Thursday, 1 October 2009

The future freaks me out

Round 21: Autumn 2013

Eliot Novak is 27, Luc and Cordy Lane are both 20 and Rose Draper and Joanna Gottlieb are both 18.
(Asha is 16.)

Narrated by Cordy Lane

Luc and I are in our junior year now and we've been joined at Novak Hall by Joanna Gottlieb and Rose Draper. Joanna is also our cousin and she's super-studious. She finished her term paper within days of arriving and it was so obvious she was going to ace the whole semester. And probably every semester.

Rose is a good friend of mine and Luc's ex, who is now dating Joanna. I thought it might be a bit awkward but it's been okay so far, even though I think Luc still has a thing for her. Luc has a thing for a lot of girls though, so it's not a big deal.

Rose and Joanna seem pretty happy together, so it's not as if Luc had a snowball's chance in Hell anyway.

Rose almost has to physically drag Joanna to leave the dorm or library though. I think she has a good time once she gets out, she just has difficulty switching off.

I bet they still spend half their dates with Joanna talking about class though!

Luc is keeping himself busy lapping up the attention from Asha Royce, who seems to have quite the crush on him.

She somehow makes her way to our dorm most weekends and spends the day following Luc around and gazing at him adoringly.

Luc told me that she even showed up at the music studio he goes to sometimes and was listening to him playing on the synthesiser. It's not that unusual that she'd be there, because she's into music too but it was a pretty convenient coincidence.

Asha is only 16 but it's not like Luc is the most mature guy on Earth. He still hasn't outgrown food fights, for one thing. Nothing's going on between them - I watch them like a hawk. But I haven't seen Cara around lately, Luc's supposed "favourite". I really do think he likes Asha.

My boyfriend Eliot has also moved into Novak Hall. He tends to be kind of a loner and I didn't think he would but he did and it's been so nice having him here.

He's repeating his final semester of his senior year and up until recently, he was living across the street at Moretti Hall. I promised his parents I'd keep nagging him about his grades but he's just so unmotivated.

I try to study with him, so he'll stay on task but his mind starts wandering and he goes staring off into space. I'm really worried, because we haven't made any progress at all so far. We are exactly where we started at the beginning of the semester.

We go out to eat most nights, because I keep hoping that time away from the dorm will let him clear his head and get back into his studies. He just keeps talking about going on holiday together. I would love that but it's a pipe dream right now. Holidays cost money and I have none.

Eliot's not stupid, he just doesn't have a particular career in mind to give him that push, you know? He just wants to get married and then stay married. I think he might ask me when I get out of here. Or maybe even when he gets out of here! I have to stop thinking about stuff like that. I start daydreaming and then I get distracted and unmotivated too.

When Joanna arrived, about the only thing she wasn't good at was sports and anything physical. It must have really bugged her to have something she wasn't awesome at though, because she actually hired a coach to improve her skills in that area too. She could probably give me a run for my money now and I am really fit!

She even inspired Rose to try to get fit. Rose started putting on weight a few years ago, after her mum died, and the extra kilos have been pretty stubborn.

Rose has started to come on my morning jogs too. No one else will come with me, so I'm happy to have some company!

And it's really helping Rose get in shape too!

Poor Eliot flunked out. We were at evening classes when he got back from his exam and he was ordered off campus immediately, so we didn't get to say goodbye in person. They don't give you three days to get yourself together before you leave. That's only if you graduate, not if you're expelled.

Random pics:

It's much more than a crush for Asha, and for Luc too! They ended up falling in love because they're already BFFs and I forgot that the throw food interaction can cause crushes and love. They still haven't so much as flirted though but only because I'm stopping it. There is much heart-farting and googly eyes with these two.

