Thursday, 29 October 2009

Monkey gone to heaven

Round 22: Autumn 2015
Linnea Lane is 55, Cordy and Luc are both 22.
(Betsy is 44, Eliot is 29 and Asha is 18)

Now that Asha is 18, Luc is finally able to take her to more exciting places than the mall and the music hobby club. Blue Velvet is a favourite club for them, as well as The Old Brick.

Asha has found it more difficult than she thought it would be to see Luc getting attention from other girls. They never really talked about being exclusive but it's what Asha would like. She's definitely not talking marriage or anything - the very thought of marriage at 18 petrifies her - but she wouldn't mind some kind of commitment.

When they're alone, Luc tells her she's his favourite but it's not enough for Asha.

Luc's mother Linnea is totally cramping their style too. She seems to have no boundaries at all and barges into his bedroom whenever she pleases.

The hot tub is nice but there's not much more privacy out there. Maybe they could get a place together. Asha is dying to get away from her parents.

Luc doesn't want to live with his mother forever but he's not so sure he's ready to be a one-woman man either. He really does like Asha the best - he's not lying when he says that - but he just hasn't seen everything that's out there yet.

But man, when he gets stuck listening to a conversation between his mother and aunt about rising crime in Exeter or whatever crap old people talk about, moving out with Asha starts to look really good.

Luc's twin sister Cordy will be moving out soon - really soon.

Her fiancé Eliot is a trust fund baby and even after flunking out of college and being unemployed for a few months, he's got about $100,000 to play with. He's bought a house in Sullivan and is already living in it, getting it all ready for when he and Cordy get married.

For Cordy, her wedding day can't come soon enough! The only thing she really likes about living back at home is the pool - it's always been her sanctuary.

In the months since her college graduation, most of Linnea and Cordy's time has been spent arguing. Arguing over everything - the wedding, the twins' other mother Debbie, Linnea's recent affair with a married woman.

Linnea hasn't exactly been discreet with Betsy, at least at home.

Both Luc and Cordy have heard noises from Linnea's bedroom that no one ever wants to hear from their parents.

Then there was that "business trip" Linnea took, on the same weekend Betsy was conveniently also out of town. Luc doesn't really care, apart from wishing he could pretend his mother never, ever had sex (and Luc and Cordy were test tube babies, so theoretically, this could be something he could make himself believe), but Cordy thinks it's wrong, wrong, wrong!

Cordy thinks much of what her mother does is wrong. Was she for real with that dress she picked out to wear to her daughter's wedding? That was so not happening!

For her wedding day at least, Cordy would make sure her mother was all covered up.

Cordy's wedding day, thankfully, sneaks up faster than she expected. She's surprised but she's actually nervous! Nervous about remembering her vows, nervous about whether Debbie and Linnea claw each other's throats out inside the church, nervous about starting married life with Eliot and having to be an adult. She's only been excited up until now but her stomach is doing flip flops and she can barely eat a bite of her breakfast.

But of course, everything goes off without a hitch. Neither of them forget their vows...

...and everything about the ceremony was perfect.

Now they had the honeymoon to look forward to!

In addition to the house Eliot bought in Sullivan, he also owns a vacation home on Cape Elizabeth. He didn't buy it - he was just lucky enough to inherit it when his grandmother died. He'd never been before but his sister had taken her husband there before they got married, so it came highly recommended.

Having always been a water baby, the first thing Cordy does is take a swim in the ocean on their private beach. Neither of them can believe they actually own this place!

They love not having to brave the crowds when they want to enjoy the beach. Eliot decides to see if he can find anything useful and/or valuable in the sand (nope!) while Cordy sunbathes for a while (and gets a nice tan too).

Yup, they would stay here forever if they could.

Being newlyweds, there's plenty of action going on inside the house too.

They have to come back home eventually though and after a long flight back to Sullivan, Eliot and Cordy want nothing more than a good night's sleep - it's back to the real world tomorrow!

Random pics:
I didn't do any reception pics but I did take some pics for me to frame and hang in their house (most are already done).

Boring pose is boring. Most of my pose hacks aren't enabled for community lots.

So they got back in their wedding clothes after their honeymoon and had some extra pictures taken in their backyard.

With Eliot's parents.

