Sunday, 25 July 2010

You say it's your birthday, Autumn 2027

Olivia Nihill has only a few months to go until Baby Nihill makes his/her first appearance and at her latest check-up, Dr. Moretti tells her everything's looking good!

Olivia has been thinking about the possibility of a home birth but Steve has a few concerns about that, the main worry being that it's their first child.

They've agreed to compromise and have a traditional hospital birth this time and revisit the idea of a home birth if they ever have a second child.

On their way out of the office, Steve and Olivia run into Asha and Luc, who are at the hospital for their own check-up.

As her due date approaches, Asha is getting a little bit nervous about labour and spends quite a bit of time going over her concerns with Cara.

Cara does her best to allay Asha's fears but Asha is still just looking forward to getting the whole thing over with!

Aurora Moretti is now a year old and is looking an awful lot like her older brother Justin when he was a toddler!

Twin sister Bianca is (naturally) also turning one this autumn.

For comparison, here's their mother Ione...

and their father Evan.

  • A little bit more of the hospital for you! This is the gyno/obstetrician's office. I have a GP's office too, which I haven't used for anything yet. I hadn't decorated an ultrasound room when I took these pics a couple of days ago but I just did one tonight.
  • Baby Nihill and Baby Lane are both due this winter. Send boy vibes! I'm very unbalanced, gender-wise (as usual) but I also think it might be nice for Asha and/or Olivia to pay tribute to their fathers with their baby names, considering Ben and Leo both died relatively young.
  • Aurora definitely takes after Ione's side of the family but I think Bianca may favour Evan. That, or the fact that they have the same colouring is making them look more alike than they actually do. I can't wait for their 4th birthdays so I can see their features a little clearer. Either way, they're both very cute!
  • Profiles are up for both girls. As I was writing them, I realised Aurora's middle name of Lucia was probably a bad idea, considering that was Evan's ex-girlfriend! So her middle name is now Lidia, after her great-great-great-grandmother.


  1. Hee hee, it's so neat having their doctor be Cara :P I can't wait to see their babies, only one more season to go, yes!

    Bianca looks great, as does Aurora. You're right, she does look a lot like Justin!

  2. The more I see of your hospital, the more I like it! I think I should change some of the walls and floors in the Wellington Memorial to give it a warmer look.

    I think it's very wise to change Aurora's middle name. Naming your kid after your exes is never a good idea LOL.

  3. Funny on the Lucia slip! As usual I love your posters!

    The twins are uber adorable, their coloring is very opposite, they'd make wikipedia news if they were real. ;)

    Asha certainly looks concerned.

  4. I can totally picture a Luc-clone toodler dancing to his parents' music right now.

    Aurora and Bianca are very cute. They seem to be exactly the same except for the skintones (Obviously) and the noses. I like trying to figure toddlers' facial shapes. They are both entirely Ione except for the eyes and, for Bianca, the nose.

  5. Tessa, I cannot tell you how much fun I'm having with the whole hospital thing! I'm liking it even more now that my own hospital is coming together so nicely. I should actually be able to have a lot tour up for it within the next couple of weeks, if not sooner.

    Sari, thanks. Most of my hospital is rather sterile looking, with lots of white and grey but I decided to make the doctors' offices a little more inviting. :)

    It's an especially bad idea to name your kid after a crazy ex! Lucia had a mental breakdown when she saw Evan and Ione in the park together, not long after they hooked up!

    Maisie, oh, I can't take credit for those awesome posters! I got those from Riverdale - they're on the Surfing the Universe mesh and there are six different ones, all related to pregnancy and women's health.

    Ha, I often think that about my twins. It's not often that you get twins who look so dissimilar in real life but it's par for the course in the Sims!

    Flit, wouldn't that be adorable? Luc's been pretty keen to get his nephew into music, so I'm sure he'd try to pass his enthusiasm onto his own kid too.

    Looking at Aurora and Bianca again, I can see that their faces are much more similar than I thought at first. They definitely both have Evan's eyes though, which I didn't notice. Toddlers' faces all tend to be quite chubby and round, so it's hard to spot similarities sometimes. Camilla and Lila Sitko looked almost identical as toddlers but I don't think they look nearly as alike as teens.

  6. What adorable toddlers! I am amazed at the detail you've built into your game.

  7. I think Aurora and bianca are adorable! They will be such heartbreakets when they grow up!
    Lol at Aurora's middle name! I don't think I would agree my child having the name of one of my boyfriend's ex's!

    I can't wait for the new babies to be born!!
    I will pray with you for boys, I always have the same problem in SimsVille! My elementary school has only 2 girls, and my high school had 2 boys! It's frustrating at times!

  8. Nice update! BTW, where did you get the diplomas?

    I find it frustrating how skewed the population tends to be. After doing my census, I found the males outnumbered two to one against the females.

  9. gallowaytownship, thank you!

    Tanja, maybe they will be! They're both very shy like their parents, so we'll have to wait and see.

    I never seem to have a boy overload (except once, when Tatiana was a teen). It's always too many girls!

    LaurelCrossing, the diplomas are from Around the Sims 2, in the Architect set.

    I almost always find I have a major imbalance when I do my round summaries. I just saw the round summary at Wellington this morning and I'm totally jealous of her almost exactly even male-female ratio!

  10. BAAM! There's a whole crop of boy vibes for your hood.

    I love Asha's top, very cute-WCIF?

    I wouldn't have pegged Olivia as a sim that would want a home birth, so that's very interesting. Is Asha going to have a hospital birth as well?

  11. Apple Valley, LOL, thanks for the boy vibes!

    Asha's top is actually a full outfit and it comes from Under Your Skin. That's a direct link to the outfit but they have a few other maternity things if you poke around for a while.

    Oh, really? I'd pegged Olivia as a home birth kind of girl from early on, before she and Steve got married. But home births, at least where I'm from, aren't nearly as common for first time parents.

    Asha will definitely have a hospital birth, for this baby and any subsequent ones. She would be too worried something would go wrong (impossible in the Sims but she doesn't know that, lol).

  12. Omg, Aurora and Bianca are beautiful! How do you get such beautiful sims after so many generations? I was playing around with some of my sims that are couples and making them have babies in CAS and lets just say that I'm really scared for some of the babies to be born LOL. And this is only the first born-in-game generation. I don't even want to think about *their* kids.

    To maisie's comment about their coloring, I have twin (distant) cousins that have coloring like theirs. They were the cutest little things, one dark, one light.

    LOL @ the middle name. No, that would not be cool in my book. I like the new one, though.

    Anyway, I said over at N99 but I'll say again, great peeks at the hospital. It really came together perfectly. I can't wait to get there with all my buildings :)

    *Fingers crossed for boys*. I ran the sexual orientation randomizer for my hood and I discovered that I'm close to having 100 less women than I do men! Luckily most of those sims are townies and will be ignored but it doesn't seem like it's that off. I almost always see women hanging around/walking by.

  13. Danielle, well, Ione and Evan's faces are both fairly plain. They're attractive but neither of them have any extreme features. That helps! I think you can get scary looking Sims at any point of a hood - first generation or tenth!

    But LOL, I've never tried to make babies with my Sims in CAS, even though they're all in there. Now I'm kind of curious!

    Thanks for the compliments on the hospital. I kind of like it myself. ;)

    Well, aren't you a rarity?! It seems like when people have gender imbalances in their hoods, it's almost always that they have too many females! It's definitely that way in Sullivan and has been for a long time!