Friday, 14 August 2009

The long cut

Round 19: Spring 2009

Charlton and Aphrodite Nihill are both 64, James Novak is 34, Madelyn is 29, Aaron is 6 and Ethan is 3.
(Augustin is 54, Troy is 6 and Jacob is 8).

Narrated by Madelyn Nihill

It's the beginning of Spring here in Sullivan but it's still freezing! There's still snow on the ground and even a short trip outside to take out the recycling requires many layers of clothing!

I usually only make short trips outside anyway. If I'm not at work, I'm attending to Ethan. He gets into everything and I'd rather he didn't get buried under a foot of snow!

Dad helps us a lot and Mum has even retired recently so someone is home with the boys all the time.

Our kids are really lucky to have all four of their grandparents alive and involved in their lives. Aaron is so close to Augustin, in particular.

Of course, Augustin is his grandfather and his teacher/principal, so he takes a special interest in hearing Aaron read when he comes over.

Aaron is doing really well with his school work. James does his homework with him every afternoon and they always get through it with no fuss.

James has been gearing up for...I'm not really sure what he's gearing up for but he had a sudden urge to get fit. He's working out in the kitchen because he was doing a fitness DVD and he told me he didn't want to block the couch for anyone who wanted to sit down. I guess that makes sense.

I was really happy when Aaron brought Troy Clarke home from school with him the other day. I would really like to befriend his mum. She's a widow and she doesn't seem to get out much. Anyway, Aaron seems to get along well with Troy so it might be a good excuse to invite Kendal over.

Aaron's becoming quite the socialite, because he was really keen on being friends with Jacob Weaver too. That didn't go as well. Jacob is a little older and I guess he thought of Aaron as a baby. He wasn't interested in talking about anything Aaron wanted to talk about...

...and Aaron didn't get any of Jacob's jokes.

The only time they got along was when they were tossing the football around outside.

And then they ended up hugging each other when Jacob's dad came to collect him. Go figure!

If all else fails, Aaron will always have Ethan to play with.

Random pics:
Creepy! James, that is your 64-year-old mother-in-law you're swooning over!

  • Nothing much happened with this family, so this is mostly just cute kid pics. Aaron and Ethan are my second set of clone siblings (Betsy and Anna are the first).
  • I really do never see Kendal at community lots. I wanted to do a little play date this round with Kendal, Madelyn and their boys but never got around to it. Maybe when I play the Clarkes.
  • Speaking of the Clarkes, I finally got around to doing plastic surgery on the twins (which you probably cannot see in the picture of Troy). Here's a comparison!

Troy before:
Troy after:
Calvin before:
Calvin after:

What do you think? I'm very happy with Troy but Calvin was much harder to fix. I tried the same sliders that I used for Troy but the boys aren't identical, so it didn't work as well. I don't think Calvin looks much different at all, actually. I'll leave well enough alone though. I don't want to get too far from their actual genetics.

I might tackle Victoria and Claudia Kirby next. I aged them to teen and they're still fug, so it's a necessary task.


  1. I use the MATY Batman hack box to keep from having identical sims in looks and personalities.

    I think there is a difference in Calvin's cheeks. I see the difference more in him than I do with Troy. I don't think there cheeks were that bad in the first place.

  2. I too notice the difference with Calvin's cheeks. What a cute little family, I don't think I've ever experienced clones before.

  3. The Clarke boys both look great! Much more natural looking! And I don't see much of a difference between them.

    I have had clones before (Mariah and Keri Riley, though they have different hair colors - and I think it might be too soon to tell, but maybe Bianca and Julia Lind too). I usually try to remember to use the lot debugger first, but I guess sometimes it's inevitable :)

    I hope Madelyn gets her playdate with Kendal - I think that would be nice for them :)

  4. The Clarke boys look great! I can see a difference in their cheeks in the after pictures. The boys look pretty close to being identical twins though, they look a lot like each other!

    I have one set of clone siblings--Ian Lloyd and Madison Craig. Even though they're half-siblings and have different mothers, they have the exact same personality, hobby, and hair/eye/skin color. I think that they look slightly different though--I think Madison has her mom's nose and Ian has their dad's nose.

  5. I usually reroll in CAS manually, which has the same effect as the Batman box except that I find it more convenient to do it myself. With Ethan and Anna, I either forgot, or I happened to roll around to the same algorithm. The latter is more likely because I have a very set routine when I load my game. Load hood, load CAS, reroll, load family.

    I didn't know you could get boy/girl clones. I wonder if Ian and Madison are as a result of the first-born glitch or if they just happened to be very alike. It'd be a pretty big coincidence, I guess! I never would have guessed Mariah and Keri were clones either!

    I'm going to set up a play date when I play Kendal's house. I need to write it down so I don't forget!

    Monique, their cheeks were much worse than the pictures make them look! I selected their pictures very carefully, to make sure the angle didn't make them look too freakish. I've done the same thing with Galen all his life. With his mother Gina (the origin of the cheeks) and with Samson, the cheek bones were hidden by hair.

  6. There is a difference in Clavin's face. I didn't see it at first, but looking back I can see it now and it does look much better. Crazy genes, huh? But that's all part of the fun.

    It was cute to see all the kids together. Don't some of them look like they're going to be trouble some day. XD

  7. I hope so! A bit of drama is always welcome in my game!