Friday, 23 October 2009

Round 22 ROS

I just sat down and rolled my ROSs for 2015-2016. I've already figured out who they'll apply to but obviously, I won't share that with you until the scenario actually crops up during the round. I will, though, share the scenarios I've rolled.


  1. Oooo, these sound good. Can't wait who go the death by car accident. Sad, but I want to see how you spin it!

  2. I'm always tempted to try these ROS things, but I tend to inflict my own brand on chaos on my sims, so it'd be like doubling the punishment, LOL!

    Oh no, car accident! :(

  3. Ugh, those are going to be a mess! The blind date one sounds fun though.

    Awww, car accident :(

  4. This will lead into very interesting scenarios, especially the "do the dumping" and "you deserve better". Too bad you'll have to kill another sim!

  5. bummer on the car accident, I'm curious who it will be.

    Excited to see how it all plays out though

    lol on Nicholas the result of the last scavenger hunt! I rolled that a bit back but haven't gotten to the household to fulfill it, I sure hope there's no baby from it!!

  6. OMG.. you just reminded me that I forgot to do my ROS for my sims! I have to go home and do the ROS and hope it does not affect the sims I have already played.

  7. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    The blind date/car accident scenario is giving me trouble! I'm trying to link them somehow because I actually think they're going to have to be but I'm still trying to figure out exactly how it will play out, which is the only thing stopping me from moving it up in the rotation (it's scheduled for rather late in the round right now).

    Dammit, I replied to this this morning!

    Maisie, yes, Nick was conceived in the hot tub at the aquatic centre but I wrote it as taking place in Abigail's parents' bed, because I hate those hot tubs because they're hard to take pics of. Even though I took one of my favourite pictures ever in one of those hot tubs. Awww...look at Jonas's scrawny little arms in that picture!

    Bernz, I completely forgot ROSs for Round 19 and I think I may have forgotten them for Round 18 too! I generally just let it go if I forget but I usually end up regretting it halfway through when nothing dramatic is happening!

  8. Six ROS, you are so brave. I only do about 3 or 4. If I tried to do six I would probably end up killing off half my hood.

    I hate death ROS they always seem to mess things up. Great for drama bad for plans.

  9. Monique, for a hood this size, 6 ROS seems about perfect to me. It leaves enough room for some dramatic ones and some easy ones.

    If I rolled one that was really going to mess up my plans, I could always reroll. I don't think I've done that yet but the option is there.