Friday, 23 October 2009

Summer 2015 birthdays

Fair warning: insane amount of birthdays this summer in Sullivan! Twelve birthdays, to be exact!

First up is Dominic Lachance, eldest child of Jonas and Tatiana.

In just a few months, Dominic and his little sister Audrey will be joined by another baby Lachance. Not long to go now!

Entering kindergarten along with Dominic will be Susannah Carmody, youngest daughter of Betsy and Kimberly. She's smiling for the camera but the poor kid actually grew up badly - bottom red aspiration! She's still upset about her grandpa Joseph's death.

Susannah's cousin, Nathan Collins, will also start school along with her and Dominic. His parents, Anna and Emil are just glad there's only one toddler in the house now!

The grandson of the principal of the primary school, Malcolm Novak, will be the final kindergartener this year. Will he get any special treatment from his grandpa? If he's well-behaved at school, like his big sister Adrienne, it won't be necessary.

The Clarke twins are turning 12 this summer. Calvin, easily the most popular kid at his primary school, naturally has Popularity as his aspiration. His LTW is to woohoo with 50 different Sims.

Meanwhile, Troy is a Family Sim and all he'd really like to do in his life is eat 50 grilled cheese sandwiches. Alrighty then!

Calvin and Troy's mother, Kendal, has had just about enough of this pregnancy gig! Why is this pregnancy so much harder than her first? She knows there's only one in there this time - the twins didn't give her nearly this much trouble!

Never mind, because Baby Draper is on the way!

It's a boy! Lake and Kendal have decided to name him Christopher Aidan. He's got brown hair like Mum and brown eyes like Dad.

Nicholas Moretti, who's decided he prefers Nick and never Nicky, is unsurprisingly a Knowledge Sim. He's already earned 5 scholarships and he wants to become a General in the military when he's older.

Aaron Novak is also starting high school with Nick, Calvin and Troy. He's a Fortune Sim, who wants to become a media magnate when he finishes college.

Turning 18 this round, we have Asha Royce. She's decided to skip college and has found a job working in a record store.

Olivia Nihill is attending college and has moved into Novak Hall. She will be majoring in Political Science.

Lia Novak is joining Olivia at Novak Hall, where she'll be reunited with best friend Ione and Ione's ex-boyfriend (and Lia's unrequited high school crush) Gordon Nott. Lia has chosen to major in Literature.

  • I'm instituting a minimum age for employment in Sullivan. No jobs till you're 14, so none of these kids have jobs yet.
  • Lia and Olivia were so eager! I don't think I've ever had a Sim roll the want to major in something and then I get two at once! Most of my Sims would end up majoring in Philosophy if I didn't intervene.
  • All Sim profiles have been updated. It took me forever this time (it usually takes me well under an hour to do them all at the beginning of each year), because I did a bit of an overhaul. All previous portraits are now in thumbnail form in the profiles (I always wanted to do this but it's not a great idea with Photobucket) and I've also added personality stats. The other changes I made were mostly just to neaten it up - I've never been happy with the "Partner" field.
  • Yay for another boy! It doesn't look like Kendal can make girl babies. ;)


  1. My sims usually don't have an issue rolling up wants for a major, unless I don't have them go to class or perform any class activities. At the latest, I've had one wait until the first semester of their second year. I usually like to wait and see what they want.

    Some sims are a pain, though, and refuse to give me a decision!

    Holy birthdays, batman! Sullivan just had a birthday boom. ;)

  2. LOL @ those Clarke twins! 50 woohoos and 50 sandwiches! What a pair!

    (But man, and I thought I had it bad with my Angelo Shaw and his 30 woohoos want! 50 is crazy!)

    But I think Troy and his curls are just adorable! Do you remember where you got that hair?

    I do a minimum of about 14 or 15 for my teen jobs too.

    Happy Birthday everyone!

  3. Oh the Clarke twins have grown up very nicely. Good job on the plastic surgery way back :)

    I love what you've done to the profiles. I might add personality stats as well. I used to have the starsign in my profiles ages ago but it doesn't really tell a lot about the sim's personality.

  4. Woot for all the birthdays! Lots heading off to college, and another boy for Kendall.

    I remember when Rosalia was born...

    Love what you did to their profile pages with the thumbnails, very nice!

  5. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    Laura, Troy's hair is from here:

    You can get it for adult males here:

    I posted a WCIF for it at N99 which just happens to still be on the first page! I went looking for it for women but it looks better on guys.

    I can probably hook Troy up with 50 grilled cheese sandwiches but I don't know if I'll be able to find 50 Sims for Calvin to bang! Or if he'll have the time to do it (he's not the Sim who's dying in the car accident this round, by the way!)

    Cissie, I actually had to do surgery on Calvin again because when he aged to teen, it became apparent that I was a little over-zealous with narrowing his jaw - it was much too thin, so the Clarkes look more similar now than they did as children!

    I found myself loading SimEnhancer to answer questions about my Sims' personality stats in Comments so it was easier for me to just put them here in the profiles. The rest of the changes are just things I've always wanted to do. I'm hoping this will be the last format change!

    Maisie, I remember when they were all born! I love sending them off into the world on their own. I'm looking forward to seeing what they get up to.

  6. Wwo, that was a lot of birthdays and your profile system is really detailed. How do you find the time to do it?

  7. Apple, I just had the last few days off so I just sat down and did it. Now that it's done, it won't take me long to update them whenever I need to.