Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Try again

Narrated by Adrienne Novak

After I had Sylvia, I went to stay with my parents for a little while, just for a break and to be around family. It was nice but I had to come back to reality sooner or later.

It was so good to see Matilda again! I liked seeing my family again but I really missed just hanging out with Matilda.

Matilda was keen to catch up and wanted to know everything about when I saw Sylvia.

I sometimes find it hard to talk about Sylvia but Matilda's one person who I'm open with about the whole thing. I'm not ready to be a mother and I know that but it was still hard to carry a baby around for 9 months and then hand her over to somebody else. Sometimes I just need to vent about that.

And sometimes I need some distraction and Matilda's good for that too.

I definitely have my moments where I wonder if I've done the wrong thing by giving Sylvia up. Everything is so up in the air right now and I don't know who she's going to end up with.

Tate and Zelda call every week or so to update me on how Sylvia is doing. They're really enjoying having her with them but it sounds like she's also keeping them pretty busy. I don't think I could handle it.

I'm happy she's in such good hands. I can only hope the adoptive family she ends up with is as great as the Bentons are.

I've been working really hard since I got back to campus. Even after getting pregnant last year and having to deal with social workers and (justifiably) angry ex-boyfriends, I managed to maintain a 4.0 GPA.

We even all study together now. You'll notice Matilda's absence. Matilda never, ever studies. She's like a genius or something and she coasts through her classes without even trying. I'm pretty jealous.

Matilda still likes to go out a lot and I go along. It's a little different than last year though. It's usually more of a girls' night kind of thing now. Last year, I was looking for as many guys as I could find but I haven't really felt much of an urge for that lately.

I'm not planning on joining a convent or anything but I have been a little more cautious since coming back to uni.

There have been a couple of guys I've "clicked" with, at which point Matilda goes and finds something else to do but it hasn't really gone anywhere.

I've met plenty of cute guys, who were very interested but so far, I haven't actually taken any of them home.

I've flirted a little...

...and exchanged phone numbers, but it hasn't gone any further than that. I was pretty non-committal about taking it easy on dating when my dad talked to me about it but I was thinking it over all the way back to campus. And he's right. I do need to be more careful. I've already learned one lesson the hard way. I want to make better choices now.

Before I got pregnant last year, Matilda and I would head out to the bars and Ethan would stay at the dorms. She likes staying home occasionally but staying home is Ethan's thing most of the time. So I can't say I was surprised that they broke up.

For a couple that's broken up, Ethan and Matilda are still getting along like a house on fire. They seem to have slipped really easily into being friends.

I think Ethan's probably still got a little thing for Matilda but hopefully, he doesn't get too hung up on her.

I still think he should have went for it with that cheerleader the other day but he wasn't having any of that!

Sarah and Alasdair are still a couple right now but come graduation, they're going to end things.

He's not originally from Sullivan and he'll be heading back home after graduation. Sarah wants to stay in Sullivan, so obviously, they can't stay together.

They've decided to just make the most of the time they have left before Alasdair goes back home.

Sarah and I have actually become friends this year so we've talked a bit about the Alasdair situation.

Sarah's relatively okay with it. They both knew it was coming, because Alasdair was up front about it from the start. She's going to miss him of course but I think she's mostly grateful that she had a decent boyfriend for a while, after that Marshall ass.

Our friendship started because I can't keep my mouth shut sometimes. I was telling Sarah about the vacation home my parents own in Takemizu and she started asking about tai chi. For some stupid reason, I decided to tell her I knew how to do it.

I really shouldn't have talked up my skills so much, because they are mediocre, at best. Sarah wanted to learn how to do it and I had no idea what I was doing.

You wouldn't think I'd ever seen tai chi, the way I was going.

Sarah would have been better off learning it on her own and ultimately, that's what she decided to do. But at least we had a laugh about my ineptitude later.

You'd think Sarah would become more uptight with everything she's got going on. Her relationship is ending soon and she's trying to finish up her senior year, at which point she wants to start her Master's.

Sarah has actually loosened up a lot though! She'd already started warming up to Matilda last year but this year, we've actually all started to hang out together.

I don't think Matilda or I ever thought we'd miss Sarah once she graduates but I think we just might!

