Monday, 26 July 2010

Lot tour: Lukas Novak Memorial Hospital some poster for download, at the very end of this post.

Since the beginning of the round, I've shown a few little glimpses at the hospital here and there but now I finally have a lot tour ready! I wasn't expecting to have this done for at least another week but I ended up having the whole day to myself today, so I just powered through and finished it.

I made a few posters for the hospital as well and I've included them all for download at the end of the post. :)

Welcome to Lukas Novak Memorial Hospital, named after Sullivan's first Chief of Staff.

People seem to like top-down shots, so here's the first floor. Top left is the reception area, bottom left are the hospital rooms, top right is the gift shop and bottom right is the cafeteria.

Second floor. At the top, from left, are the toilets, elevators, more toilets and the nursery. At the bottom, from left, we have the GP's office, the gyno/obstetrician's office, the ultrasound room and the MRI.

Third floor. Top left is the psychologist's office, bottom left is the operating theatre. On the top right, we have the classroom (LNM is a teaching hospital) and bottom right is the research lab.

Reception. This is where Josie and Cara were arguing here.

The hall outside the rooms.

One of the hospital rooms (the other one only has a few small differences), which you have seen a couple of times now.

And now you've seen the whole thing.

The gift shop. I'm not thrilled with the end of the shop.

But this end turned out exactly as I wanted. It's based on the gift shop in the public hospital closest to me.

The cafeteria. When I had Cara and David in here during the Moretti update, the stupid cafeteria worker wasn't showing up. I hope he does next time, because I'm not sure what could be missing now.

The GP's office.

Patient files, along with medical books and supplies.

Examination bed.

The hallway between the GP and the gyno.

Inside the gyno's office. I recoloured the diploma from the Architect set at Around the Sims so that I had some variations and so they all said Suffolk University. I am a nerd.

Another examination bed. All the wall hangings in this room, with the exception of the diplomas, are from Riverdale.

The stirrups, which I probably won't use. But they're there if I need them.

The ultrasound room. If I'd had this for birthdays yesterday, I would have used it.

MRI room, which looks much cooler in the picture than it does in game! There is not enough medical clutter out there!

The nursery. Must wash your hands before handling babies. There are some rubber gloves around the corner too.

The babies in incubators are sectioned off from the full term babies. I'll have to check where I got this stuff but the babies come in different development stages, with tubing and without, with caps and without and with several different skin tones. It's very cool.

These are the full term babies from the same set.

The operating theatre, featuring one of the posters I made in the centre.

The other side of the operating theatre. Seriously, I need more medical clutter. I looked up pictures of operating theatres and they are crammed with stuff.

Entrance to the research lab.

Still tossing up whether I want stools in front of these work benches or not.

Surgery practice dummies.

The science reward thingy. Whatever that's actually called! There were lab type rooms in the old hospital but they were so small that I could just tell they were going to be impossible to use for pictures.

The classroom, which looks very similar to the classroom in the old hospital.

It's bigger than the old classroom (the lot size is the same, I just used the space differently and, in my opinion, better), not that I'll ever need space for nine students!

More of my posters in the waiting area outside the psychologist's office.

This is my favourite room in the whole hospital. I'm already trying to figure out which one of my Sims I can put into Shana's psychology career so I can use it!

It's also the only room in the hospital without harsh overhead fluorescent lighting.

I think the room looks very calming and soothing, which is what I wanted.

Some lucky Sim is going to have a really nice office one day!

Pics are thumbnails, so click to enlarge.

I don't know if anyone would really want these, seeing they all say Suffolk University, but I'm putting them up anyway! You can download the diplomas here. You'll need the diploma mesh from Around the Sims 2.

These posters are all on the same mesh (original texture is on the right, above). You can get the mesh here.

This poster is on a Maxis mesh (pictured on top) and requires FT.

These posters are all on a Maxis mesh as well, the Surfing the Universe poster from Uni (no pic, but it's a reddish background with a naked green alien on a surfboard).

Download all posters here.


  1. Your hospital kicks butt! The psychology room looks amazing! And you totally need to check out those developmental babies/incubators, cause those kick butt!

    You've inspired me to give mine a pick-me-up, it's about a year old now, and needs to be updated with some special "Sullivan" touches, like those posters! And your view of the waiting area is great, behind the counter.

    Where did you get the stirup bed? does it actually work that they put their feet in it? The postcards look great in the gift room, every hospital I've been in to, looks pretty much spot on to yours, except maybe more cluttered and suffocating. I prefer yours. ;)

  2. Maisie, thanks! I'm so happy with how this lot turned out. Have you done a lot tour for your hospital? I know I've seen some of it at least, in Morgan's updates.

    Anyway, there is a bunch of awesome hospital stuff here
    , including the deco babies. The incubator and the pediatric exam tables come from Wall Sims, which no longer exists. I can't remember if I found that stuff at the Graveyard, the booty or SimsCave but it was one of the three.

    The stirrups work just like a normal chair - they won't put their feet in place or anything cool like that. You'd have to be clever with your posing if you wanted to use them. But that also comes from Wall Sims.

  3. Man, I feel totally lame right now, lol. The hospital is awesome! If I could use italics, they would definitely be over-used in this comment! Seriously, it's amazing!

    I like your psychologist's office a lot, I put mine in my office building (I've been very, very bored on this road trip, so I just up and built something one day), but of course, being the airhead that I am, I totally forgot that there wasn't a psychology career (stupid EA) and then you reminded me that I downloaded Pine Hollow's psychology career, so thank you!

