Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Icky thump

Round 27: Spring 2026
Narrated by Elspeth Romilly

This year, I decided to take up painting and I think I'm getting pretty good. I sort of had this idea that maybe I could be an artist when I grow up. I don't know for sure or anything but I thought it can't hurt to practise, in case that is what I want to do.

I also moved into Finn's old room and redid it all in my style! I love it. My old bedroom was like a closet. I can't believe Finn and Ione shared it for a while.

Mum really hates it and thinks I'll want to change it before long but she's wrong. She doesn't really care as long as I keep it tidy.

I love my parents but they're a bit stodgy sometimes. They're kind of old.

Mum and Dad are already starting to talk about retirement. Mum wants to stop working when she reaches retirement age and Dad's not sure we can afford to lose her pay cheque. I tend to worry more about whether they'll be around for me for as long as I need them. I know they're not really old but it's something that runs through my mind sometimes.

There's definitely a big difference between my parents and my friends' parents though. My parents got married when Josh's parents were still in primary school! Mum and Dad just celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary.

I guess 33 years is a pretty long time. I'm glad for them, even if they look insane dancing to no music and all those other silly "romantic" things they do.

We had a party for their anniversary and invited all the family around. There were so many little kids around!

I heard Mum hinting to Ione that she'd really like some more grandkids. Ione told Mum that she and Evan are most definitely done.

While Mum was bugging Ione, Dad was working on Finn. Finn said there are several things he needs to get done first before the arrival of any more grandkids.

Mum and Dad sure do love being grandparents! They have six grandchildren, all 5 and under and they want twenty!

Lucky I'm only 12, so I have plenty of time before they start pestering me to have babies!

I didn't have too much to do with all the babies at the party. My cousins Charlie and Jack were there, so we just got to play video games the whole time. They were being jerks and ignoring me last year but I guess I'm cool enough for them to hang out with again.

It's so weird to be called Aunty Elspeth. I make him call me that anyway, even though Declan feels more like my cousin than my nephew.

Ione saw me hanging out with Josh at Olivia's wedding and has taken to asking me if we're dating. She's only kidding but it really annoys me.

Josh and I are not dating! I don't want Dad to start freaking out if he overhears because he's already bad enough.

Whenever Josh is over, Dad is always watching us.

He keeps telling me that he doesn't want me dating right now. Like every day.

And I keep telling him, he doesn't have anything to worry about. Yet. I'm just not really interested in dating right now.

There's nothing going on with Josh and me. We're best friends.

His dad is so cool. He owns a restaurant and he lets Josh and me eat there for free!

The waiters all know Josh. They rush to give him special attention, because they know he's their boss's son. It's great! We never have to wait long for our food.

Josh told me he liked me at Olivia's wedding and since then, he flirts with me whenever we're alone. It's sort of exciting to have a boy like me but Josh is a little pushy about it sometimes.

We'll just be hanging out and talking and having a good time and then he'll bring up the whole dating thing again.

I don't want to start dating yet and even if I did, I'm not allowed to anyway. I wish Josh would lay off a for a while.

Family reunion/anniversary party spam:
Just some very random shots from the party. Henry and Araminta both had the want for a family reunion, so this was combined. But seeing you need 10 visitor relatives on the lot for it to count and Henry doesn't actually have 10 relatives who can visit (he's 2 short, I think), he can't fulfill that want.

I love that Justin and Xavier are so close with Declan and with Finn and Victoria (Ione and Evan are very close with Declan too).

It makes them feel like a real family.

It helps that of all my Family Sims, none of them roll the want for family reunions as often as Henry and Araminta do, so they get together all the time.

And I don't even need to force it with them. They'll just sit down and start talking. A lot of my Sims will stick to their spouses at parties, even when they're BFFs with everyone else there! Not that Tate and Zelda didn't do their fair share of making out at this party, totally traumatising their children!

So cute! Caitlin is turning 4 in the summer!

Finn has 10 nice points. Elspeth has 1. Henry and Araminta are dealing with a different animal entirely with Elspeth, compared to both Finn and Ione.

And this wasn't from the family reunion but Elspeth had some words for Olivia when she walked by the house on Saturday afternoon!

