Tuesday, 25 August 2009

There's a reason

Round 19: Autumn 2010
Last update: Jesse/Evan and Amelia
Warning: partial nudity

Jesse Carmody is 25 and Amelia and Evan Moretti are both 21.
(Caleb is 28, Abigail Lachance is 27 and Wade Gottlieb is 20).

Jesse, Amelia and Evan became room mates shortly after Jesse had worn out his welcome at his uncle's house. Amelia and Evan could have stayed at home for longer but they were desperate to get out on their own. So by pooling their money together, they had just enough for a deposit on an apartment in Exeter.

Jesse and Evan get along great and have a lot in common.

Amelia has found herself growing increasingly irritated with the pair of them. Is it that hard to put a book back on the shelf when the shelf is right there? Or to get out of the shower without slopping water all over the tiles? Evan has always been a slob but it was a lot easier when her mum was the one cleaning up after him.

She hopes glaring at Jesse and Evan every time she picks up after them will give them the message but it's falling on deaf ears so far.

After dealing with Jesse and Evan all week, it's always a nice break when Amelia's boyfriend Wade comes up to visit on the weekends.

Except on this particular night, because Jesse has coincidentally chosen Rebel Rebel Diner as his pick-up joint for the evening. Wade and Amelia try to ignore him and concentrate on each other.

Jesse and his "friend" are making out in the middle of the diner though, so it's kind of hard not to notice them.

Amelia is definitely not impressed when she sees the same girl sitting on her couch the next morning.

Lucky for Amelia, she probably won't be coming around again anyway.

Jesse isn't a bad guy but he is rather fickle in his affections, at least until he meets someone he really likes.

Right now, that person is Abigail, though she is sort of...taken. Regardless, they have been seeing quite a lot of each other.

She hasn't been caught by Evan or Amelia yet but it might just be a matter of time. Of all the people to cheat with, the room mate of your boyfriend's siblings isn't necessarily a smart choice.

Add to that the fact that Caleb is a concerned big brother and drops by frequently to check on his younger siblings.

Perhaps he could offer his little brother some advice about girls, because he's not doing too well on his own.

Evan's main problem is that the girls he gets along with, he's not attracted to.

And the ones he's attracted to have no interest in him at all.

The second bar he went to was even lamer than the first.

Every girl there was either one of Jesse's cast-offs...


...or not even old enough to be in the bar in the first place.

He ends up staying at the Ball and Biscuit for a good while anyway, until it's well past light. He arrives home in the morning to find Abigail placing a bunch of flowers outside their door.

Who knows what was running through Abigail's head when she decided to leave flowers for Jesse right where Evan or Amelia could see them but it's done now. Evan has read the card, so he knows something is going on. Now he has to decide what he's going to do about it.

  • I got really carried away with these guys and played them for way more than 2 days - I think I played for 6 or 7. So now Evan is a 21 year-old detective. So much for realism!
  • Abigail and Jesse woohooed on their own. I didn't even know she was there! I just followed along after that. Abigail has a secondary aspiration of Family so she has actually rolled the want to marry Caleb - while she was on a date with Jesse! But she has much higher chemistry with Jesse. In fact, she and Jesse are each other's "Ones". She's just barely two bolts with Caleb, with matching turn-ons. She and Jesse have three bolts, with a raw score of 106, with only one matching turn-on. I wasn't planning on playing Abigail until the end of Spring 2010 but I'm going to play them next instead, so I can see how this all plays out.
  • Poor Evan...he has chemistry with every teenage girl in the hood but obviously, they're all a little young for him right now! I'd like to find him a nice townie up until then but he strikes out with all of them. Even that skank Virginia Watkins - she's the girl in leather in the first bar, who I believe has deflowered at least two of my male Sims and slept with several others.


  1. I'll say it again. Gotta love ACR! It gives you resualts you never saw coming. LOL

    I feel bad that she's stuck with two very slobby guys and roommates. But it makes if fun though!

  2. Oh, Abigail, dropping off a gift right then was not smart at all! I can't wait to see what happens with this twist.

    Poor Evan! I guess he'll have to wait a few years until one of those teens he has chemistry with becomes legal. ;)

    And I feel for Amelia being the one that has to clean up after everyone! I wonder how long it would take them to notice if she just stopped cleaning their messes?

  3. Abigail is probably not the sharpest pen in the box, cheating on her boyfriend with his siblings running around!

    Poor Evan, I hope he has the patience to wait for his dream girl to grow up :)

  4. Poor Amelia! I had two male roommates for a time in college and I can relate! They're disgusting! I even had one of them bring home girls to sleep on my couch, lol!

    OMG, LOL @ poor Evan's dating troubles! Seriously funny stuff.

    Oh wow, that is huge chemistry Abigail has with Jesse! I can't wait to see what happens there!

  5. I can't believe she left flowers, wasn't a very smart idea.

    Love your CC, do you mind me asking WCIF the couch and paintings from the apartment living room?

  6. I would hate to see the state of this house if Amelia stopped cleaning (and I didn't intervene). It would become the new hangout joint for cockroaches and flies, I suspect! Anyway, I have known so many girls who've had to live with slobby male roommates and I'd never done platonic roommates in the game, so I thought I'd give it a shot finally. It's really fun!

    And no, Abigail's not too bright but so few Sims are when it comes to getting some booty on the side! They're not too subtle!

    Apple Valley, the couch is Maxis but I'm 99% positive the recolour comes from the Neighborhood 99 Maxis Match Forum Pack. The paintings are another story. :\ They're BV frames but I'm not sure where I got the actual paintings from. It's so hard to find out with recolours, unless you remember. If I ever figure it out, I'll let you know!

  7. Oh my! What relationship drama. This was a fun post; it really ran the gamut from platonic relationships to no relationships at all-- poor Evan.

    Abigail, oh my. That will be very interesting to see the next part of that story.

  8. Thank you! It was a lot of fun for me to play too, so I'm glad you liked reading it.

  9. I can see why you lost track of time while playing them, a lot went on and it looks like a lot of fun! Abigail is playing with fire, sleeping with the roomate of her boyfriend's siblings, then leaving flowers!...something is bound to catch up with her.

    I have a male adult who's always fawning over teenagers, too. Fortunately, he's found love with an adult and he's getting married soon. But he still wants to get engaged to this teenager, too. I don't know what to make of it. Maybe I'll remember to look at his attraction scores with those two. I always forget that.

  10. Yes, this house should be interesting next time. I suspect there might be some tension between Evan and Jesse. Amelia already doesn't like Jesse so there's no loss there!

    And yes, I know the Sim you mean! I think I was reading a post with him in it last time I was at your blog.