    Also, if you want to know about the cluttered and stuffy thing, my mom works at a hospital now and my grandmother used to be the head of nursing, and there is definitely a lot of clutter! In the accounting area they mainly have printers, fax machines, and bins upon bins of paper waiting to be keyed for orders/bills and such. I don't know quite as much about the operating rooms, as I'm not allowed to go in there, but they prefer to keep everything very sterile, and so they keep blankets in ovens (at least at my hospital) because it's so cold in the OR area. Lots of gloves, which you got spot on, and lots of metal tray/trolley like tables with various items on them such as operating equipment, bandages, defibrillator kits, crash kits, and so on. I hope this can help you any if you decide to use it, but really, your hospital looks amazing without all of this!

  4. OMG, it looks so amazingly fabulous! I hate mine already LOL.

    I love all the stuff you've used. The psychologist's office looks great and I also like the nursery a lot.

    Do you mind if I edit the diplomas for my own use so that they say Brixton University instead of Suffolk? I'm sure my sims wouldn't mind saying that they studied at Suffolk though :)

  5. OH MY GOSH! I'm in LOVE with your hospital! Thank you for taking the time to share with us. I love all the details that make it so much more... MORE! You did an amazing job on it!

  6. I know I'm not caught up on my reading right now, but I just had to say OMG! Like seriously, OMG, OMG, OMG!!! Because what else can you say? You should seriously design real hospitals or something, lol! How do any of us build a hospital after this? :o

    *picks up jaw* This place is just amazing! Seriously jealous of the therapist's office, and the nursery, and the labs, and the MRI! I'm with Tessa, lol! This just makes me feel lame!

  7. OMG! OMG! ... OMG!! Well, you've done it, you got me speechless! OMG!! To be honest that was what went through my mind for about 5 minutes when I read this post, and it's still the only thing I can think of!!
    OMG! This is amazing! I want it too!! :( And now I sound like a toddler!
    You've done an amazing job!!!
    Thanks for sharing those objects and sites!
    You've definetly inspired me to think of building one myself!

  8. Tessa, thanks! Don't feel lame, though! LOL. You can use italics, by the way, if you use HTML tags. That's how I do the bolding on your names when I reply.

    Anyway, I'm so excited about using the psychologist's office. I've got an idea of which Sim will be the first to use it, but you'll have to wait until that update to find out who.

    Thanks for the tips on hospital decor, if you could call it that! I think I'm going to leave it as is but I'll add in a few little things. My hospital doesn't even have an accounting department - it just runs on thin air, lol.

    Sari, your hospital is looking fantastic from what I've seen so far but thank you for the compliment!

    And yep, go right ahead and edit the diplomas. They're just images I stole off Google and deleted the real universities' names and put in mine.

    gallowaytownship, thank you so much! I'm really glad you like it.

    Laura, lol, thanks! I don't think anyone wants me designing real hospitals! There's a helipad on the roof with no way to get down, which I'm still yet to fix. But I love that you all love my hospital so much. :)

    I'm still excited to see yours (you were rebuilding your hospital, right? A few of us were and I get confused!), and your women's clinic though!

    Tanja, thank you! I'm really in awe of the reaction this has received! When you build your own hospital, I hope you'll post a lot tour, because I'd love to see it. :)

  9. You know even if the stir ups don't work, which honestly, isn't the most pleasant pose, it still would work as a chair for gyno appointments. Here at least they always make you plop up there to check bloodpressure, and do doppler for heartbeat.

    Thanks for the link for hospital stuff. :D

    I've never done a lot tour. I made the hospital all for Brynn, to die in. lol. I should've named the Brynn Traver Hospital, heh. That was all my focus at the time.

  10. Maisie, see, I've never had to sit in stirrups. Women here don't usually have gyno appointments here unless there's a problem, because check-ups are usually done by your GP. And I've never been in a GP's office where they had stirrups.

    LOL, yeah, I felt the same way about my aquarium. Only Victoria works in Oceanography, so there are certainly career lots that are more urgently needed! But in your case and mine, the lots can be used for other purposes too so it wasn't a waste.

  11. That's interesting to know! It's not something I'd ever ask anyone, not something that regularly comes to mind for conversation purposes, but funny how different it is between our two countries.

    And yes, the lots definitely have multiple purposes, which is what's so great about them.

  12. Maisie, the topic came up on a board I post at. I can't even remember what the original topic was but it came out that I was the only Australian member who had ever been to a gyno and the Americans were terribly worried about Aussie gyno practices! So we had a discussion about the differences between the countries - it was very interesting!

  13. Your hospital looks great! I mean really great! I'm trying to remember if HC even has a hospital. It probably does but no where near this great.

  14. HeredonCove, nice to see you around again!

    Thanks for the compliments. I'm having a lot of fun playing with it and I really wish I'd started this kind of play style from the beginning. I wasted a lot of time doing the "eat, sleep, pee" game!

  15. i feel dumb asking this, is this for sims 3?

    1. No, this is TS2, as is 99.9% of my blog. I don't play TS3 very often at all and I haven't blogged about it since 2009. :)

  16. hey,I really loved your stuff but I don't have sims2.I play sims 4,is there anything like these stuff for sims4?Where can I find them?Please help me bc I really need them!!!!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the tour! I'm probably the very worst person to ask about anything to do with TS4. I played for a very short time when the free trial was out and didn't enjoy it, so I have very little idea what's in the game and absolutely no clue about custom content for the game.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!