  • Title is from Try Again by Big Star. But I've still had that Aaliyah song of the same name stuck in my head all day anyway.
(click to enlarge)
  • The picture above should give you a pretty good idea what Adrienne's wants panel looked like most of this session. When I loaded, Adrienne's only romantic want was to have 3 lovers simultaneously, which rolled away pretty quickly. She also rolled up some pretty chaste wants like "ask Sim on date" and "slow dance with Sim". Blondie's name is Arthur and Adrienne actually has a low 3 bolts with him. He was keen right away and rolled up the specific want to flirt with her and ask her on a date but Adrienne just wanted to talk about her hobbies and make the dean's list (seriously, that one rolled up while she was barhopping!) So I guess she's taken her little chat with Owen to heart and is being a little more responsible. Most of the time, she had no romantic wants at all.
  • Ethan and Matilda roll zero romantic wants for each other, so they're over. ;) He actually rolls more for Sarah than for Matilda, which is crazy. He's only got 1 bolt with Sarah and he's got a high 2 bolts with Matilda.
  • Still not sure what I'll do with Sarah when she heads back home. She might live with her parents again while she does her Master's. She doesn't really fit into any of the other roomie households I have going on right now. I'm going to have Kimberly and Betsy pay for Sarah's Master's but she'll have to pay them back eventually. Josie won't have to pay her parents back because they're very, very rich and she's kind of spoiled. Sarah's not spoiled and her parents don't have nearly as much money as Tate and Zelda do!
  • As for grades, all four students still have a 4.0. Sarah has graduated, so I'll do a run-down for her in the summer birthdays.


  1. Awww :( A lot of break-up's this time around! I'm glad to see that everyone's taking it pretty well, and that Adrienne's taking Owen's advice to heart, that's good to see!

    I hope Matilda can get together with another playable, because I really like her a lot! Haha, that last note about Sarah's master degree pay plan vs. Josie's cracked me up!

  2. Great update! You managed to cover everyone and answer all my questions about Adrienne too! I'm glad that sarah has become friends with them and loosened up. Too bad the hottie BF doesn't want to make Sullivan home. (What will you do with the actual character? the sim bin?)

    I'm pretty happy that Adrienne has been keeping it low key, I was a little concerned that she would go back to some risque behavior. All those 4.0's! You have some very studious/genius students.

  3. I concur, I want more Matilda so she needs to hook up with another simmie asap.

    What is Sarah going to get her master's in? That should be interesting to see her return to living at home with her moms and sister.

  4. Tessa, there are a lot of break-ups in this round overall, actually! There have been six break-ups already, and just a few rounds ago, I was blown away that I had TWO break-ups in the one round!

    I'd like to make Matilda a playable even if she doesn't hook up with one of my regular Sims but I have so many families already! So I don't know.

    Maisie, glad you liked it! Adrienne's kind of taken over this round but we hadn't yet heard much of her perspective on her pregnancy, so I figured it might be time.

    Alasdair will probably still be around but he'll be unrecognisable. ;) If he ever makes an appearance again, he'll be a different character. I've done that at least once before (Rob).

    I was pretty surprised about Adrienne too! It didn't look good when I loaded up and she wanted 3 lovers but she's calmed down considerably. At least for the meantime, I guess.

    Apple Valley, oh, I'd love to have Matilda as a regular playable but I don't know if there are any other playables for her. I'm sort of overrun with females. She'll probably room with Adrienne after graduation for at least a while and I expect she'll always be in Adrienne's life after that.

    Sarah has the LTW to become a City Planner, so her Master's will be in Architecture. I'm using Laura's career rules, which means she needs the post-grad degree to progress past Draftsman.

  5. So much going on and they still pull off 4.0s! I'm glad to see Adrienne slowing down a bit......her life doesn't have to completely stop seeing as how she's still so young, but she can make better decisions and be a little more aware of the consequences of her actions. It's good to see them all getting along.

  6. I'm glad to see Adrienne taking it slow too.

    Can't believe college is almost over for this group of kids already!

  7. I'm glad Adrienne seems to be taking her dad's advice and slowing down some. I'm glad Ethan and Matilda are still able to be friends even after they've broken up. And I'm glad that Sarah had a decent boyfriend, even if only for a short time, and that she's okay with the impending breakup!

