Monday, 21 June 2010

The Kirby-Romilly wedding

Round 27: Summer 2026

Finn Romilly and Victoria Kirby are both 25.

It's 7am on her sister's wedding day and Rebecca is all ready for the proceedings to start. It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day; even the apple trees are co-operating!

An hour or so later when Finn and Caitlin head out, it's looking a little less promising. Hopefully, the rain stays away at least for the ceremony.

The wedding will be Amar's first job as a professional photographer and he's not worried about the idea of rain at all. If it's raining when it comes time for pictures, there are plenty of good locations indoors. He's already sizing them up.

Amar has already been given one final warning from Finn, to keep his eyes and hands away from the female guests.

Finn seems pretty convinced by Amar's reassurances. Victoria will still be watching him carefully. She's already spotted him eyeing Claudia this morning and it better not go any further than that.

Then again, he also agreed to a game of catch with Declan to keep him occupied while his parents were preparing and waiting for the guests to arrive. Victoria's not sure what to make of Amar.

Finally, it's time for the ceremony to start. All the guests have thankfully taken their seats on time.

Everyone except Troy and Josie, that is. They're too busy flirting on the porch.

Amar is ready and waiting with his camera and is trying to avoid getting in the way of the girls behind him.

Not that Rebecca would mind Amar "getting in the way" a little! She doesn't remember Amar being so hot when he was dating Claudia!

Across the aisle, Declan is entertaining one of Finn's groomsmen, Calvin. Calvin doesn't really know Declan very well but that's never stopped Declan.

Once his parents start the vows, Declan knows it's time to clam up.

And so after being together for 12 years and having two children together, Finn and Victoria are, at long last, married!

Have you ever seen a pair of 5-year-olds happier to be at a wedding than Finn's nephews, Justin and Xavier?

And hey look, Troy and Josie managed to actually see the ceremony after all.

At some point while her parents were saying their vows, Caitlin managed to wrangle herself out of her aunt Elspeth's grasp to take a nap on the dog bed.

Finn scoops up Caitlin just in time to catch Elspeth gazing adoringly at Amar. Finn isn't particularly happy about this development.

Not that Finn's really worried about Amar making a move on a 12-year-old - he's not that sleazy! Finn just isn't fond of the fact that his baby sister is starting to notice the opposite sex.

There didn't seem to be a single guy at the wedding who Elspeth didn't make eyes at over the course of the day.

Although in Calvin's case, Elspeth was far from his only admirer.

He could do quite well for himself if he was straight but alas, he doesn't swing that way!

Henry has considered Victoria a part of the family for a long time but he and Araminta are thrilled that she's now officially a Romilly.

Victoria's pretty lucky on the in-law front. She became good friends with Ione when they were pregnant at the same time and they've remained close over the past 5 years.

On the whole, the two sides of the family seem to be getting along very well.

Except for Rebecca and Ione, oddly.

Ione's six months pregnant with twins and she doesn't have the energy to argue with a 17 year-old, so she escapes to the kitchen and chats with Calvin instead.

Over the years with Claudia, Jacob has become quite good at seeing when Rebecca needs defusing and he distracts her with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Juvenile, yes, but whatever works!

Declan, meanwhile, is currently continuing his aim of entertaining every single person at the wedding. Right now, he's showing off his handstands to his aunt Claudia.

Before moving onto regaling Evan with stories about school. Declan has just started kindergarten.

He's also keen to talk to Jacob about his grandparents' telescope. His dad was showing it to him before the wedding and he's now decided that he must have one of his own.

Caitlin is quite the little social butterfly too.

With so many family members and friends around, Caitlin is being absolutely doted on and she's lapping it all up.

A bit too much excitement for a little one, maybe? Hopefully, that'll wash right out!

Trent has always liked Finn, ever since he and Victoria started dating, when they were just 13. Megan and Finn, however, have had their share of tension.

Since the engagement though, Megan has slowly been softening her stance towards Finn. She might even say she likes her son-in-law now.

He's certainly treated Victoria a lot better than Amar treated Claudia, so Finn has that going for him at the very least.

Megan wasn't thrilled about the idea of Amar being at her daughter's wedding but he's been behaving himself so far. She's still glad she'll never have to see him again after today.

What's his problem with the cake anyway? It's a beautiful cake!

Charlie is rubbing his hands together in glee at the mere thought of digging into that cake.

The newlyweds will of course get to sample the cake first.

Finn approves!

All day, Victoria's been waiting for her mother to start nagging or complaining about something but so far, she's been very well-behaved.

Maybe they should pump her full of wedding cake more often!

