia, they are all so good to her! But she's going to a great place.
    Ooh, Jack/Charlie/Audrey, I can't wait to see where this is going. Maybe it would be good if she just finds someone else, but then again, she looks good with these 2 boys.
    I don't know it would have made any difference is Jack admitted to Charlie that he wanted Audrey, I think they would have both ended up with someone else, but maybe that wouldn't have been a bad thing.
    I love the jobs your teens are in, and that you are able to show it in updates!

  17. Tanja, yes, I think Joanna and Rose are going to be very good for Sylvia. They'll be able to continue the stability she's had with Tate and Zelda that Adrienne wouldn't be able to offer.

    I think you're probably right about Jack and Charlie. Charlie definitely would not have asked Audrey out if he knew Jack liked her. He said so himself in the high school update. But Jack may have then felt weird dating Audrey himself, knowing that Charlie liked her.

  18. Aww poor Jack. They're all so young they don't know what to do. I can't wait to see how this plays out, like I said in one of my other comments. Great shot of Jack looking down awkwardly as Charlie and Audrey are being all lovey-dovey. :( LOL @ Team Audrey.

    And that little shirt with tie look was perfect for Jack working in the office. I wonder if I replaced those shirts with some defaults. And I liked how you showed Charlie in a real parking lot. Sucks that all your cars disappeared though. I have those parking spots Shana linked to on a couple of my community lots but I don't think I've been to any of them since to see if they work lol. I'll have to remember to do that.

    And I can't wait to see Sylvia with Rose and Joanna. I like her with the Bentons but of course it's only temporary.

    LOL my word verification is "twits".

  19. Danielle, I always get dirty sounding word verifications!

    There's a lot of turmoil with this bunch right now, isn't there? I think Jack is feeling the worst but Audrey is starting to peg on to what's going on. I think Charlie might still be a little oblivious.

    I still haven't remembered to actually use those parking spots! I'm in game now though, so I'm going to go in and place them in a second. And then do Steve and Olivia's wedding!

    Sylvia's lucky to have had the Bentons for this year but there's not long until she goes to her permanent home. I'm very excited to get them all together!