Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Autumn 2015 birthdays

It's finally time to meet the newest member of the Lachance family! Liam is the only other adult around and at this point, he's wishing Arianna was around to help Tatiana out.

But they get through it and Tatiana gives birth to a baby boy, Edward Thomas! Audrey seems only just slightly curious about her new little brother.

The big day has finally arrived for James and Madelyn - today is the day their new son is arriving!

They're sitting on the porch when the van pulls up, so they're both able to catch a glimpse of Connor's smiling face before the social worker even approaches the front yard.

James was a little dubious about welcoming a third child into the family but Connor wins him over immediately!

Aunt Naomi happens to be walking by and is the first member of the extended family to meet Connor.

  • Yay boys! I think I'm about even now. Connor is a downloaded Sim aged down and thrown into the adoption pool. I can't remember what he looks like at any other age stages but I'm looking forward to finding out!
  • Edward, if you were wondering, has black hair and brown eyes, like Dominic (Audrey has grey eyes).


  1. Congratulations to both families! Connor is adorable.

    I love Audrey sitting on the potty while her baby brother is being born!

  2. Awwww Connor is so cute! Congrats! How do you put kids in the adoption pool?

  3. Thanks guys!

    Mizzgin, I do it the old school way - I make a bunch of kids in CAS, give them a parent, put them on a lot and then kill off the parent. You can also use Inge's Teleporter (and possibly SimBlender too) to put them up for adoption without killing the parent. But seeing the parent for me is always just a dummy Sim, I don't see the point of leaving them alive.

  4. Happy birthday and welcome to the hood!

    How do you decide who's not going to be able to have children or does the game decide for you? It seems that all my sims are able to have a least one child.

  5. Do you mean how do I decide who is infertile? I don't - any couples who've struggled with infertility have struggled because they really, really couldn't get pregnant. The ACR Try for Baby doesn't seem to have as high a success rate as the Maxis interaction and I never use the Maxis interaction.

    It's interesting how some couples find it so easy and others have difficulty. Her first pregnancy ending in miscarriage aside, Tatiana gets pregnant just looking at Jonas. Then you get couples like Tate and Zelda, who took 10 years to get pregnant with Charlie.

    James and Madelyn aren't infertile though. I rolled an ROS for Madelyn to adopt a child so along came Connor.

  6. Ooh pretty baby Edward and handsome Connor! Yay for boys!

    I like how ACR has some sims have a hard time and others not so much. A nice realistic touch.

  7. I love it too. Anything for realism. I also like how fertility decreases with the woman's age.