Saturday, 17 October 2009

Winter 2014 birthdays

Not exactly a birthday, as he doesn't turn 22 until next year but Luc Lane has graduated and is back in Exeter, living in his mother's house. He's working in the culinary career right now, as a Host but hopes to eventually get his big break in the music industry.

Twin sister Cordy is the other recent graduate and she's also living with her mother. Unlike Luc, who's not sure where his life will take him, Cordy's living situation is most definitely temporary; as soon as she marries Eliot, they'll be getting their own place together. Cordy holds the slightly embarrassing position of Team Mascot right now but with her athletic skills, it shouldn't be too long until she moves her way up!

Somewhere along Queen's Bay Road in Sullivan, Zaria is going into labour! Max could sleep through an earthquake, so the job of labour coach is left to Olivia, inexplicably still awake and dressed at 2am.

Somehow, they manage to muddle through it and by the time Max wakes up, Joshua Simon Royce-Nihill has made his entrance.

Max is pretty thrilled to note that so far, little Josh seems to look just like him! Father and son share the same brown hair and blue eyes.

New aunt Olivia is going to maximise her time with Josh over the next six months. This summer, she leaves for college and by the time she gets back, Josh will be close to starting school!

Over at the Romilly household, Araminta is thrilled to be pregnant again at 51. Husband Henry always wanted 3 kids but at 49, he fears a nervous breakdown when Baby Romilly #3 makes his/her arrival in the spring.

No such fears for newlyweds Lake and Kendal Draper. Kendal has just entered her second trimester and maybe Lake should be terrified at the prospect of becoming a father again at 57 (and he'll be 58 by the time the baby is born) but he's feeling very calm, as is Kendal. Baby Draper is due in summer.

  • From now on, I'm going to use my (Winter) birthday posts to also introduce any recent graduates in their proper adult forms.
  • I'm also going to update you on the progression of pregnancies because with Sims who don't have a lot of family, you don't often see them around town in their pregnant state! I've always thought pregnant Sims were cute, so it's in that spirit that I'm including updates on those Sims too.
  • I decided to hyphenate Joshua's surname because I don't know if Max and Zaria will ever marry. If they do, I'll make her a Royce-Nihill as well. I'm kind of in love with the sound of that surname, actually. ;)


  1. I'm so glad you didn't cut Luc's hair because that style suits him so well.

    I've been thinking of using hyphenated (?) last names too but most of my new parents are married or about to get married. Royce-Nihill sounds really good.

  2. I almost cut Luc's hair but then I remembered how much more I liked his look when I changed him from his teen haircut to this one. This is definitely his style, especially seeing he wants to be a rock star. It's perfect for him.