Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Round 21: Spring 2013

Joseph Carmody is 78, Vivienne is 73, Betsy and Kimberly are both 42, Sarah is 8 and Susannah is 3.
(Anna Collins is 35, Nathan is 3 and Hope is 2)

Narrated by Betsy Carmody

Kimberly's really been bonding with our daughters lately and I won't lie - it was a big relief for me. She was so excited about having kids before we got married and then once it happened, it was like she wasn't really interested.

Ever since Susannah arrived, I've done the bulk of the child-rearing around here and Kimberly seemed really...detached. I think Sarah at least is old enough to notice that sort of thing now and I'd hate for her to grow up like that.

So hopefully, that's been sorted. Now I just have to worry about our marriage. Maybe I'm just being a bit dramatic. We haven't had any big huge fights or anything.

But Kimberly has been picking fights over the pettiest things lately. Household chores, taking jokes way too seriously...that sort of thing. We've never really even bickered before so this is unusual for us.

Honestly, it's starting to piss me off. She can't possibly be that angry about me asking her to wash a plate or take Susannah to the potty when she can see I have my hands full, so what is her problem?

Dad's age is starting to show recently. You can really see him struggling when he sits down to play with the girls.

I think he loves being a grandfather more than anything though, so he never says anything, at least not in front of Sarah or Susannah.

Who, by the way, are getting along so well. I can't believe I ever worried about Sarah being jealous or resentful because she never has.

Susannah has been such a beautiful addition to our family. She's even using the sandpit that we installed for Sarah, who then promptly ignored it!

I finally convinced Anna to come and visit us, rather than us having to go and see her all the time. She's pretty overwhelmed at home so I think it's good for her to get away.

She never has to worry about watching Nathan or Hope at our place.

Mum and Dad spend the whole time doting over them and they feed them and even change them when necessary. Although I don't know if Anna's ever changed a nappy anyway.

I almost wish the children weren't there that night because we lost Dad, aged 78. He had been declining the last few years, so it wasn't completely unexpected but it was still somewhat of a shock. He was still working every day, you know?

To her credit, the first thing Kimberly did when she realised what had happened was rush to comfort me. I hope that this will be a step towards her getting over whatever has been bothering her lately. I don't even care what it was any more, as long as we get back to the way we used to be.

Random pics:

I have quite a lot of family pictures hanging in the Carmody house but my faves are still these photobooth pics Joseph and Vivienne had taken when they first got together. This is probably from when Vivienne was cheating on Brandon Kirby with Joseph (her clothing means she was definitely in college at the time), which makes it only slightly less cute. But it all worked out for the best in the end. And it was one of the first major dramatic events in Sullivan (the first would have been Vivienne's parents' divorce), so I have always had a soft spot for Vivienne and Joseph, even if the couple didn't form under the most innocent of circumstances.

Jjust a quick one of Hope because a) she's a cutie and b) I don't know that I've ever seen a Sim toddler look so observant while walking (or toddling, I guess) around.

  • Kimberly was completely uninterested in either of her daughters until this round (which I mentioned in the last update too). Very odd for a Family Sim. She still doesn't roll wants for them but she interacts with them autonomously now.
  • I don't know what Kimberly's problem was but she was putting her best bitch face on at every single attempt Betsy would make at conversation. I suppose their interests do not align all that well but they'd managed to avoid the topics they disagree on in the past. I don't know, it was a little strange!
  • Sniff, sniff, bye Joseph! I added Joseph way back in Round 8 in an attempt to get some genetic diversity in Sullivan. It didn't really work, seeing he married Vivienne (her hair is brown Dominant/brown recessive) but maybe somewhere down the line, he'll have a redhaired great-grandchild or something! Genetic diversity isn't much of a problem in Sullivan any more anyway.


  1. awww bye Joseph. That made me sad. He should definetly have a red head sometime. In my hood the millet girls and lewis both have a red haired grandparent but not parent. I love gentics!

    Hope the marriage and family relations strenghten.

  2. Bye bye Joseph. I feel so connected to your blog that it always makes me sad to see your sims die.

    Maybe Kimberly was having an early mid-life crisis or maybe she just has... issues.

  3. Maisie, it takes a couple of generations for the red hair to become apparent sometimes, doesn't it? I didn't have a single redheaded baby in Sullivan until Madelyn Novak was born. She's 33 and Sullivan has been around for 96 game years.

    Cissie, I'm happy you like Sullivan enough to feel that way when one of my Sims dies.

    As for Kimberly and Betsy, I think they're doing okay. Towards the end of the session, they had some autonomous conversations (as in, I didn't change the topic) that didn't end in bickering. So fingers crossed!

  4. I LOVE that you have pictures of the family hanging up on the walls. Going back, I notice the wedding pic in the living room in front of Anna. That is so cute. I keep meaning to do in more of my house holds!

  5. Yeah, Betsy and Kimberly have their wedding picture in their bedroom and there are some more photobooth pictures of Joseph and Vivienne in Vivienne's bedroom.

    I love photos in a house - it makes a house look so lived in and real. I just hang Max's graduation portrait up in the Nihill house - up above the mantle. There's a regular picture of Olivia next to it, complete with teenage zits. When she graduates, I'll hang up her grad pic too. If Max and Zaria ever tie the knot, there'll be wedding pics up the ying yang. That's kind of what I'm trying to do with everyone now.