Thankfully, Finn and Victoria's wedding has gone off without a hitch. Everyone had a wonderful time, especially the newlyweds.

Most couples might be heading off on a honeymoon after their wedding. Finn and Victoria don't have the money for that, so they'll be heading back home to Exeter.

The closest Finn and Victoria will get to a honeymoon for a while is one blissful evening in their apartment, while Declan and Caitlin stay the night at the Kirby farm.


Prepare for pic spam! Just be thankful I'm not subjecting you to all of them. I went a little insane.

So after the wedding, Amar set up his tripod in the yard and took some less candid shots.

Victoria was generally co-operative for photos this time (which is more than I can say for Finn and Trent!) but at one point, she wandered off and sat on this bench behind the barn. So I thought I'd go with it.

But I still made her come and pose under the arch as well.

And in the orchard. Not that you can tell it's the orchard because I was dumb and didn't angle the picture correctly. Can't you just imagine Megan ranting about grass stains in the background? I don't think Victoria is the type to worry much about that kind of thing.

Speaking of she is! I've never noticed before but even with the surgery I did on Victoria, I can still see a lot of resemblance between her and Megan. Except the chin. That's all Trent.

The happy couple with Henry and Araminta. Finn's parents were, by the way, extremely irritating to pose. Does anyone else find elders tricky to pose? Even with Look at Player, they seem to often tilt their heads up rather than looking straight on (Araminta is doing it here, Henry is not).

Aw! Family portrait - Finn and Victoria with Declan and Caitlin. I almost wish Caitlin was a little bigger so I could do more of a close up without cutting her out.

Finn with his sisters, Elspeth and Ione. This picture is probably more indicative of Elspeth's features than her profile pic.

Victoria with Claudia and Rebecca, her sisters and bridesmaids.

Finn with his groomsmen, Jacob and Calvin. Finn and Calvin haven't hung out much together "on camera" but they've been good friends since childhood.

The whole bridal party!

  • Business first! I've rearranged the play schedule slightly so I can wrap up the whole Adrienne/Nick thing in a more timely fashion.
  • Finn and Victoria are the third generation to get married in front of the apple trees at the Kirby farm. Victoria's grandparents and her parents got married in the exact same spot. Bonus grouchy Megan in the latter post! I notice I was blaming it on Betsy then but as we all know now, it was just as likely to be Megan's fault!
  • I ended up chickening out on moving Finn and Victoria into the farmhouse and leaving Declan and Caitlin in the apartment as placeholders. I'm pretty sure it would have worked but I ended up making a cat for them in CAS, dropping her into their apartment, adding them to the household with InSim and then moving them all back out at the end. The family also had to give back the $120,000 they took with them, which I'm sure they would have been very sad about. That would have paid for a honeymoon, a house and Finn's masters! And Finn and Victoria did actually get a night by themselves in their apartment - I didn't move Declan and Caitlin back in until the next morning. ;)
  • Just realised Troy and Josie are colour co-ordinated! That was unintentional. I had to do a quick change for Josie because her formal wear was much too evening-y for this wedding.
  • Finn and Victoria's wedding cake made me hungry in a bad way. Some people go nuts for chocolate; sponge cake with jam and cream is my weakness.
  • All the grandparents were so adorable. I think they hung out more with their grandkids than they did with any of the adult guests. Henry, especially.
  • An unrelated question for all of you: I get a lot of questions about custom content I use and as you know, I've already done posts for hair and clothing. I'm putting together one for objects but it's quite a task. I've compiled a list of all my babies'/kids' stuff but are there any other kinds of objects you'd like me to include? Posters? Wedding stuff? Clutter? School stuff? Something I've missed? I can't promise I'll include it all, because it's harder to figure out where objects are from but any suggestions you guys have would be welcome.


  1. Yay! Their wedding was amazing!!!!!! Everyone looked great, and I noticed your clever use of OMSP's in the picture with Kaitlin on Elspeth's lap!

    You were right, Elspeth looks gorgeous! She's going to be a boy-magnet for sure! Well, that is, if she doesn't just go get them herself :P

    Lol at Calvin and his swoon-following. The formal pictures looked amazing, and I loved the ones on the bench! Usually, I find that if you want to take good formal pictures, it's best to turn off free will, because then they pretty much just stand there.

  2. Beautiful wedding, the cake did look delicious and tempting as well.

    Hmm, far as objects-I'd say a few things, but not everything-maybe the pose boxes or things that simmers have asked you about a lot. I guess it might be easier if simmers just as the WCIF question than for you to list all your CC.

