Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Round 22: Autumn 2015
Collette Sitko is 70, Julian is 65, David is 33, Kirstin is 31 and Camilla and Lila are both 2.
(Maria is 72, Magdalena is 51)

Narrated by David Sitko

Julian has been short-staffed at the diner since his chef died but he's finally found someone permanent to replace him.

Her name is Magdalena and she's supposed to be a great cook. She used to be a dancer but she's feeling a little old for that now.

Julian didn't think he'd like waiting tables instead of hosting when he first started but he's enjoying it now. He likes talking to all the customers about whatever strikes his fancy. The diner is doing great though business is growing more slowly now than it did when it first opened.

While Julian's at the diner, Collette looks after the twins at home. Kirstin told her that she'd take care of helping Camilla and Lila with their walking but Collette decided to give it a shot anyway...

...and soon regretted it.

I guess caring for toddlers is a little more taxing at 70 than at 30! Not that any of us would dare say anything like that to Collette!

Kirstin and I are adjusting to parenthood pretty well, though Kirstin's convinced Lila has it in for her. I can't count the number of times Lila has thrown up on her.

I never questioned whether I'd like being a father or not but I know Kirstin still had her doubts, right up until the girls were born. She's got more of a maternal instinct than she thought though, because sometimes I come down to get them in the morning and Kirstin's already got them both up, dressed and fed.

They're both talking now and walking, so we really have to watch them.

Mum comes over to see Camilla and Lila all the time and she manages to pick the most inconvenient time without fail. We've told her time and again that we put the twins to bed at 7 and still, she comes over at 7:30pm and insists on seeing them "just for a minute".

Mum hasn't said anything about more grandkids since Camilla and Lila were born. She has six now so maybe she has enough.

Camilla started screaming while we were talking and I had to go and attend to her.

Leaving Collette to hone in on my mother. Collette still wants another grandchild and probably wants to get Maria on side.

I really hope they don't start nagging Kirstin. Right after we found out we were having twins, Kirstin said that would be it for kids. She has really been enjoying them though and she said a little while ago that maybe we could try for another once Camilla and Lila started school. If she never decides she's ready again, I'd be happy with our daughters, so I really don't want our mothers involved in the decision making process!

I tried to convince Kirstin to take a little more time off after the twins were born but she went back to work when they were four months old. Her hard work has paid off because she's working in corporate law now - most of her colleagues are twice her age! We're all so proud of her.

I'm doing good at work too but I'm almost constantly late. I get caught up playing with Camilla and Lila and I don't hear the carpool honking the horn.

We both had some vacation time saved up so we took one Thursday off from work and went shopping at Sullivan Mall. I guess it was kind of our gift to ourselves for our five year anniversary but I mainly just thought Kirstin deserved a break!

We saw a movie we'd been wanting to see for a while, "Weather Control".

Because it was the middle of the afternoon on a school day, there was literally no one else in the theatre - it was really nice.

After the movie, we went to the tea room at the mall. I don't know what we were expecting from tea at the mall but it wasn't very nice. Nothing compared to the tea we had on vacation a couple of years ago. We should buy our own set, find out how to make it properly and do it ourselves.

We could enjoy it in private then, at least!

  • Collette's main two wants this round, that stayed up even unlocked: a) Get a Grandchild and b) Become a Witch. I LOLed. An evil witch, I'm assuming. But also WTF? There are no witches in this hood (apart from those stupid NPC ones that I am unable to ban from my lots - grumble, grumble) so I have no idea why this want popped up out of the clear blue sky. But if I was going to introduce supernatural elements into Sullivan and have an evil witch, Collette would pretty much be my choice. Anna would be her protégé.
  • Speaking of Anna, I don't think I mentioned it last time but Anna has the want to win a fight with Collette and Collette has one to win a fight with Anna. They're friends, so I'm not sure where this came from.
  • David has the want for another baby and he and Kirstin try for a baby every time. She's on birth control, so it won't happen, at least not yet. I'm still considering whether I'll let them have another. They'll definitely wait a while if they do have one though.


  1. /snicker You can't deny the paranormal! It will find you and harass you until you give in. She would make an awesome evil witch. ;)

    Maybe Anna and Collette joined Fight Club and just can't talk about it?

    Aww, Kirstin warming up to motherhood. They're a pretty couple... moar babies!

  2. evil witch! love it!

    I vote more babies too! But agree that I'd wait a bit too!

    I like this family! Wish you'd age Collette back! I hate when they get in their 70's

  3. More babies, more babies!

    I think Collette would make a perfect evil Witch LOL

    I've been able to ban the head witches from my community lots with TJ's visitor controller. I forgot to ban them right away so of course the game generated them but I haven't seen them since.

  4. The witch want is from menopause. ROFL You know, that puts you through changes (so I've heard) and she's feeling it, having crqzy wants as well.

    They are such a cute family!

  5. Bwah ha ha! A witch? That is too hilarious.........

  6. Oh, you're all such enablers - I knew you'd all be pro more babies. I have to admit, Camilla and Lila being so cute is pushing me in favour of another. David and Kirstin are both so pretty!

    Mao, I've become even more stringent with the paranormal in my game lately. I always sell the genie lamp and I won't even take any pictures of Grimmy.

    LOL @ a Sim Fight Club!

    Maisie, according to my Days Left Shrub, Collette has a good few years left in her yet. I've been reminiscing about all of my Sims recently, while going back through my old posts relinking pictures, and Collette has definitely been one of my favourites.

    Cissie, I've tried Visitor Controller, a DJS Sims hack and someone else's hack (Carrigon or Squinge maybe?). Nothing seems to work. :/It's usually the evil witch too.

    Riverdale, ha, "The Change"! If Collette has had to wait until her 70s to go through menopause, I don't blame her for being so crabby!

    MizzGin, it was pretty funny considering who it was. It's not a want I've ever seen in this hood!

  7. LOL at the fight club idea. That would certainly explain that. Maybe you should humor us and give into those wants like Laura did with Corbin and Leila.

    That's fitting and funny that Colette wants to be a witch.

  8. That's too bad that nothing works. James at has a no witch hack too, have you tried that?

  9. Lunar, I may just do that! I'm kind of curious as to who would win a fight between Collette and Anna. My money would be on Collette, despite her having more than 40 years over Anna. She's a tough cookie.

    Hey, I could do the witch thing too and just not save, a la Laura. I've never done it, so it might be fun.

    Cissie, I don't think I've tried that one! Fingers crossed this is the last one I have to try!