  8. I'm glad Adrienne isn't listening to her dad, and taking into account that she not only just given birth but is placing the baby up for adoption. She needs to drop a line to Nora. LOL

    It's funny how sims just decide not to roll wants for their boyfriend/girlfriend anymore. But I don't think I even seen a want to break up. Have you?

  9. I'm so glad Adrienne is listening to her dad and not sleeping around. She finally got to her senses.

    I can't believe Sarah is done with college. Is is really necessary that she breaks up with Alasdair, because I think the look good together ...

  10. Mizzgin03, I know, they're doing okay, aren't they? ;)

    And that's exactly what Adrienne is realising. She doesn't need to swear off men forever but she does need to start thinking about the choices she's making a little more carefully.

    Lunar, I wasn't sure how Adrienne would act this round but it wasn't like this! I was very surprised to see her being so cautious.

    It feels like this college group have gone through it faster than others. Probably because it's been quite a small group for a lot of their time.

    Shana, heh, it's all working out pretty well for this bunch, even with Adrienne's baby being given up for adoption. I think she'll be okay with that eventually but everything's still uncertain right now, seeing she doesn't know who the baby will end up with.

    Ethan and Matilda broke up for similar reasons as Maia and Nick - differing lifestyles - so I figured they would probably remain friends. They did it for me though, because usually one of the Sims will go below 50 when I break up a couple but they didn't.

    And I just figured Sarah deserved a decent relationship after jerky old Marshall!

    Riverdale, I was thinking about Adrienne when I read about Nora yesterday but I didn't say anything because I wasn't sure you were up to date! I didn't want to give you any spoilers or just completely confuse you!

    I've never seen the want to break up, no. I'm kind of glad, because I like looking at their wants and deciding that for myself. But they did add a break up wish to TS3, although I've only had one Sim roll it!

    Tanja, let's hope it continues! At some point, I figure Adrienne will want to take it further than flirting with a guy, so I just hope she remains careful.

    I won't say too much about Sarah but yes, it is very necessary that she breaks up with Alasdair. ;)

  11. Wow, your sims are breakin up left and right this round. But again it made sense in Ethan and Mathilda's case.

    I'm glad that Adrienne is taking things slow now on yhe dating frontier. No need to put herself in a difficult situation so soon after Sylvia.

    Hmm, from your reply to Tanja I get a feeling about what you're planning for Sarah. Time will tell if I got it right.

  12. Whoa!!!!! I think I just figured out what Sari might have figured out! Haha, Sari deserves a high-five, because without that I totally wouldn't have thought of that! Hee hee, I wonder if we're right?

  13. Sari, I know, I had to check my schedule and see if there are any more possible break ups this round! It doesn't look very likely, so I think I might be past the break-up-fest!

    I think Sylvia must have knocked some sense into Adrienne. She definitely doesn't want to get pregnant again so soon.

    As for Sarah, that's all you're getting out of me for the mean time. ;)

    Tessa, you'll find out soon enough. You'll just have to be patient.

  14. That's good that Adrienne doesn't want to get back into her old habits. You never know with sims sometimes. She can still have fun but not as much as she had last year lol. And glad to see everyone got 4.0s. You've got a smart group.

    I can't remember if I said it before but Matilda is really gorgeous. I hope you make her a playable or that one of your playables will snag her. And you really got me wondering what you have planned for Sarah ;) I wonder if I'm thinking what Sari and Tessa are thinking.

  15. Danielle, Adrienne's got Fortune as a secondary aspiration and I guess that took over this round! Odd, because usually Romance rules over all. But I'm glad she's keeping her head on straight for the time being.

    I love Matilda too. I downloaded her from somewhere. I can't think what playable would end up with Matilda though. I've got an overload of girls in her age group and my real playables take precedence over Matilda, unfortunately for her. But I'll play her for at least a few more years as a roomie for Adrienne, so we'll see what happens with her in that time. I may grow too attached!

    You'll have to wait and see about Sarah. I'm pretty sure I know what you, Sari and Tessa are thinking but I won't say anything yet.