Friday, 4 June 2010

Filippo Moretti 1955-2025

by Rose Draper, Autumn 2025
Filippo Moretti, late of Sullivan, passed away yesterday at his home, due to natural causes. He was 70 years old.

Filippo Moretti was born in 1955 to game designer Jonah Draper and teacher Simona Moretti. His sisters, Arianna and Caterina, are still living in Sullivan.

After spending his entire childhood on the family farm, Filippo left for Suffolk University, where he began working towards a degree in Philosophy. During his university years, he dated future governor Athena Gottlieb (then Lane) but the couple broke up shortly after Filippo's graduation.

Upon returning to Sullivan, he bought a house and followed his father into the gaming industry. He was not back in town for very long when he met Maria, who already had a young son and was 12 years Filippo's senior.

Filippo and Maria found themselves the parents of twins Caleb and David in 1982 and were married in 1984. In 1989, they were joined by yet another set of twins, Evan and Amelia.

Filippo and Maria celebrated their golden anniversary in 2015 and remained married until her death in 2020.

After he was widowed, Filippo took up gardening, a hobby he shared with his step-granddaughter Hope.

Filippo, pictured with all of his children and grandchildren, c. 2025.

Filippo leaves behind his stepson, Emil (53), sons Caleb (43), David (43) and Evan (36), daughter Amelia (36), along with 11 grandchildren, Nick (22), Sophie (12), Camilla (12), Lila (12) , Anthony (8), Veronica (8), Adelaide (7) , Noah (7), Emma (5), Justin (4) and Xavier (4) and 2 step-grandchildren, Nathan (15) and Hope (14).

  • RIP, Filippo! He was my favourite Sim grandpa, for sure. He was very devoted to his grandchildren, as I have said so many times, so I just had to do a big family portrait. I'm slightly insane, as you would all be well aware.
  • In case you're confused about Filippo and his sisters, Filippo's age is a little off. He was one of the Sims who ended up being the same age as his older siblings when they all went off to college together (Leo Royce was another). Looking back at my pictures and what rounds they were taken in, Arianna and Caterina are probably supposed to be 4 or 5 years older than what they are. But when I fixed my aging system, I left them all as is, because the age difference between Arianna and Liam, and between Maria and Filippo was significant enough without adjusting their ages.
  • These walks down memory lane are always fun for me. I often forget Filippo and Athena were a couple, even though I was actually planning on marrying them off at one point. I even had Filippo's engagement want locked. But then Athena met Adam, who she has three bolts with and I could see that she and Filippo were not meant to be.


  1. Awww :( Rest in peace Filippo, I shall miss you! I've been reading through the archives lately, and I read when Filippo and Athena were together a couple of days ago. I'm glad he and Maria got together though, and I'm sure he will be sorely missed by his family.

  2. Tessa, thanks for your comment!

    Heh, you probably remembered that Filippo and Athena were together before I did then! I so often look back through my pics and go "Oh, yeah! Forgot all about that!"

  3. RIP, Filippo! He was such a great grandpa. He will be missed.

  4. Awwwwww RIP Flippo! He really was one of the best granddads I had ever seen.......his family will surely miss him!

  5. Aw! :( Rest in peace, Filippo! I love the huge family that spawned off from Filippo and Maria, look at all those grandkids! And it's a good thing he didn't marry Athena after all or else we wouldn't have adorable Nick to sigh over, lol. ;)

    You'll be missed, Filippo!

  6. Sari, by me most of all, I think! It was strange to play the Collins family and not have Filippo around.

    Mizzgin03, he was an awesome grandpa! Poor Nick...he gets cheated on and then his grandpa dies, all in the span of a month or so. :(

    Shana, I know, I often think about the what ifs! What if Filippo had married Athena, what if Abigail had never cheated on Caleb, what if Ottilie and Samson were still alive. It's interesting to think about but I'm glad things have turned out the way they have. I couldn't imagine not having Nick around!

  7. Aww I had a feeling this was coming :(. RIP Filippo! I love the pics of all the grandkids. Nick isn't haven't a very good year, is he :(.

    And the "what ifs" are crazy! No Nick?! No Cara and Caleb?! And if Ottilie and Samson were alive, Patience could have hooked up with Troy?! Omg... That's crazy talk lol.

  8. Danielle, did you? Filippo was fairly young so that's some good guessing! And's not Nick's year so far.

    Funny you should mention Patience and Troy because it's definitely possible that they would have! When you have step-relations in game, they're barred from romantic interactions but if there's any chemistry, you'll still see the bolts and Patience has one bolt with Troy. They wouldn't have ended up together, because I've intended Troy to be with Josie since he was 12 but it's possible they might have had a little thing.

    Heh, I told you it was interesting to think about the what ifs!

  9. I don't know how I knew. Maybe with all the talk about how good he was with all his grandkids and such. I didn't realize he was only 70 though.

    And that's cool to know you had planned Troy to be with Josie all along :). Right now, with my few amount of playables, I'm letting them do their own thing. But I'm sure I'll arrange a few marriages sooner or later. ;)

  10. Ah, okay. I wasn't intentionally foreshadowing with all that talk though - he honestly was an amazing granddad!

    As for couple planning, for most of my Sims, I have someone in mind for them as their person they'll ultimately end up with. Those plans often change if I feel like there's something else pulling a couple together. I'd originally planned for Finn and Victoria to break up at some point during high school - he was going to end up with Patience and she'd be with Jacob. I can't imagine either of them with anyone but each other now.

  11. Poor Filippo... I liked him too, he was such a good grandpa. *sigh* Sad to see him go.

  12. *sigh* I know! The last two families I've played have been Filippo's kids and grandkids and it's making me miss him more. :(