Sunday, 9 August 2009


Round 19: Winter 2009

Collette Sitko is 64, Julian is 59, David Moretti is 27 and Kirstin is 25.

Narrated by Kirstin Sitko

My brother Owen and his fiancée Naomi moved out of Mum and Dad's house and back in with her parents a few months back, which worked out great for me and David. We moved straight in after graduation.

Each of us got a job right away (law for me, medicine for David), which meant Dad couldn't talk me into doing any more shifts at the diner. It must be boring there now without me.

Though there are still plenty of unattended brats for Dad to contend with, so he's keeping busy.

David knows I like to be spoiled, so on Sunday, he told me we were going out to dinner in Exeter.

It would have been nice if he'd made reservations, because we ended up waiting in the lobby for quite a while before there was a table for us.

Lucky we showed up so early because we were at a table with our champagne before sundown.

I couldn't wait for some traditional Japanese cuisine but David actually asked me if I thought they served spaghetti there. I decided I'd order for the both of us.

He made up for that silliness when the food arrived and he pulled out a small box and placed it on the table. I've been expecting a proposal since graduation, because I know family is really important to David. But still, I managed to feign surprise.

I said yes, of course, and was pretty impressed with the ring he picked out too. I wonder if he had any help with that.

After dinner, I wanted to go and get some drinks to celebrate our engagement but was really unimpressed when David pulled up next to a place called Bob's Bar. Ugh. Classy bars are not owned by men named Bob!

And they are not surrounded by chain link fences either!

David managed to convince me to go inside but I had no intention of drinking from any of their glasses, so we spent the rest of the evening playing darts instead.

We've told my parents and they're both really happy for us. Mum just had to follow her congratulations with a reminder that Adrienne's nursery is looking very empty and would David and I please get to work on filling it? Thanks, Mum.

We've also only just started wedding planning and she's already butting in with her ideas about flower arrangements, like it's her own wedding.

I told her I would be making those decisions. She's had her turn.

She won't let up though, because she's even talking to David about the flowers now. Like he cares. Flowers are one thing I think he's happy to leave to me.

Random pic:
Pregnancy cravings! Tatiana would have to go out for her Baked Alaska because lord knows her useless mother can't make it for her!

  • And I'm back for real! It was fun to play again but I forgot a lot of stuff I don't normally forget. I think I'm back into the swing of things now.
  • I just this second noticed that Anna is toasting with David and Kirstin. How funny. I have my Sims toast at the table all the time but I've never noticed anyone joining in before. Perhaps Anna is just a boozehound.
  • I have the restaurant set up as an owned business so it's a customised menu and sadly for David, there really is no spaghetti.


  1. I just love your businesses! They always look so good. Sims sitting to tea in the background is a nice touch!

    LOL, going on vacation sort of does that to me. I might leave work for a week, and come back and forget basic things. Can't imagine going for a couple of weeks.

  2. I'm assuming the restaurant owner is a "dummy" sim that you don't play? That's a great idea, I might try it for Joie Delicieuse because it bothers me when sims order mac&cheese in a high class restaurant!

    I should get back to simming as well. It's funny that I've only been away for a few days but it feels like much longer.

    Kirstin is such a brat! But I bet she's fun to play. Sometimes I get annoyed by sims that are overly spoiled but most of the times I just enjoy watching them.

  3. The customize menu option is so cool for themed restaurants. I love it. :D

    LOL at Kirtin's snobbiness, "classy bars are not owned by men named Bob!"


  4. Welcome back! The themed restaurant really is a great idea! I lol @ her mom jumping in making wedding arrangements the day they got engaged!

  5. Thank you, Lunar. I downloaded this one as is and only changed a couple of things, so I can't take much credit.

    The owner is my tester Sim, imaginatively named Testo Tester. My main reason for setting up the restaurants this way was the menus but I also wanted to use different worker uniforms. Testo also owns the bowling alley, which is set up to serve burgers and hot dogs - that sort of stuff. I set him up to own H&M too because it bothers me that the cashiers wear aprons. They wear everyday clothes now (I think I chose H&M ones but can't remember).

    Eventually, I might have some of my playable Sims buy the businesses themselves and run them (I can think of at least one family that has way too much disposable income) but for now, I'm happy with this set-up.

    Kirstin is lots of fun. I'm happy she got her mother's abrasive personality. The bar is actually missing at Bob's Bar! I guess it was a custom one that I deleted? Anyway, that was the real reason they only played darts! ;)

  6. Brilliant idea with a tester sim owning lots. The uniforms bug me as does the menu I do believe I'll be implemnting this myself.

    Have to agree that classy bars aren't named bobs.

  7. I've never seen other Sims joining in on the toast before either. LOL! Guess Anna didn't want to pass up the chance at free champagne. ;)

    Congratulations to them on the engagement, but whoa, Collette, let them get the wedding out of the way before you dust off the nursery, LOL. ;)

  8. Collette has had the want for another grandchild ever since Adrienne (Owen's daughter) became a toddler. She's very keen!

    The tester sim thing works great but my only wish is that I didn't have that bug where using uniforms changes the Sims' face. It's easy to fix on the owned lots that I play but when it happens on these ones, I'm kind of stuck with it. :\