Tuesday, 20 October 2009

On my way

Round 21: Spring 2014
last updates: Jesse and Evan/Eliot
next updates:Jesse/Eliot/Evan

Jesse Carmody is 29, Eliot Novak is 28 and Evan Moretti is 25.
(Abigail is 31, Cordy is 21 and Ione is 18)
Narrated by Evan Moretti

Once Amelia got married and moved out of the house, Jesse and I were short on rent and needed a new room-mate.

We ended up with Eliot, who is definitely Amelia's match in the neat-freak stakes. But I guess someone has to clean up around this place!

Eliot gets along much better with Jesse than Amelia ever did though. They became friends pretty much right away. I think things probably would have improved between Amelia and Jesse - after all, even Caleb is friends with Abigail now.

He was unemployed when he first moved in but he's joined the military now and he's bringing in plenty of dough.

Long term, I don't know how long Eliot will end up staying. He's engaged to Cordy Lane and I guess when they get married in autumn, they'll want their own place.

So for a while now, I've been assuming that in a few months, it'll be just Jesse and me, so money will be tight again.

Lucia and I have been dating for more than two years now. Things were going well when we both wanted the same things but now that we don't, things are fizzling.

We can talk about everything except our relationship. Then Lucia starts up about wanting to meet my family and get married and get our own place together. I'm just not ready for any of that yet!

So we broke up. It was "amicable", I guess you could say. But that usually implies that you stay friends and Lucia and I have already kind of drifted apart. Anyway, I'm single and on the market again.

Not long after Lucia and I broke up, it started looking like Jesse wouldn't be hanging around the house much longer than Eliot would.

Now that Jesse and Abigail are engaged too, I think I'm going to be alone in this house sooner than I expected. But Abigail ran hot and cold on Jesse for so long and I don't know if that means they'll get married really fast or take it slow.

I'm definitely not ready to get married like Eliot and Jesse are but I was still feeling a little glum at the prospect of being left behind, so we went on kind of a guys' night out at The Old Brick.

We were at the bar when a group of girls came in and sat down next to us. Two of them were pretty obviously together but Jesse kept pushing me to talk to the redhead. I'm the guy who didn't kiss a girl until he was 23. I'm not the type to approach girls in bars but I did think she was really cute.

Luckily, after several minutes of me trying to will her to come over with my mind, Ione got up and introduced herself.

We seem to get along pretty well. She's only 18, so she's younger than me but it's the same age difference between Eliot and Cordy, so I wouldn't brush her off because of just that. She's only a freshman in college, so she won't want to get married for at least a few years too, which would mesh well with what I want.

I'm getting way ahead of myself though. We hung out all night but we didn't even kiss.

I'm getting such a crush on this girl though.

I so wish I hadn't had so much to drink that night though, because I ended up getting down on one knee and serenading her. And I really can't sing. Jesse thought it was pretty damn funny though.

Thank God he pulled me out of there before I made a bigger idiot out of myself!

I ran into Ione a few days later at a coffee shop and thankfully, she didn't mention the serenade. I think I would have honestly died right there if she had.

Ione said she just felt like skipping class for the day so she'd left campus early to come down to Exeter. I couldn't believe it when she asked if I wanted to come and hang out with her.

We went bowling but I was a little confused. Was this a date? I really wasn't sure and Ione didn't specify.

I could have sworn she was flirting with me later on though and she did give me her number. Now I just have to work up the nerve to actually call her!

Random pics:
I was just messing around with the camera and I liked how this one turned out.

  • Lucia wanted to marry Evan and become friends with Amelia. She also feared his death. Evan rolled no marriage wants - or even many romantic wants for her at all - and about the most serious thing he fears right now is having a bad conversation. And passing out, for some reason (probably all the drinking). They're both Popularity Sims but they're at very different places in their lives, clearly.
  • I haven't set a date yet for Jesse and Abigail. I'm playing Abigail's house next, so I'll set one then. As I mentioned in the entry though, Cordy and Eliot will be getting married Autumn 2015.
  • Ione and Evan actually met last round but if this was real life, he probably wouldn't remember her. She was still a teen, her hair was much longer and she used to wear heavier make-up than she does now. It wasn't a significant meeting or anything - I just found it kind of interesting when I checked last round's update.
  • Evan has a crush on Ione but so far, it's unrequited. He's very shy so even though he's the one with the crush, she's the one who flirted (she's shy too but not as shy as Evan). This is the first romantic relationship I've developed in a while where the couple hasn't started out as BFFs - that makes things go a lot faster!


  1. So cute and yes, I have to agree-Ione looks a lot different, I had to squint and look hard to make sure it was her!

  2. I hope Abigail and Jesse make it to their wedding date. LOL I was actually surprised that she even accepted his proposal.

    Evan and Ione, I think they are cute together.

  3. Evan and Ione make a lovely couple. I hope he can overcome his shyness.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Jesse and Abigail :)

  4. Awww! The progression into serious relationships. Ione and Evan would make a nice couple!

  5. Aww Evan and Ione are kinda cute. I hope things work out for them

  6. Thanks everybody!

    Riverdale, Abigail has been wanting to marry Jesse for a good while now. There's an Abigail update coming today and you'll see that she seems much more settled now. 31 and she's finally got herself together!

    I think I'll enjoy developing this relationship further. Next time we see them, it'll be in Ione's sophomore year in Autumn 2015. I wonder if Evan will have worked up the guts to call by then. LOL.