Sunday, 6 June 2010

You say it's your birthday, Winter 2025

Adrienne Novak has just started her second trimester and now that she's got a bump, however tiny, people around campus are starting to talk.

She's not looking forward to the impending arrival but she's still trying to decide between raising the baby herself and adoption. Best friend Matilda is there to support her, whatever she settles on. Adrienne is due in Summer 2026.

Matilda's dad Claudio and his new wife Virginia are much happier about their upcoming addition. Baby Jacobson will also be making his/her debut this coming summer!

  • Given the crazy amount of twins I've had in this hood recently, I was almost expecting another two sets! But none of these Sims have the fertility benefit, so unless Virginia or Adrienne eat cheesecake without my permission (which, I will add, is served in most of the city's restaurants!), there'll just be two new babies this summer.
  • I'm leaning towards adoption for Adrienne, for two reasons. The first is that, well, we're not talking about Finn and Victoria here. Having Declan during college was hard for them but they were a stable couple at least and they had each other. The second reason is I've never had one of my playables give up a child for adoption and I'm kind of curious to see how it plays out. Anyway, still deciding but right now, I think this'll be the most likely avenue.


  1. Hmm... I really don't know where I stand on the adoption issue. I mean, adoption is always sad, especially if the mother is still around, but I just don't know how good of a mother Adrienne would be able to be... maybe you could place the child with one of your playable families, that would make it a lot easier :)

  2. I would be curious to see the adoption played out as well and if the baby will be placed with a playable family or sent to another hood for an interhood adoption.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Tessa, I guess there's usually a sad side to adoption but it's also often the best choice for all involved. Like you say, how good a mother would someone like Adrienne be able to be right now? She's 18, in college, no partner to help out and she's Romance/Fortune, so she's one who's particularly given to nurturing either.

    Apple Valley, yeah, I feel more and more sure that adoption is the way Adrienne will go, so I guess we'll all get to see it play out soon enough! If she gives the baby up for adoption, it will go to another family in the hood not long after birth. I have a few families in mind as possibilities. ;)

  4. I think in Adrienne's situation adoption is probably the best choice. As you said it's completely different than Finn and Victoria. She's alone and doesn't seem ready for motherhood yet.

  5. Sari, no, Adrienne's definitely not ready. She's someone who I wouldn't have really seen having a baby until she was over 30, perhaps.

  6. Adrienne doesn't look happy at all. She and Cameron should exchange phone numbers. LOL Poor girl.

  7. Riverdale, I know, I've never seen a Sim look so bummed out just from walking around! I was ready to use a facial overlay on her and then noticed it would be unnecessary!

    I think Adrienne and Cameron could bond, definitely!

  8. I'd be interested in seeing how an adoption storyline would play out in the game, I've never done that before either with a playable's baby. Adrienne does look really sad. Her situation is completely different from Finn and Victoria, and I think that adoption may be the best choice for her if she's definitely not ready to be a mom yet.

    But I hope she'll learn her lesson after this and not find herself in this situation again!

  9. Wow she doesn't look too thrilled and you can barely notice her baby bump. I can't wait to see what you have planned for the adoption. I agree with Shana and hope she learned her lesson.

  10. Shana, I guess Sarah is technically a playable's baby but seeing I never, ever play her parents, even to age them up, I have no idea what their thoughts on the matter are! LOL.

    I have my fingers crossed that she's learned her lesson too but I guess time will tell.

    Danielle, next time you see Adrienne, you'll definitely notice her baby bump! She showed up on a community lot, so she's got that third trimester belly now. Gah...I hate that bug!

  11. Oooh I wanna skip ahead and see if you had Adrienne give the baby up for adoption.

    I personally think you should (we will see if you did) cause it adds such a different aspect to the game. This is my child, but I gave them up... I'm raising this child, as mine, but it's not, how does the kid handle it.. Open adoption? closed?

    So many possibilities!

  12. Maisie, heh, you're not that behind! Adrienne hasn't given birth yet but you will find out her plans for sure in Spring birthdays.

    I'm still leaning towards adoption though. All of those story aspects you mentioned are ones I've thought of as well and I think thinking about all that and how everyone affected will react to it is going to be really interesting.

    I'm going to be a nerd and go and read about open and closed adoptions too, just so I know what would be likely to happen and what wouldn't. And ignore anything that wouldn't work out for my game play, lol!

  13. Definitely research it, love the comment about "ignoring what doesn't work for gameplay" lol. The biggest thing is that if someone fully adopts (even with Inge's clearing off/putting up for adoption), then Adrienne loses her biological/family tree ties to the baby.

    So most of it will be story as opposed to game play. Her parents won't care etc. It's not that it cant be made to work, it's just a bummer that EA did it that way.

    ooh I wonder if you'd do open or closed.

  14. Maisie, yeah, the fact that no one cares when someone gets pregnant and no one will really care when this baby goes up for adoption (not even Adrienne, because I'll Inge's thing) kind of rankles. But I'll just fake it, I guess!

    I've been thinking after this kid becomes a teen, I'm going to have to use ACR Friend Zone all over the place. Adrienne could possibly have other children by then and I don't want this kid flirting with them, or with any of his/her first cousins.

    Still deciding between open and closed! There are advantages to both.

  15. Oh yeah! I totally didn't think about ACR and flirting! That would be gross, lol.

    I'm quite excited to see what you end up doing and how this all plays out! Now get some more time in the day lol.

  16. Back when I was playing Pleasantview, Brandi Broke had her third kid taken away from her (Beau was at school, so he escaped) and she ended up flirting with him when he aged to adult. It was...creepy. Just one of those memorable Sim experiences!

    I've got three more weeks until our winter break but hopefully, the final week will be slow and I can get some more Simming done.