Saturday, 22 August 2009

Don't bother me

Round 19: Autumn 2010

Galen Clarke is 72, Georgette is 70, Kendal is 34 and Calvin and Troy are both 7.
(Zelda Benton is 35, Josie is 8, Madelyn Nihill is 30 and Aaron Novak is 7)

Narrated by Kendal Clarke

It's been a few years now since Samson's death and we finally decided to choose a picture to hang up. The boys were so young when he died and I want them to remember their dad.

I'm glad that both Calvin and Troy have grown up so well. They're both very bright at school (though Troy isn't nearly as interested as Calvin is) and they make friends so easily. Everyone they meet is considered a potential friend.

They got that from Samson. I usually prefer my own company and only have a couple of friends here.

Me spending so much time alone concerns Georgette, who thinks I should go out more or even think about dating again. I definitely don't think I'm ready to date and right now, I don't feel like I ever will be. But Georgette is right in saying I could stand to get out a bit more.

So when my friend Zelda invited me and the boys to Central Park, I agreed to meet her and Josie there. Zelda's friend Madelyn also came and brought her son Aaron. It was nice to have some adult conversation with people my own age for once!

We were on the east side of the park, where all the kiddie stuff is, so the kids made good use of the playground while we were there.

I'm glad we were watching though, because I'm not sure I like the idea of strange men playing with my kids in a playground. It doesn't seem quite right.

Our two dogs have apparently been getting busy behind our backs because two new little additions joined our family recently.

They soon made themselves known, digging holes all over the yard and peeing absolutely everywhere.

So despite Troy and Calvin's whining, we had to give the puppies away. We gave one to Leo and Galen gave the other to his sister Drusilla. The puppies' new families both live close by, so maybe I can take the boys to visit them one day.

Random pics:
When I was doing the play date at the park, I noticed Zelda turning her head looking at something.

Um. Okay. I probably wouldn't be smiling so inanely if my daughter was pulling a move like that though. And now you know why there were no pictures of Josie during the play date - her head was like that for quite a while but it did "snap" back eventually, thank goodness!

I was planning to write this into the update and then abandoned it when I couldn't really make it fit. But Galen was driving me nuts with constant wants to interact with Dominic.

So I teleported him in, along with Tatiana and Galen got to have a little visit with his daughter (with whom he actually has a 100/100 relationship, developed without any of my help) and his fourth grandchild. The first two are the twins, obviously, and the third is Adrienne.

And finally, Galen was a pretty crappy husband but is a pretty great grandfather. Here he is taking Troy and Calvin on one of his morning jogs. Galen gets the want to go jogging every morning and I usually send the boys along with him. One of them has fitness enthusiasm, I forget which!


  1. Poor little Josie needs a visit from the exorcist LOL!

    I'm glad Kendal went out with her friends, she definitely needs some joy in her life.

  2. lol, there was a lot packed into the end of this entry.

    I love the idea of the play date. It's sweet that Georgette is encouraging Kendal to get out there and lead her life.

    It's also cute that Galen is such a loving grandfather. That's fitting.

    As for Josie, YIKES! I've heard about that glitch, but I've never seen it. *knocks on the computer*

  3. I hope Kendal find love again and that picture of Josie is scary

  4. Josie looks as if she'll start spitting pea soup from her mouth and walking down the steps like a crab. LOL Poor child.

    I'm glad that Kendal has gotten out. She needs to be around friends not keeping herself locked away.

  5. Duh, the Exorcist! That was the movie I was trying to think of. I don't think I'd ever had the backwards head glitch but I'm hoping that means it's a rare one!

    As for Kendal, hopefully Zelda will keep her social life active but I'm not sure if she'll ever marry again. She's Knowledge and she's had no wants to flirt, date or anything of the sort. She used to roll up specific wants for Samson but no general ones since he died. Or specific ones for anyone else, for that matter. So we'll see if she hits it off with anyone but I'm not going to send her out searching for a guy or anything.

  6. That picture of Josie is creepy!

    It's cute that Galen is such a doting grandfather. It's good that Kendal is hanging out with friends so she's not sitting at home alone so much.

  7. I think I said a while ago that Kendal doesn't show up to too many community lots but when I played Jesse, Amelia and Evan last night, I went to 4 community lots and she was there at 2 of them. So perhaps she's trying to get herself out more, which is good!

  8. Kendal's taking her time, I think. Making baby steps towards socializing again. Galen is really keeping fit and being a great grandfather, that's so good!

  9. Yes, you might be right. Kendal was never a big socialiser even when Samson was around, so it might take her longer than it would take someone else.