I like to think Elspeth is bitching her out for not inviting her to the wedding and Olivia's like "hey, we let you stay and eat all our gelatin! What more do you want?"

  • Title is from Icky Thump by The White Stripes.
  • The anniversary party fulfilled Araminta's LTW, so yay. And for once, one of my couples
  • The babies, to refresh your memory, are Evan and Ione's daughters Aurora and Bianca. I deleted them once everyone met them, because babies as visitors are total pains in the asses after a while!
  • Josh and Elspeth fell in love at Steve and Olivia's wedding, as I mentioned in the notes of that post. Elspeth rolls tons of wants for Josh but they're all platonic. Josh is much more keen - they still haven't kissed but he's wanted to flirt with Elspeth and ask her out on a date.

  • Elspeth does still think Josh is quite cute though! I'm just going to keep watching them to see what kind of wants they roll.


  1. Elspeth is really starting to grow on me, between her grouchiness towards Finn and Olivia and her not-quite-a-romance with Josh, it's really entertaining to see her growing up. By the way, do you know where you got the pink leopard print bed for her room? I have a teenage vampire in my game who would love that for her dungeon. :P Also, Caitlin is seriously the cutest thing ever. It's great to see the whole Romilly family interacting so closely.

  2. Wow, Elspeth is a little meanie pants isn't she :P

    The family reunion was great. I love that your sims want to get together all the time, so sweet.

    More grandkids? I bet Ione did tell them that they were done-heck, they just had twins back to back!

  3. Christina, I've really liked Elspeth since she was a toddler but she's definitely getting more entertaining to me now that she's older.

    You're very lucky that I switched to Chrome recently, because it has a very handy search feature. I knew I downloaded the bedspreads a few days ago but would never have remembered where without searching! Anyway, they are here:

    There are some other nice ones by the same creator in the same sub-forum, if you're interested. I love them.

    It feels like ages ago that I aged Caitlin up to check she wasn't going to be weird looking, but I think she turns out pretty adorable as a child too. I guess I'll find out when I age her up soon!

    Apple Valley, LOL, she is! I seem to get a lot of meanie pants Sims!

    I know, right? Araminta and Henry are so nuts! Evan's probably going to go in for a snip-snip so he and Ione can be sure that they're done!

  4. Elspeth is really something! Hard to believe that she and Finn came from the same womb :p

    I love seeing all these family reunions. I agree about the babies, they are annoying as guests.

    It'll be interesting to see if Elspeth will change her mind about dating Josh in a few years. And if he's going to be available in case she wants to be with him.

  5. Josh is cute! He looks just like his daddy! Of course he's more keen to date, lol! He's a teenage boy ;) Glad she's taking her time though. It makes sense that she would - she seems to know exactly what she wants.

    I haven't had a family reunion in a while. It's always nice to see everybody together again :)

  6. Elspeth is going to run into this problem quite a bit, she's so pretty! She's also very mean, which will help deter some of the attention lol....Loved the family reunion, it's nice to see them all together :)

  7. I love that Elspeth knows what she wants and doesn't want. And that attitude, lol! She's very different from her brother and sister.

    But I can imagine it's hard for her to realize how old her parents are and how young she still is. At least she does have a big brother and sister to keep an eye on her even after her parents are gone. But hopefully that will be far in the future!

  8. Elspeth sure is something! I love her!! She and Finn sure are different, and she really is a chalange to her parents!
    What are Araminta and Henry thinking?! They really want more children?! I'm sure both Finn and Ione told them there was no chance for it at the moment!

    I really can't wait to see Caitlin as a child! She looks like her mom.

  9. Sari, ha, yes, she really is! She and Ione are quite different too, although Ione is at least playful. Finn is very serious, so Elspeth is likely to clash more with Finn.

    And yeah, Elspeth might need to swoop in if she ever wants to go out with Josh. Someone else might snap him up. But I don't want to put too much pressure on the poor girl, seeing she's only 12!

    Laura, Max and Josh are very similar, though as Josh gets older, I can see more of Zaria in him as well. He's got his hormones racing like his daddy too - I think Max made out with like three or four girls as a teen, before he got to Zaria (that's so not a lot in real life, but it's pretty impressive in the Sims!)