  3. Perfect wedding! Victoria was gorgeous as was her babies and Elspeth is stunning! I loved the shots of the bride and groom with their siblings and Calvin is very good looking in his formal attire!

    Funny on the cake craving. I jones for coffee and the tiramisu I have in my game from time to time.

  4. The anon is me. Must have hit the little checky on accident.

  5. Thanks for your comments, everybody!

    Tessa, heh, I go through little phases where I'm loving certain poses or actions and I use them over and over. I had Caitlin sitting on Araminta's lap in the last Romilly update too.

    Didn't I tell you about Elspeth? ;) I was sort of surprised Elspeth didn't try to make a play for Amar right then and there! They've got some chemistry but teen-adult autonomous romance doesn't seem too common in my game, thank goodness! 21 and 17 like Luc and Asha were is a lot different from 25 and 12!

    I have used the turning off free will trick in the past but it wouldn't have been a great option here. I was mainly focusing on Finn and Victoria and I was taking my time too, but meanwhile, Trent, Megan and Rebecca were living their lives in the background. It would have been too much micro-management for me to deal with them peeing themselves in the background or max motives-ing every 5 seconds!

    Apple Valley, thank you! I like how this wedding turned out. I always like my weddings better once I'm looking through the pictures after the fact though.

    Oh, goodness, the objects post will definitely not be for ALL my CC! Just several different "themes" that I get asked about a lot. Creating a post with a list and then referring to that when someone has a WCIF is actually a lot easier than checking the stuff in game. It'll be a handy reference for me too, as well as anyone reading. :)

    Maisie, LOL, I've done that so many times, usually on LJs, because LJ is so terrible at saving my Open ID login info!

    Calvin looks so handsome in his suit, doesn't he? No wonder all the ladies were swooning over him!

    Sigh. I love this family so much! I can't wait to play them for real this round.

  6. Aww what a beautiful wedding! I saw sneak peeks at N99 but waited to comment here so I could see everything. Everyone looked great and yes, Elspeth is gorgeous! Victoria was just beaming and glad that Megan was behaving. Pump me full of wedding cake will keep me well behaved, too LOL. My wedding cake was white cake with a raspberry jam center so their wedding cake made me smile :). I really like that shot of Charlie eyeing the cake. He looks handsome. And awesome shot of Caitlin throwing up on Megan LMAO. I had a smile on my face the whole time reading.

    As for CC posts, I'd love to know where you get a lot of your decor (like your posters/paintings), although I know it's hard to figure out where recolors come from. But I always see some painting or poster I've never seen before in your sims' homes. And just a quick question, Caitlin's dress, is that by one of the creators you mentioned in the CC post or is it from Celebrations? I really need to get the rest of those stuff packs one of these days.

  7. They had such a beautiful wedding, I specially love all the family pictures you took afterwards. You must have a lot of patience to pose them like this, I always use to got feed up to get them to pose for family pictures etc. .
    Absolutely lovely update!

  8. What a beautiful wedding! Everyone looked so happy and the bride and groom were practically glowing. I think it's such a nice tradition for this family to get married at the farm.

    I always have problems to get elders pose for pictures, they never seem to co-operate well.

    I'd like to see a list of your school stuff and maybe paintings and posters. And maybe hospital stuff although I suspect that most of it comes from MTS.

  9. I love the tradition of the apple trees! The wedding was just beautiful, and Elspeth is going to definitely break some hearts! I think she's one of the prettiest in game born sims that I've ever seen! I'm glad the two families are getting along so well :)

  10. The wedding was great! It looked great in the orchad, and I like the tradition.
    The pictures are looking great! I don't know how you do it, but I can't seem to find the patiens to set it all up!

  11. Danielle, wow, had I been at your wedding, I may have actually eaten the wedding cake, instead of smushing it around a bit and pretending! The wedding cake I've tried has been disgusting, without exception.

    I think Charlie is very handsome too. He seems to be a Tate clone but he's somehow better looking to me! And heh, poor Megan! Didn't it just have to be her though, if Caitlin was going to throw up on anyone?

    Caitlin's dress is from Celebrations but I use a set of replacements that make the colours a little more vibrant. It also makes the wedding dresses white instead of grey.

    Posters/paintings/decor: duly noted!!

    Speechless, thank you! I'm pretty used to posing pics now, so it doesn't seem to take that long any more. I'm always happy with the end result, so to me, it's worth the time anyway. :)

    Sari, Finn and Victoria always look so happy in photos but it really fits here, for their long-awaited wedding!

    Heh, because I'm always thinking ahead, I've decided Claudia will likely get married at the farm too. Rebecca probably will buck the tradition and do something else.

