Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Spring 2013 birthdays

There are five birthdays this spring in Sullivan - two Sims are celebrating their first birthdays and we've even got some babies due!

Let's check out the babies first...

First up are newlyweds Wade and Amelia Gottlieb.

Labour is a family affair for the Gottliebs, so Amelia is surrounded while giving birth.

And it's a girl, Sophie Isabelle, with brown hair like her mum and dark hair and skin like her dad. Amelia's pregnancy took the young couple by surprise but let's hope they can pull themselves together for Sophie's sake.

David Sitko snoozed quite happily through the beginning stages of wife Kirstin's labour but is soon startled awake when her moans turn into loud screams.

It's all over soon enough and David is holding the child he's wanted for so long in his arms.

But Kirstin's not done just yet. As you may have deduced from the Autumn 2013 birthdays (or from the Sim profiles, if you were nosing around in there yesterday - those were updated a little early), David and Kirstin are the lucky couple who have been blessed with twins - both girls, Lila Cecilia and Camilla Juliet.

Going from not being sure she wanted any children at all to being the mother of two will certainly be an adjustment for Kirstin but at least she's not doing it alone!

Onto the toddler birthdays! Charlie Benton is now one year old! He looks a lot like big sister Josie but let's do a comparison with his parents Tate and Zelda anyway.


...and Zelda. No prizes for guessing whose genes are more dominant at the Benton house. By the way, the Bentons are now in their third house in 10 years, so that's where they'll be next time we see them (Autumn 2014).

Also turning 1 is the daughter of Jonas and Tatiana Lachance - Audrey! Apart from her eyes, she's looking a lot like her big brother Dominic but we'll look at her parents as toddlers anyway.


...and Tatiana. Audrey looks like quite a good mix. Definitely Jonas's eyes and nose but I think she's got Tatiana's mouth and general face shape.

  • Can you guys believe Adam is a granddad? Because I can't. He's still so cute, probably because I'm physically unable to cut his hair.
  • I am mildly annoyed that all the babies were girls, as fun as girl babies are for me to name. This had better not be the start of another boy shortage.


  1. Cute cute cute!!! Love the comparison pictures. Love the name sophie it's been on my list. Good luck to kirsten with twins if that isn't a crash course into parenting then I don't know what is!

  2. I was so sure it was Amelia and Wade who would get the twins but I was wrong! The new 1-year-olds are so cute. Charlie really looks like Tate, just like his big sister. Apparently those Kirby genes are very strong.

  3. All the new babies are precious and the toddlers are well on their way! Having a bit of a baby boom, huh? lol

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Camilla and Lila will be toddlers by the time I visit them (an age group that is more exhausting than babies, I find!) so we'll see how David and Kirstin are coping.

    Cissie, I had wondered if anyone had made a guess as to who the twins belonged to. Either couple would have been a good guess - Amelia is a twin and so is David and in my game, twins often tend to have twins themselves! Charlie's pure Lachance though, not Kirby - you can see it if you compare him and Tate to Jonas - they all have the same flattish nose and the droopy eyes.

    Mizzgin, yeah, I guess I am! I was actually expecting this round to be kind of slow, baby-wise!

  5. Haha, I was totally thinking while reading, "OMG... Adam's a granddad!"

    And twin girls! I love twins in game.

  6. I love twins too. I'm so excited to have another pair, as my second-youngest twins are almost 11 now (the Clarke boys).