Tuesday, 27 October 2009

She said, she said

Round 22: Autumn 2015
Last update: Lia/Olivia/the rest
Rose Draper and Joanna Gottlieb are both 20, Ione Romilly and Gordon Nott are both 19 and Olivia Nihill and Lia Novak are both 18.
(Evan Moretti is 26)

Lia and Olivia have just begun their freshman year at Novak Hall. All the double rooms are taken so they grab the last two singles, which just happen to be right next to each other.

Ione is glad to have her high school best friend back again. They didn't see each other at all over the past year and have missed their girl talk time.

Before they get much of a chance to catch up, Lia is approached by Rose, one of the juniors. Rose has heard Lia is really smart and wonders if Lia wouldn't mind doing her term paper.

Lia is flattered and too naive/nice to say no, so she gets to work right away. Unfortunately, this leaves her with hardly any time to do her own paper and she ends up passing her first semester by sucking up to her professor.

Rose's girlfriend Joanna has tested at genius levels and doesn't really need to do anything other than show up to class to pass her finals with flying colours.

Rose would like the same amount of free time (to spend with Joanna, of course) and that's where Lia had to come in.

Rose has also heard about Olivia's talent for sewing and design and decides to hit her up for some free clothes. That's something Olivia will actually enjoy doing though, so she readily agrees.

Not before she finishes the quilt for her nephew Josh's nursery though. She tried to make one in her final year of high school but ended up being bogged down in homework and assignments.

Here though, once she's completed her term paper, she's a little bored so there's plenty of time to indulge other pursuits.

When her brother's girlfriend had her birthday party at the Old Brick almost two years, Olivia was dying to be allowed to go. Now that she's 18 and free to enter whenever she likes, she's rather underwhelmed. None of the guys who show an interest in her are even slightly appealing to Olivia.

And no one applauds when she totally rocks the mic at karaoke.

She contents herself with dancing alone for most of the night.

When she's not nursing a cocktail and making flirtatious faces at no one in particular anyway.

Olivia did, briefly, suspect that maybe Gordon Nott was interested in her.

But no, Gordon was interested in someone else entirely.

Lia had always had a crush on Gordon, all through high school, and it never really went away. Since arriving at Suffolk though, she's been trying to meet other guys, not being sure if a relationship with her best friend's ex is a good idea anyway.

A lot of the guys around here seem to have only one thing on their minds though.

And they're not even particularly picky about who they get it from!

Gordon has been flirting with Lia recently, right in front of Ione. She was flattered but she was never sure how to react with Ione standing right there.

From what Ione tells Lia, their break-up had been amicable and neither had any feelings for the other any more.

Ione even flat out gave Lia permission to move in on Gordon. Lia was still a little dubious - could Ione really not care at all - but she felt a little more comfortable with Gordon's flirting from then on.

As for Ione, she really and truly is over Gordon. She's been seeing Evan Moretti instead. It took Evan up until now to actually call Ione - she'd given up on him - but she's glad he finally picked up the phone.

It's been a good six months since then but Ione finds that it's pretty easy to pick up where they left off. Evan is not hard to talk to at all.

He even gives her some career advice. Ione's considering the police academy after college and Evan managed to climb the ladder of the Sullivan police force pretty quickly for someone his age.

And he's pretty cute too.

It's still really early days, obviously but Ione can definitely see a future with Evan. If she's honest with herself, she couldn't really see that with Gordon.

Evan always takes Ione back to her dorm after their dates but for now, their dates end there.

After getting Ione's blessing to start something up with Gordon, the sight of Gordon and Lia flirting and kissing became a common one around Novak Hall.

More and more time was spent on Gordon's bed in his dorm room...

...and things have progressed pretty fast.

From the things Gordon has been whispering in Lia's ear, she knows he would like things to progress even further. Lia's never been in a position to turn a guy down for sex, having never had a boyfriend before, but she knows sooner or later, that's what she's going to have to do with Gordon. Sex before marriage is okay for other people but it's not something Lia sees herself being comfortable with.

Ione and Evan have been seeing each other for around six weeks now and they're still having a lot of fun together.

It's a relatively long trip from Exeter to Suffolk (at least an hour by car), so they can only see each other on weekends but they definitely make the most of that time.

Most of their dates end in Ione's room these days...

...where there is very little evidence of their shyness.