    Family reunions are awesome. I tend to forget some of the Sims my Sims are related to sometimes and the reunions always bring a few surprises! I'll look at my Sims' profiles and go "Oh, yeah, I forgot she was your cousin!"

    Mizzgin03, oh, I know, those poor boys won't know what hit them!

    I liked doing the reunion but wow...that was a lot of people in that tiny house! LOL.

    Shana, Elspeth is much bolder than Finn and Ione. I think her mouth might get her into trouble but I don't know if she'll care! She does have an attitude!

    Yeah, I think, should the worst happen, Elspeth will go to live with Ione and Evan. It definitely wouldn't be the same as having her parents around though and she's old enough now to realise that it's possibility one day. :(

    Tanja, oh, when Elspeth starts dating, I think she'll give her poor parents a heart attack!

    Araminta and Henry don't want more kids (though they did, for a LONG time, even after Elspeth) but they both have the very stubborn want for 20 grandchildren! It's not locked, because they'll never get there but it doesn't roll away. LOL, Ione and Evan are definitely done but a third is a possibility for Finn and Victoria. They both have the want but it would be way down the line! A little patience might be in order!

    Ha, you won't have to wait long! I've just got two more family updates and then I'll do all the round wrap-up posts and then we move onto birthdays! Caitlin is a very good mix of her parents though - there's a lot of Finn in her as well.

  10. Elspeth is far from the sweetie toddler I remember her to be, in appearance anyhow! The photo of her with Olivia is hilarious.

    Josh and Elspeth are cute together, once they get a bit of age under their belts.

    Family reunion was great, I didn't know how many sims you needed to get that want fulfilled! Myra rolled it before, and it didn't fulfilled, now I know!

  11. Maisie, Elspeth only looks sweet! She certainly has never been sweet in personality. ;)

    I think it's too early for Josh and Elspeth. He doesn't seem to know that but she does. LOL, she's not letting anyone rush her!

    Well, it's not like they tell you these things, say in the want description (at least, I don't think they do!) I don't even remember how I found out, just when I read that you needed 10 family guests, I thought "Ohhhh, that's why my family reunion wants never fulfill!"

  12. That last shot of Olivia and Elspeth, Oliva is holding her hands like subconsciously she wants to strangle the girl!

    I loved all the family reunion shots. So much going on, especially in the first pic where every arrives.

    And Elspeth and Josh, oh my. He's so cute though, lol.

  13. Lunar, LOL, yes! I thought something similar when I saw that picture. I imagine wanting to strangle Elspeth is probably not an uncommon urge for people who know her. ;)

    Elspeth thinks Josh is quite cute too but she's obviously still figuring out this whole dating thing. She's got time. :)

  14. I love all the pics of the cousins hanging out together. Can't wait for that in my own game :). And awww, no more toddler Caitlin. But I can't wait to see her as a child. I'm sure she's still a cutie.

    Aww it's good Josh isn't pressuring Elspeth into anything she doesn't want to do yet, even though he's trying his hardest lol. There's plenty of time for that, Josh! Keep your hormones in check! ;). Finn and Victoria are going to have to have a lot of babies in order to fulfill Araminta and Henry's 20 grandkids want (I know you'd never do that, although it'd be cute to have more Declans and Caitlins running around).

    Do you have an easy way to figure out who's related to who other than what's in their relationship panel? I was thinking of making groups with all the relatives via the phone option but that only holds 8 sims. I should use that family tree program that folks were talking about at N99.

  15. Danielle, Caitlin is so cute as a child, I assure you! Maybe even cuter than she was as a toddler.

    I don't think anyone could ever pressure Elspeth into doing anything. She's pretty headstrong.

    I wish I could let my Sims have as many kids as they wanted but I have to think of population and boring stuff like that! LOL.

    I have all of my Sims' relatives listed in Flashnote, which is how I decide who'll be attending these reunions. That took a while to set up but now, I just add to it each time a Sim is born. The family tree program is cool but for figuring out guest lists for things like this, I find using my own list in Flashnote is easier.