And with Cordy's parents. Turning free will off is a necessity if you want Debbie and Linnea to pose nicely - I'm amazed that they didn't start a fight in the church.

I'll probably frame this one too, just to have a few sort of candid ones in the mix.

And look, another townie romance!

Their names are Vanessa and Jairus - I'll probably move them in together and let them have a baby, like I did with Corbin Gray and his wife Pamela (they just had their second baby tonight!).

  • We'll visit Cordy and Eliot in their new married life in Winter 2016. I haven't finished decorating their house yet so I need to do that. The downstairs is mostly done but I have to do the bathrooms and the entire upstairs except for their bedroom. Also, I love the inaccessible beds hack and I can't believe I've never used it until now! Cordy and Eliot's bed would have looked a bit odd anywhere but up against the wall.
  • I'm rethinking what I want to do in regards to adult kids and their parents. I'm usually happy to have parents live with their kids but in a case like this, it's not working for me. There's no way Cordy would live with Linnea again and it's not really Luc's style to have his mum hanging around constantly either. It's rather boring for me to write an update focused on one empty nester though, so if I move Luc out, I'll probably have Linnea's update tag along with another update that she's tangentially related to. Ditto for any other Sims I decide are better off as empty nesters.
  • The reason for no reception photos this time is because for some reason, all the guests kept leaving. :\ This was my first wedding since I bought Celebrations (I also bought Kitchen and Bath and Glamour Life - they're so cheap now!) so I hope it's not something to do with that. Squinge's Community Lot Parties hack usually works great for me but not in this case. Maybe it's the lot. I've got Abigail and Jesse's wedding coming up in the winter, so I might have that on a community lot I've used before and see if I have any better luck.
  • This gets an ROS tag because it's continuing Betsy's ROS for this round. And I didn't send Betsy and Linnea on holiday, by the way. Linnea is a bright spark and decided to take her lover on vacation to the same place her daughter was honeymooning. So those pics were taken during Cordy and Eliot's honeymoon.
  • It rained so much during their honeymoon. Not just rain but huge thunderstorms! They hit the beach when it was fine and holed up in their house together when it wasn't. It rained at their wedding too (rain's good luck on your wedding day, thunder and lightning isn't) but the good witch came and sent it away.


  1. You know, I've been running into that issue, too. Sims personalities not following the "stay with parents and be heir" thing. I've tried figuring out ways to do it, but nothing has clicked yet. The tagging along might be good, but then I still have to play them, LOL! Still need to mull it over.

    Awww, what a pretty wedding! And pictures, too. :D

    LOL taking your lover on your daughter's honeymoon, OMG. That is so WRONG! Hahaha

    Poor Asha. She's loving the wrong kind of guy. :(

  2. I keep forgetting to ask-- where do you come up with your titles? XD Some of them are interesting, and some make me laugh.

    Poor Asha! It makes sense though. She's his favorite. Kinda sweet and painful. I mean, she loves him. If she did try to tone him down, he might resent her later.

    And Cordy and Eliot! AWWW! She looked so pretty with her hair down and in her gown. I love the bits of the church in the background. It looks really good.

  3. I usually do the tag-along thing too for empty-nesters, except that right now all the empty-nesters I do have are actually fun to play (the Centowski elders, Beau and Tyler's parents, Amelia's parents.)

    Bella's parents I "retired" and moved away, lol! So you could do something like that. Or even not move them away, but just age them like a move-away, or treat them like non-playables.

    I mean, we're in this for fun, right? And if they're not fun to play, then why make a big deal about it? I figure, if it's not fun for me, then it's not going to be fun for you guys to read either.

    Anyway... Congrats to Cordy and Eliot! Lucky girl marrying a trust-fund baby with a beach house! :)

    I'm hoping the best for Asha and Luc. I can't wait to see what happens with them.

  4. Wow, I never knew Eliot was loaded! Can I marry him, please?
    The wedding looked fantastic. I love that pose Eliot and Cordy have in the picture with his parents, where did you get it?

    As Laura said, don't play the household if it's not fun! You could just age her up and include her in other updates, "tag along" as you said.

    Poor Asha. It must be hard to see her boyfriend surrounded by other women.