  • I can't believe Cordy and Luc only have a year left of college! *sniff* They grow up so fast!
  • Grades, before I forget! Poor Eliot got a D and was expelled. Rose, Luc and (surprise, surprise) Joanna each received an A+ and all have 4.0 GPAs. Cordy also earned an A+ and her GPA is 3.8.
  • Eliot is now living with Jesse and Evan in Exeter. I think it'll be a short stay for him, as he and Cordy will probably get their own place together once she graduates. I don't know how long Jesse will stay either, as things are still chugging away with him and Abigail. Evan will probably stay a while longer. I like the idea of keeping their house going with a rotating roster of new graduates doing the platonic roommate thing. It's really fun and it saves my young singles from having to scrape together money for a deposit on an apartment (I use Pescado's apartment hack, so it's much more expensive).
  • Because I'm a bit of a nut, as any long term readers would be well aware, I've instituted yet more rules for myself. I decided that the careers my Sims enter into post-college must match their majors. This only applies Sims who enter Suffolk from 2013 on (so that includes Rose and Joanna). For anyone who's interested, these are the careers that go with each major. They have nothing to do with skills needed or anything in the game - this is just how they make sense to me.

ART: Architecture, Business, Education, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Journalism, Librarian
BIOLOGY: Education, Medicine, Natural Science, Oceanography, Science
DRAMA: Education, Journalism, Law, Librarian, Politics
ECONOMICS: Business, Education, Intelligence, Journalism, Law, Politics
HISTORY: Architecture, Education, Journalism, Law, Librarian, Politics
LITERATURE: Education, Journalism, Law, Librarian, Politics
MATHEMATICS: Architecture, Business, Education, Intelligence, Medicine, Natural Science, Oceanography, Science
PHILOSOPHY: Education, Journalism, Law, Librarian, Politics
PHYSICS: Education, Medicine, Natural Science, Oceanography, Science
POLITICAL SCIENCE: Business, Education, Intelligence, Journalism, Law, Librarian, Politics
PSYCHOLOGY: Business, Education, Intelligence, Journalism, Law, Librarian, Medicine, Politics, Science
Education and Journalism pop under more majors than most careers because I figure the Sim could be in training to teach all manner of things or to work for any kind of magazine or newspaper.


  1. Wow, poor Elliot got expelled, I guess he didn't want the whole education thing. So what careers can sims without a degree enter?

  2. Wow on Eliot! Add me to curious on non-educated simmies careers.

    Mind if I use your list in my hood? I've been wanting to have a sort of rhyme and reason to my graduates, but never got far. Yours makes perfect sense.

    Totally surprised with Asha and her new love.

  3. You and those rules! I think that's awesome though, actually. Makes sense to me. Though one doesn't always go into the job they studied for.

    Oooh! Asha and Luc! Haha, she's ready to go.

    And Joanna is such a cute little nerd.

  4. You always come up with the coolest rules! This new one makes a lot of sense. I'm always tempted to use your new ideas in my own hood as well but I try to control myself nowadays LOL

    Poor Eliot flunked out. I'm not very surprised though because he has been struggling throughout college but still...

    I can't believe Cordy and Luc will graduate soon! They're still just babies for goodness sake!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    The careers on that list are just the ones I've decided require a degree. The ones which don't are: Adventurer, Artist, Athletic, Auto-Mechanics, Babysitting, Criminal, Culinary, Dance, Entertainment, Events Planner, Gamer, Hairdresser, Law Enforcement, Military, Music, Paranormal, Show Business, Slacker and Writing. So uneducated Sims have plenty of choice. Any Sim with a degree can also enter one of those careers.

    Maisie, you're very welcome to use the list in your hood.

    Lunar, that's true! If I ever run into a situation where I want a Sim to enter a career they haven't studied for, I'll bend the rules but I'll make them do some kind of a bridging course, perhaps (in the form of writing a novel on the computer).

    I'm super excited about Asha and Luc. They can't spin up romantic wants for each other because of the teen/YA thing but after they fell in love and she left, Luc spun up the want to "Talk to Asha". I can't wait to play Asha again - Leo will be so excited to find out his daughter has fallen in love with a 20 year-old!

    I knew this was coming for Eliot so it was definitely no surprise! It must burn to be in your last semester and then get kicked out though. He almost has a degree but almost isn't good enough when you're looking for a job. Maybe I can use that bridging course thing with expelled Sims too. Sometimes, at least. People go back to finish university all the time.