  • I'm trying a no sex before marriage thing with Lia, just to see what happens. She's a super-shy Family Sim so it fits her, in my opinion. I often imagine Family Sims to be at least slightly conservative and traditional and because she's shy, I can't imagine she'd be keen to rip off her clothes and go at it with just anybody. But anyway, it's like she knows what I have planned for her, because she's rolled the want to get engaged to Gordon, but never a want to woohoo him!
  • Ione rolled the want to get engaged to Evan this session and he to her. Hers is locked, his rolled away because I have two other wants locked. It's interesting to me that Evan and Ione were both in love with their previous partners (Lucia, a townie and Gordon) but neither ever rolled the engagement want.


  1. I literally LOL'd when I saw how the freshmen were being taken advantaged of. Wow! BTW-Joanna's hair is the cutest.

  2. OMG, seriously LOL at that grabby guy!

    Wow, so Lia finally got her hands on Gordon. I'm glad she's making him wait... I wonder if it'll last ;)

    I have yet to have one of mine wait until marriage, lol! I blame it on ACR!

    And btw, I am definitely noticing the difference with your screenshots! Much, much clearer!

  3. Olivia is too cute. Her outfit so fits her artsy personality

    Ione and Evan continue to be really cute. I wonder where they're going to go.....

    I hope Lia can hold out. You never know with ACR

  4. I agree about Olivia! She is just too cute. Love the hat. It totally fits her.

    As for Lia, I'm glad she's waiting. It does make sense for her. I think it's very sweet for her. If Gordon really likes her, he'll wait for her. It'll be an interesting challenge to see if she doesn't sneak a woohoo on the side!

  5. I think it's great that Lia is waiting. I've never had any sim wait until they're married, not even close!

    Ione and Evan make such a lovely couple. I think it's a sign that they never rolled engagements wants with their ex-partners.

  6. Thanks for commenting everyone!

    Apple, Joanna's hair comes from here, It's a male to female conversion.

    And yes, Lia and Gordon finally get together. I had adjusted Gordon's turn-ons to make him less attracted to Ione and that made him more attracted to Lia. They are three bolters, 119 raw, 224 total - he never had 3 bolts with Ione.

    As for the no sex before marriage thing, right now, Lia has woohoo turned off on her ACR token. I may turn it on for her sophomore year and see what she does. I'm kind of curious to see what happens if I force it through the Casual menu. If I have Gordon do "Will I woohoo?" on her, she's all "Sure, where's the bed?" but I wonder if she'd actually go up there.

    I don't think I've ever had a Sim wait for marriage, even pre-ACR. They usually get the woohoo want well before marriage and I just go with it but Lia didn't so, I decided she was waiting. Now we just have to wait and see if Gordon will wait. He hasn't rolled the want either yet.

    I love Olivia and I'm glad you guys like her too. I really want to find her somebody but no luck so far!

    I'm hoping Ione and Evan are heading towards marriage. I thought it was a good sign that they rolled it for each other and never for Gordon or Lucia too. Marriage won't come for a good while for them though. I don't think Evan is ready (despite his engagement want - the fact that it rolled away tells me it might have just been an idle thought for him)and Ione is still in college. Maybe by the time she's finished, Evan will feel ready to settle down.

  7. Gah, my link to Joanna's hair worked in preview and not in the actual comment!

    Here it is: http://www.digitalperversion.net/gardenofshadows/index.php?topic=10959.0

  8. I have certain sims wait until marriage, it depends on whether or not it fits their personality. Like Jennifer... even if she's a lesbian, she isn't just going to hop into bed with ANYTHING. She'd want a serious commitment first. It's fun to mix it up a bit! Lia is adorable, I hope she sticks with it.

    Ione looks so fiery with that red hair and shirt! It's a good combo, makes her stick out.

    Also, what the heck is with the grabby dude? LOL, watch your drinks around that guy.

  9. If I ever find another Sim who I think would wait for marriage, I'll make them wait too. It's more realistic to have at least a couple who wouldn't jump into bed with someone straight away. Most of my adult Sims have woohooed on the first date (via ACR), though I don't always write it that way.

    I think Grabby Guy might have something to do with that dorm, actually. There are two lots (of which this is one - the other is the Sitko house) in my game where my Sims have a "DEBUG Super Duper Hug" option when I click on other Sims and whatever that is, it's making them do nothing but try to hug each other all the time.

    I'm glad you like Ione's look because I didn't put much thought into it at all - a happy accident!