  5. Yay, wedding! I'm glad they got married and hopefully it will be a long and happy one!

    I only have one empty nester so far and I actually have fun playing their house. So I have no idea what I'm going to do once my Founders all age, which will be happening soon. But when I play my rotation I play all my houses. There are a few that are boring when I play them. I don't even bother posting about them at all, unless they happen to fall into anothe families drama that does get posted.

    So don't worry about it. If you continue to play them to worry about making an update about them. Or do as Laura said, move them away. LOL

    I hope Asha doesn't get hurt by Luc. I think he just needs more time to grow up, but I wonder if she'll stick around that long?

  6. Yay, I'm glad to see Cordy and Eliot got married! Good work grabbing the trust fund guy, Cordy!

    LOL @ Linnea and Betsy showing up during Cordy's honeymoon! That's really no way to try to mend your relationship with your daughter. ;)

  7. Poor Asha.....I've been in her shoes!
    I loved the don't always have to take a gizillion pictures for the wedding to look gorgeous.
    Yea, single elders can tend to be a bit boring.....sometimes even if you have a couple, they're still boring!

  8. I love the wedding! The pictures are great!

    I have to agree with Laura and Cissie, if the household is no fun to play, don't play it and just age her every round! As least, that is what I would do.

  9. Thanks everybody!

    Mao, I do find the empty nesters boring to play but writing their updates is where I really run into problems! If I'm trying to write for them, I can't just speed through them like I have done in the past. I've never blogged any of my other hoods but I've always kept my aging in sync and played in a loose prosperity style.

    I couldn't believe it when I saw Betsy and Linnea together at the beach. I usually notice other members of the Sims' households around when I see them on vacation but I didn't see Luc and I didn't see Betsy's mum, wife or kids. So it really was like a little lovers' getaway.

    And yeah...Asha might be setting herself up for a world of hurt. That's 18 year-olds for you though. She wouldn't be the first.

    Lunar, my titles usually come from the song that happens to be on my iPod the second I start writing the update. I'll start linking to YouTube videos of them - that'll be fun. This one is from a Pixies song.

    And yeah, I think Luc would probably think telling Asha she was his favourite was pretty romantic and sweet and I guess it is, in the way that right now, that might be the most he can give her. His wants panel is filled with all the multiple woohoo and make out wants and hers is just Luc, Luc, Luc.

    I didn't think I'd find a hairstyle that was suitably no frills for Cordy and then I saw that one, right on the first page of Change Appearance. Perfect! I was going to put make-up on her for her wedding (she doesn't wear any) but I forgot and am kind of glad I did.

    Laura, you're definitely right! I think I'll stick with the tag-along for Linnea when Luc moves out but the move away is definitely an option. I stuck it in my ROS the other day.

    I have my fingers crossed for Luc and Asha. They're a very high chemistry couple (third highest in the game), so I want them to make it but there are obviously going to be some hiccups along the way.

    Cissie, get in line! I couldn't believe it I when I saw how much money he had! His parents are very wealthy too though, so it figures. He didn't work for any of it, that's for sure!

    The pose is from
    here. I'm still practising these HTML links but if it doesn't work, it's the Cup of Poses by eletrodj at MTS2, v1, not 1.2.

    Asha might have to get used to other women if Luc becomes a rock star like he plans to. He seems like the groupie type to me! LOL.

    Riverdale, that's another option - playing them and not posting about it. Regardless, I'm not going to worry about it any more.

    Growing up might be just what Luc needs. He's still only 22 and hasn't really been in the real world very long. He might just need to get it out of his system.

    Shana, yeah, Linnea would like to mend her relationship with Cordy but it would require a massive change in lifestyle for her and she's not willing to do that. She was never really very excited to have children and went along with it for Debbie. She was probably really destined to be the "fun aunt" type.

    Cordy really did hit the jackpot with Eliot. I don't think these two will have to worry about money...barring some unforeseen circumstance!

    Mizzgin, so many girls have been in Asha's shoes!

    I do like how the wedding turned out but I would have been happy to get a few pics of some guests! In Outtakes at the end of the round, I posted some (the post is half-written, being added to as I go) but they're more of the funny variety.

    Ha, and Linnea's not even an elder yet! Gah to when she is!

    Tanja, thank you! And that's probably what I'm planning to do! Linnea has inserted herself into drama in other households, so it's not like we wouldn't see her any more.