Saturday, 10 October 2009

Summer 2014 birthdays

Yay, birthdays! I love birthdays almost as much as I love weddings, which is a lot!
Anyway, by the time this goes up, all the Sim profiles will be updated to reflect new ages and living situations and such. I have two new residents this summer so while one of them can't really be considered a birthday, I'm throwing her in here anyway!

Rebecca Kirby has turned 5 and will be starting kindergarten this year. Don't you love the gap-toothed grin? All child Sims have it with these skin tones but it looks extra adorable on some kids.

Joining her in kindergarten is young Tessa Novak, who is pretty adorable herself.

Tessa's big sister, Maia Novak, is turning 12 this year. Her aspiration is Popularity and her lifetime want is to have 25 Dream Dates. It's more doable than 50, that's for sure!

Josie Benton, Sullivan's premier brat, is also turning 12. She's focusing on Knowledge and would one day like to be Chief of Staff.

Patience Draper will be entering Sullivan High School along with Josie and Maia. Her aspiration is Fortune and her lifetime want is to Become an Icon.

Ione Romilly is 18 and off to college! Classes haven't started yet so she has yet to declare a major but she's all settled into Novak Hall.

Also joining her at Suffolk University is her high school sweetheart, Gordon Nott, who is our first new resident this year.

Our second and final new resident is Cara Nanale. Her aspiration is Knowledge and she's aiming to eventually be the Chief of Staff. As she doesn't have a college degree, she's going to be my second guinea pig for my adult education course. I explain how that works in the notes at the end of this post.

After six months of dating, Cara and her boyfriend Caleb Moretti have taken the big step of moving in together. They'll be living in Caleb's triplex in Sullivan, at least for the meanwhile.

  • Cara is rich! Well, not super rich but Caleb would probably think she is, considering how much money he has (or doesn't have, rather). She brought $17,000 into the family, which is a good thing for her, because she owes the city a $3000 immigration fee, plus $10,000 to Suffolk for tuition. :D Yes, I added a tuition fee. You knew I would. I can't believe I forgot.
  • I only played Caleb and Cara for about half a day but they're really adorable together. Lots of autonomous romance and they roll wants for each other all the time.
  • Patience looks so much like Lake! It makes sense that she does, because she's never really looked like Ottilie but I never noticed it before.


  1. So many birthdays! They all look adorable :) I'm glad Gordon doesn't share Abhijeet's luck.

    Those kids' teeth are so cute. I always edit the skinset I'm using by replacing the teeth with those ones, I think they're by Oepu.

  2. Wow... Patience does look a lot like Lake! He makes a pretty girl.

    Awe! Look at those sims heading off to college. I remember just the other day when they were born.

  3. I like birthdays too!! Seeing everyone get a stage older is more fun than presents, well not quite, but nearly!

    I didn't realize that was Cara Nanale. She's cute.

    Tess and Maia barely look like sisters with their different coloring.

  4. Totally OT, but Maia's dress is the same fabric I have that I used to make my daughter a dress! Funny. Just realized why it was so familiar...

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Cissie, I have even more birthdays for Summer 2015 - four 5th birthdays, four 12th birthdays, three 18th birthdays and two 22nd birthdays. It's going to be insane!

    Lunar, Lake would make a gorgeous woman! When I was taking the Clarke-Draper family portrait, I had to do it like a hundred times because he kept pulling this face that made him look too pretty.

    Only Ione is entering college this round (of my born-in-game Sims anyway) but I still can't believe it. I remember when she aged to toddler and looked so completely odd. I did surgery on her but I almost wish I hadn't now. I think she probably would have ended up looking more like Finn but she happens to bear a pretty strong resemblance to Araminta anyway.

    Maisie, Tessa and Maia have several features in common (same eyes, same skin tone, same mouth) but the fact that Maia has Magdalena's nose and Tessa has Jace's makes their faces look so different. Actually, Jace's nose is awful on girls - it's very flat and I'm hoping it pokes out a bit as she gets older.

    I've been changing all my island local Sims (of which Cara is one) to wear regular clothes so they fit into my hood better so I'm guessing a lot of people didn't realise Cara was that Cara!