Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Stay young

A quick update on Sullivan Primary School. It wasn't quite as insane this time as it was in Round 18 - 12 students, as opposed to 15 - but I was feeling a little lazy so they mostly just did their own thing. Which is apparently skilling - I might have a bunch of future Knowledge Sims on my hands!

The students are: Sarah Carmody (aged 5), Calvin and Troy Clarke, Aaron Novak, Nicholas Moretti (all aged 7), Josie Benton, Patience Draper, Maia Novak (all aged 8), Claudia and Victoria Kirby, Finn Romilly and Jacob Weaver (all aged 9).

The grim death march, otherwise known as the start of school.

These kids don't know how good they've got it. Augustin and Hanna have given them free reign of the school today. Finn, Claudia and whoever the hell that is in the background start by making an unholy racket with the synthesisers.

Claudia also gives the microphone a go but not to sing. No, Claudia decides music class is the place to practise her stand-up comedy!

Sarah uses the microphone for its intended purpose...

...and gains a fan in Aaron.

Maia's attended Sullivan Primary School for about 3 years now but she's never had a close look at the instruments on display in the music room. What is this thing anyway?

She's not sure but finds it pretty hilarious.

Secrets about the teacher! Jacob and Aaron better hope Hanna doesn't overhear anything.

And of course, there's the obligatory Cops and Robbers in the classroom. What's the deal with this? My Sim kids never seem to play Cops and Robbers at home but at school, it's all they want to do.

I've never done a PE lesson at either of my schools. Seeing Augustin has Sports as an OTH, I have him gather all the kids by the soccer nets. Nicholas and Troy are first up.

Next is Patience, and she's taking it very seriously!

Augustin decides to get in on the fun and show the kids how it's done.

He's a little too thrilled about getting the ball past Nicholas! Augustin is super-fit and has almost 50 years on little Nicholas, so it's not that big an achievement.

Later on, they bond over their collective wussiness over cockroaches.

Game time, the school would be about 15 years old and apparently, it's already falling apart.

Or maybe the cafeteria worker just sucks. Who knows what this guy is doing in there all day? Sidenote, but doesn't Maia seem oddly unfazed by the fire?

And just to wrap it up, a little workplace inappropriateness:

I think, of all the locations for workplace PDAs, a primary school art classroom with a student in the room is probably the worst.


  1. ROFL She's transfixed by the fire.

    You know I really dislike playing the little kids, they don't do anything. Other than talking about woohoo at lunch. LOL

  2. LOL! This was fun! The kids are all adorable. I can never wait for my schools turn to come around. It's so much fun :)

    The grim death march, lol! That's just what it looks like to them too! That cafeteria worker had me cracking up! Not only did he start the kitchen on fire, but his food is all spoiled! The roach crying and PE class was funny too :)

  3. LOL! Too cute! ROFL about the last photo! Talk about possible lawsuit!

    My kiddies in school seem a bit boring at times. I'm trying to see who become friends naturally and go with that storyline. I need to pop into the school more often.

  4. I definitely prefer the high school kids but the primary kids are really fun too. I like having lots of little kids all in the same place (as long as that same place is not one of my Sims' homes!).

    I don't know what's up with the cafeteria worker this round. Maybe he's going senile. He works at the college too, so he's been around since the beginning. That would make him about 150, assuming he was about 65 at the beginning. LOL.

    I need to put some more skill building objects in this school though. I realised that besides the bookcase, they only have objects for body and creativity. I wish kids could earn badges. I don't see why kids can't do pottery, sew or make flower arrangements.

  5. I wish kids could do pottery and sew. We used sewing machines in primary school and I still have all my fingers!

    I really love your school. And seeing all your sims make me want to get back to mine! I just don't have time to play this week but I actually can't wait to get back to Wellington.

  6. I love that the cafeteria worker started a fire and has rotten food sitting out for the kids to eat. ;)

    Augustin is going to make all those little kids cry with his unsportsmanlike cheering whenever he gets a goal, LOL.

  7. CissieMae, exactly! The school I teach at has done pottery with the kids and they all survived. The teachers are the ones who put their work in the kilns and Sim pottery just magically hardens without a kiln anyway. So I don't know what EA's thinking behind that was, besides laziness. And I felt like that about Sullivan when I was catching up with everyone's blogs after I got back from my holiday. It really made me excited to play.

    Shana, I know! But all my PE teachers were horrible, horrible people and Augustin is actually quite tame compared to them. LOL.

  8. That school looks like a riot. I can't wait until my kids get old enough for me to set it up

  9. That was hilarious. So cute. My favorite shot has to be Augustin celebrating his win. Haha, he looks WAY too thrilled to have beaten a little kid. That's kind of cute.

  10. Heredon, I can't wait to see your school, when you do get it set up.

    Lunar, he's definitely way too happy! It's almost unseemly!