Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Spring 2014 birthdays

This spring in Sullivan, we have three little girls turning 1!

The first is Sophie Gottlieb, whose mother is already missing the baby stage and wants another. Wade would rather wait a little while longer!

Speaking of Wade, there are some definite similarities between daddy and daughter, namely the mouth and nose.

She definitely has her mother's eyes though!

The Sitko twins are also celebrating their first birthdays!

Here's Lila...

and here's Camilla!

Dad David when he was a little one...

and mum Kirstin.

Just a little way down the road, Araminta has just had baby #3! It's a girl and she and Henry have named her Elspeth Leslie.

Big brother Finn was mildly annoyed that his mother's labour had interrupted his sleep on a school night but he got over it once he learned that Elspeth would be living in his old room, while Finn would be taking over Ione's (much larger) room above the garage.

Next birthdays post, we'll meet baby Draper, whose mother Kendal is not using her third trimester of pregnancy as an excuse to slack on her studies!

And the post after that, Autumn 2015, we'll meet baby Lachance, the much wished for third baby for Jonas and Tatiana.

  • I must be a glutton for punishment because I decided that seeing Araminta was of advanced maternal age, she'd have a higher likelihood of multiples, so I clicked "random" with the T&Q mod. And then I was mildly disappointed when I saw she'd only be having one baby. That was the first time I'd ever clicked random.
  • Damn, another girl! I really hope Kendal has a boy! Or more than one - I'll probably try the random option again with Kendal. Multiples would work out nicely for me with them, because neither Kendal or Lake are related to anyone else in the hood, being former townies. Makes it nice and easy for me to match up couples down the line!
  • I decided that I will now randomise hobbies. I hate how hobbies are based on personality. It's very cute how Tatiana, Jonas and their kids are all tinkerers because their personalities are similar but I don't want every family to be that way. So these girls have all been randomised (Sophie is Cuisine, like her granddad ,Camilla is Arts and Crafts and Lila is Sports)
  • By the way, Elspeth is a blonde with brown eyes. The brown eyes are from Araminta and neither Ione or Finn got them (Ione has green from her dad and Finn has grey from God knows where).


  1. Aww, the toddlers and babies are so cute! The Sitko twins are both a perfet unique combination of their parents.

    I admire you for clicking "random"! I stopped doing that since Bobbie and Alex Greene got the triplets. But that was 19 wellingtonian years ago! Maybe I *should* try it again...

    I've also decided to start randomising hobbies because it annoys me that so many of my sims seem to be Music & Dance enthusiasts. I've done it before with the Harper twins and some other kids too.

  2. Ha, when I clicked random, I wondered to myself if you would ever click random again after the Greene triplets! It certainly would tend to make you gun-shy!

    All my Sims tend to be Fitness, Nature and Tinkering - it's getting old! I have exactly one Film & Literature Sim and have only had two total since I started the hood.