    I'm glad it's not just me with the elders. With today's update though, I was really proud of myself for getting Mina to face head on. I had to be super quick with Freezer Clock but I got her to face the way I wanted.

    School stuff/hospital stuff: got it! Most of my hospital stuff is from MTS but I found some other stuff recently and I'll link to that too.

    Mizzgin03, I couldn't be happier with how Elspeth turned out. Given her lack of nice points, I'm thinking she might know full well that she's pretty as well. ;)

    Tanja, there aren't many things I love doing for the game more than weddings, so this is really fun for me! The pictures require a little patience but less and less each time (unless you're trying new poses) because you get used to them. The wedding set-up isn't really too hard. Pick a venue, throw some chairs and an arch down, get everyone dressed. LOL...easy peasy!

  12. Aw, yay! I'm glad they finally had their big day. I love Victoria's dress, it seems just perfect for her. Simple, classic, but very pretty. :)

    I'd love to know where you get your pictures/posters/other decor. I always notice them in your Sims' homes and really like you've decorated.

  13. Yea my wedding cake was very good because a friend made it, not a bakery. We kind of broke "tradition" here and ate all of it that week lol. We're supposed to save a piece for a year later and eat it on our anniversary for good luck (in case anyone doesn't know the tradition) but what's so lucky about eating year old stale cake?? :P

    Thanks for the link to the dress replacements. I'll save it for when I get Celebrations. I really should get that next.

    And I forgot to mention that yes, I noticed the head tilt with elders. I had that problem with Edna the other day when posing her and got lucky with the pausing/freezer clock. Maybe their eyes are bad and they think they're looking at us but really aren't lol.

  14. Shana, it's felt like a really long time coming, even though they're only 25! I guess getting together when you're 13 will do that to you.

    And thank you - I downloaded that dress specifically for Victoria, so I'm glad you think it suits her.

    Danielle, that tradition is a holdover from when all wedding cake was fruit cake. That stuff never seems to go stale (probably because it often has alcohol in it). I wouldn't recommend it with chocolate or sponge cake!

    I love Celebrations! I didn't think I would but I actually like most of the dresses, and it adds a few nice tuxes for the boys too. The only SPs I haven't got now are the Holiday Pack and FFS. I don't think I'll get either of those though.

    LOL, you know I just had to go back and look at Edna's head!

  15. Yea I remember reading about how cakes were made of fruit and they actually got a little better after a year (because of the alcohol soaking in). My friend (who made my wedding cake and hers as well) ate her cake on her 1 yr anniversary and gave us some and I seriously had to choke it down. It was red velvet cake.

    Anyway, I didn't think I'd like Celebrations either but now that I'm paying more attention to my sims lives and after seeing all of your great weddings, I think I'll go get it soon.

    LOL @ going back to check Edna's head.

  16. Oh, Victoria looked so beautiful! That dress is just what I'd imagine her wearing! So classic! Finn didn't look bad either ;)

    OMG, Elspeth! She certainly is a teenager now, isn't she?!

    That is a beautiful cake! I never thought to find CC cakes, lol! The posed pictures were all perfect, as usual! What a pretty family wedding! :)

    I totally want to do a wedding now. Maybe I'll work on one of my non-playable ones tonight :)

  17. Danielle, "they actually got a little better after a year"

    To me,it would be pretty hard for fruit cake to taste any worse! It's the most dreadful excuse for cake ever.

    Laura, aw, thanks! I love Finn's suit. I have three different colours of it replacing those stupid Korean things that no one ever uses! Well, maybe some people do but I never understood why they put in so much stuff that only a tiny subset of players could possibly want.

    Heh, Elspeth...yes, hormones a-racin' with that one!

    I never thought to look for CC cakes either but I somehow ended up with about 12 of them. I think most of them are by Eris3000 at MTS, if not all.

  18. Beautiful. I loved the links to the past entries. It was like, "Awww! *sniff*" I forgot Megan's past as the mysterious girl in red with the cute style!

    Elspeth, lol! She's adorable. But yeah, stay away from Amar and guys like him.

    And Mmmm those cakes look so good. I SO miss that in TS3. The weddings in TS3 all around suck.

  19. Lunar, I almost gave Megan cat's-eye glasses as a nod to the retro look she sported in her younger years, but I tried them out and they were way too much!

    I'm sure Finn and Henry will be watching out and making sure Elspeth stays away from any Amars in the hood. ;)

    TS3 weddings suck so much I don't even bother having them! No cake, no arch, no champagne. And there's no Classic Dance option for the bridal waltz. I do like the rice but they never seem to stand where I want them to when they throw it. It's a shame.