Saturday, 29 August 2009

Hi-speed soul

Round 19: Winter 2010

Adam Gottlieb is 55, Athena is 50 and Joanna is 15.
(Wade is 20 and Amelia Moretti is 21)

Narrated by Athena Gottlieb

Adam and I had a bit of a scare recently when Joanna came down with something. It was so scary to hear her coughing. It didn't sound healthy at all.

She didn't have much of an appetite - she just wanted to stay in her room and study. That's not too much different from what she likes to do most of the time though.

Adam did finally coax her downstairs to eat some soup. She said she felt better after eating it but she still didn't look well, so I insisted she stay home from school the next day.

Adam had to stay home with her all day, otherwise I think Joanna would have snuck out and gone off on the bus! She was really worried about the work she was missing at school. Her hard work has paid off though. She's earned 8 scholarships, which means Suffolk University will waive tuition once she's old enough to attend. I hope she can relax a little more now!

Even when she's having fun, she's thinking about college!

Our son Wade came for dinner the other night and brought along his girlfriend, Amelia, who we hadn't met before.

We could tell right away that Wade was certainly fond of her.

We all really liked her too and even Joanna came out of her room and socialised (even if she did go back upstairs after dinner)!

The rest of us talked long into the night and before we knew it, it was morning. We just had such a great time catching up with Wade and getting to know Amelia.

As Wade and Amelia were leaving, Adam and I decided a nap might be in order. Neither of us had work that day, so we were free to laze around as long as we liked.

A few days later, we had something to celebrate. After working his butt off, Adam was finally given his own cooking show! It's going to air three times a week and Adam took me to lunch at The Claudette, a new restaurant in Exeter.

It is a beautiful restaurant but I feel like we were a little under-dressed to be drinking champagne in such a fancy place.

The food was delicious too. I had a salad but Adam had Baked Alaska, which is one of the few dishes he hasn't yet learnt how to make.

I'm sure you can guess what he wanted to do as soon as he got home. He says his is just as good as the restaurant's and he's even thinking of buying the restaurant. We have a nice little nest egg built up, so I agreed to let him at least consider it.

  • Yay, Adam finally got his last time want! His dad never achieved his (they had the same one), so this is a little victory for Isaac too.
  • I'll have to check out this restaurant and see if it's a decent price for Adam to buy. It might be a little expensive and Adam might need to rein it in a bit and choose a cheaper place. But anyway, owning his own restaurant seems like it would be the next logical step for Adam. Joanna is a Cuisine Sim too, so it would be a nice legacy to pass onto her as well. I feel like Julian's diner was a nice practice for me, so now I can tackle a larger place and see how I go!
  • The lot, by the way, is from MTS2 and I didn't change the name, so searching for The Claudette should bring it up, if you'd like it in your own hood. I would link to it myself but the site seems to be down right now. You can't see much of it but it's a really great lot. I only changed a few things, like I swapped out some Maxis chairs for the Adele ones.
  • Joanna is a scholarship machine! I knew she'd be like that since she was a little girl. As I mentioned, she has 8 scholarships which means a free ride at university. If you're curious about which scholarships she has, they are the Scholar's Grant, Dance, Entrepreneurs, Culinary, Visual Arts, Hygienics, Engineering and Communications. She also has over $25000 saved up in her bank account, so this kid is pretty set for life.
  • I wanted to make Adam look a bit older this round, seeing he's 55 but I just couldn't cut his hair! I'm very attached to it, apparently.
  • More on Adam, he still wants another baby. Athena is 50 now. I think he needs to let go of the dream.


  1. I'm glad he's getting his cooking show. YAY! Can't wait to see if he does buy a restuarant no matter were it is. I'm sure it will do well.

  2. Well done Adam achieving your LTW! I'm always (overly) excited when one of my sims achieve their LTW ;)

    Joanna really is a machine! None of my sims have achieved 8 scholarships, I think the highest have been Denise, Grace and Thomas who all got 5. That girl is going to go far!

  3. I love seeing other people make their Sims' in-game careers actually mean something, you know? It's so much more meaningful than if they just go to such-and-such job, in such-and-such an outfit.

    I've been making my culinary Sims own their own restaurants at the Restauranteur level, which means I have to scrape something together for Charlotte now :)

    Oh man, I had a little scare too there at the beginning when Joanna was sick, since you've actually let your sims die of sickness before ;) I always chicken out and try to have them saved. Which, I guess, kind of defeats the purpose of having a realistic sickness mod, lol!

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention you shouldn't scare people like that with the sick sims! I still haven't recovered from the shock when Samson died!

  5. I'm so glad you couldn't cut Adam's hair. He really rocks that style, doesn't he? I can't see any other sims wearing it.

    Yay! He made his LTW. Good thing, because restaurants are hard work to run. Water Mellon never makes a profit on his restaurant.

    Also, Adam, watch those dangerous deserts!

  6. Ha, sorry if I scared anyone with Joanna's sickness! I hope the fact that she didn't die made up for it. It was just a cold, so not a severe illness. I always use the soup, if there's someone with Family aspiration in the house. Or orange juice, if that's available. It's only when that's not available or when they pull a stunt like Samson and eat three bowls and STILL die that we need to worry!

    Adam definitely will buy a restaurant, I think. There are several in Sullivan and Exeter that he could buy.

    I fear Joanna will peak too soon! She's going to end up like Justina and have maxed all skills by 40 (Raffaella slowed down after college but did eventually max her skills too).

    Laura, I've been trying to make my Sims' careers actually have a bearing on what they do. All my Sims in education teach at the school, my culinary Sims will own restaurants. There's plenty I could do with the medical and politics careers too and eventually, I will. Oooh...I might make my Sims go and see a lawyer if they get divorced. Ideas, ideas!

    The Baked Alaska actually terrifies me. I let Adam make it and I said "*Don't* light yourself on fire, because there are certain people who would be very sad, and I'm one of them!"

    Did everyone notice Adam lost his pot belly? He got the sudden urge to play basketball!

  7. I am so glad you didn't cut Adam's hair! That would have been a sad shock! How exciting with him opening a restaurant, love the idea of a legacy to leave behind. AND WOW on the scholarships and savings!! That girl is a hard worker with a lot of drive!

  8. Yeah, that's definitely Adam's hair now. He doesn't look 55 with it, but I'm going to ignore that!

  9. Beautiful update and I adore the new resturaunt.

  10. I'd been looking for a fancy restaurant for a while and I was so excited when I found it!

  11. Congrats to Adam on getting his LTW! I love that restaurant. I've been looking for a nice restaurant to add to Arcadia, so I'll have to check it out.