Sunday, 9 August 2009

Winter 2009 birthdays

...or birthday, as there's only one this time.

And going by the fact that Jace is still asleep, this birthday is apparently not a very exciting one. It's number 3 for Jace and Magdalena, so maybe he just figures she can handle this one on her own.

He does, at least, get out of bed to greet the new baby. It's yet another daughter for the Novaks - Teresa Zoe, to be known as Tessa. She joins big sisters Lia and Maia.

  • Tessa has black hair like Magdalena, which is cool. Black hair is starting to be as rare in my hood as blonde and red hair was in Generation 2.
  • In the future, I will include any age-ups in the birthday posts too. I'll age babies to toddler exactly one game year after their birth (so Tessa will grow up in Winter 2010 and be featured in that birthday post) but everyone else will age up in the summer, because that's when my years start. I have 3 girls aging to teen in Summer 2010 and one aging to child, so it should be interesting.


  1. You know how parents are by the time they get to the third kid. Apparently, she just popped this one out and was ready to go back to bed. XD

  2. This is a good idea (and may I please steal it from you)! :)

  3. Haha, got to love that third baby nonchalance. Hooray! Black hair is starting to maybe take over in BS, but brown is the worst. My sims refuse to think of genetics and instead of obsessed with silly things like attraction and love, pfft!

  4. CissieMae, steal away!

    Magdalena really did go right back to bed. Tessa was ready to sleep too, so they just put her in her crib and went off to sleep themselves.

    My Sims don't seem to care about genetics much either. ;) Then again, I don't think I care enough either, as witnessed by me marrying in 3 S1 black-haired Sims in generation 2. I paid for that for a long time.

  5. So much for babies this round little tessa may be a tad ok lonely in kindy.

    Another great idea with aging up as same time born. You are most awesome. :)

  6. LOL, I guess Jace decided this was old news by now. Nothing to lose sleep over. ;)

    Congratulations to the family on another little girl! :)

  7. I'd definitely have something to say if my husband decided to sleep through me giving birth. LOL.

    Maisie, this post is just for winter births. There are at least two more babies to be born this round. Megan Kirby is due in Spring 2009 and Tatiana Lachance is due in Summer 2009-2010.

  8. Wow-beautiful nightgown and congrats to the new baby! LOL at him sleeping during labor.

  9. Thanks, I'm excited to what Tessa will look like because Jace and Magdalena make cute babies. I think Maia in particular is gorgeous.

    The nightgown is from TSR but I don't remember who made it. The name started with J though and he always puts up his items in sets of 3.