Monday, 31 August 2009

Spring 2010 birthdays

Naomi Novak was alone in the backyard when she went into labour. Oops Baby #2 was on the way!

And here he is! Malcolm Charles Novak waited just long enough for Daddy and Grandma to arrive. He has black hair like his father and the brown eyes of both his parents.

Big sister Adrienne is not sure what to think of her little brother yet but let's hope she warms to him as he grows up.

Over at the Kirby farm, another birthday celebration is in full swing. Rebecca has just turned one! Let's get her fixed up in the mirror and see what she looks like!

Not a thing like her sisters did when they were toddlers, thank goodness!

Rebecca is actually quite adorable!

  • Naomi was playing soccer right before she went into labour but she started her contractions before I could get a pic. Seeing a Sim with a belly 4 times the size of the soccer ball attempt to kick a goal is pretty funny though.
  • Rebecca is so cute! I've just compared her pic to Trent's profile pic and she actually looks exactly like him. She does have his chin but the chin was not really the problem with Claudia and Rebecca (Georgette, Leontine and Vivienne all have the same chin). It was the mix of the chin with the features they got from Megan. Had they been born complete clones of their dad, they probably would have turned out better!


  1. LOL, I would have liked to have seen her playing soccer! :)

    Welcome Malcolm (yay, boys! lol!). And happy birthday Rebecca!

  2. Rebecca is adorable! :)

    Congratulations for having another boy!

  3. I just love the way you decorate, I've been meaning to tell you that. Rebecca is beautiful, and I'm happy to see Naomi had her baby! He's got a great name, too.

  4. If there's one thing that will make you go into labor, it's playing soccer when you're that far along! And I agree, Rebecca IS adorable!

  5. Playing soccer that far into a pregnancy! Wow! And yay for another boy, it seems the next generation of sullivan will have some choices.

    Rebecca is quite cute!

  6. Rebecca is so cute! Very distinctive facial features.

  7. Thank you, Simmington. I can make things look presentable when I bother to take the time! I really prefer playing to decorating.

    I really wish I had got a soccer picture. She was playing in her dress because of how pregnant Sims don't change into gym wear. And that dress has knee high boots with a slight heel, so it was a sight to behold.

    Very Trent facial features is what Rebecca has! I'm glad to see the Kirby genes continuing - they're very, very strong. Those are still Joanne's mouth and Nathaniel's eyes.

  8. Welcome, baby Malcolm!

    Rebecca is so adorable!

  9. I love it when I forget a bday or a birth. LOL! thanks for sharing your story. I haven't had the chance to play lately, so this is my only real way to keep up with my beloved Sims game.

  10. Hey T, nice to see you again. Glad the blog is soothing your Sims craving a bit.