Friday, 21 August 2009


Round 19: Autumn 2010

Wade is 20, Zaria is 22, Max is 23 and Eliot is 24
(Amelia is 21).

Max, Zaria, Eliot and Wade's sophomore year started with a tragedy - the mysterious death of their dormmate Martin Miller.

Eliot and Max were the ones to discover Martin's body outside the dorm. Neither knew him very well but they were obviously saddened regardless.

Things soon go back to normal in the dorm and Eliot and Max return to their regular soccer games. Eliot doesn't seem to have inherited his father's talent for soccer. Or perhaps it's just not as easy to beat someone whom you're on equal footing with.

Eliot is victorious over poor Zaria later on though. She's just as fit as he is but didn't grow up with the benefit of a soccer net in the backyard.

The hot tub in the backyard of Moretti Hall certainly sees its fair share of action from the students. One evening, Zaria discovers her boyfriend Max enjoying the hot tub without her, accompanied by that slutty cheerleader who's always hanging around.

Zaria is suspicious, so she joins them and hopes her eyes boring into the side of his head give Max her message.

She hasn't asked Max about the cheerleader but Zaria is keeping a much closer eye on him these days!

Eliot is still painfully single and spends much of his time taking care of his little womrat, Udo.

At 24, he's thinking about his post-college life and hoping to marry. But so far, no suitable woman has come along.

He met a pretty girl named Alyson at the sports centre...

...but his wooing technique left much to be desired and Alyson and Eliot were over before they began.

If he's honest, the only girl he really gets along with is Cordy Lane. They're good friends and speak on the phone regularly. But she's only 17 and still in high school. Even if Eliot was into the jailbait thing, Cordy isn't the rebellious type who would date men in their 20s. Eliot will have to move on or try to make his move in a couple of years, when she's legal.

So he's stuck watching TV on the couch with Sabrina Evanson, who will not shut up! Martin was never a great friend of Eliot's but at least he was quite while Eliot was trying to watch the game!

Some people are luckier than poor old Eliot though. Wade and his girlfriend Amelia are still going strong. There are a lot of things Wade likes about Amelia.

She goes bug hunting with him, even though it's totally not her thing.

She's pretty and she takes care of herself.

And no one can say she's not confident!

Wade's just not quite sure that it's actually love. Wade's only 20 and he figures there's plenty of time for them to get to know each other more, so he can find out for certain. Amelia, on the other hand, is pretty damn sure she's in love with Wade. In fact, she wouldn't mind a proposal, whenever Wade gets around to it. Preferably soon.

Random pic:
Is Eliot too self-obsessed for the women of Sullivan? Based on this picture, it's a distinct possibility!

  • I have no idea why Martin died. I think it was starvation but there was plenty of food on the counters in the cafeteria and nothing was blocking the way (my Sims were moving in and out of the cafeteria freely). My conclusion: dormies are dumb.
  • Max and the cheerleader did not do anything and I don't know if they were planning to. Zaria was watching them for a while before she jumped in and they were just chatting. So it may have been perfectly innocent from the start. Apart from the fact that he was buck naked. Ahem.
  • Eliot and Cordy do have chemistry but they're 7 years apart and I feel like it would be out of character for Cordy to date Eliot. I don't think it'd be really in character for Eliot either, seeing he's so shy. Definitely not the predatory type!
  • Amelia is super-keen to get married. She has simultaneous wants to get engaged to Wade AND to get married to Wade. So she knows what she wants. Wade hasn't rolled any engagement wants but my college Sims sometimes don't (Jonas and Tatiana never did and David Moretti didn't either, even though he's Family and you'd think he'd be totally up for it). So we'll see what happens when Wade graduates. They are in love - Wade just doesn't know it yet!
  • Grades! Or rather, GPAs. I want to start noting their grades as well, because I think that gives a better idea of how they're currently doing but I forgot this time.

Eliot - 3.7
Max - 4.0
Wade - 3.3
Zaria - 3.5


  1. Hi! I really like your blog and I thought you might like mine. Thanks. :)

  2. For a few seconds I thought it was Wade lying dead on the ground and my heart skipped a beat! Thank goodness it was just a dormie!

    Poor Eliot! In a couple of years the age difference with Cordy doesn't seem too much but the guy is getting desperate LOL

    BTW that's a good song you were listening to :)

  3. Eliot only has to wait a year for Cordy, right? lol, wait for her Eliot! Then he can try to woo her. Although with her being so shy, I can see how that would be weird for her.

    Wade and Amelia are a cute couple. She looks like one of those really put together girls, and he looks like a normal slovenly boy. They make an unexpectedly cute couple.

  4. Wade and Amelia are just too cute!! Wow, dormies dropping dead! It doesn't surprise me that a dormie wasn't smart enough to eat even though he knew that he was hungry.......typical lol

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Anthony, I'll check out your blog when I have some spare time to browse through it all.

    CissieMae, if I didn't know who it was in the first pic, I might have thought the same thing! All curled up like that, it's hard to tell.

    And yeah, Phoenix is a great band. :)

    Lunar, I was thinking it was two years but you're right. My kids start school at 5 so they would be 17 in their final year, so it's just one year until Cordy goes to college or grows up. It's actually Eliot who's shy - only one outgoing point. Cordy is just a good girl and I don't see her having a relationship with a college guy while she's still in high school. I see her as a very focused sort of girl.

    Mizzgin, it doesn't really surprise me either. I had the same thing happen to an apartment townie, around the time Pascal Lachance was in his early 20s. He was probably worse, actually because he was wandering around being stinky and passing out for a few days before he finally died!

  6. I was afraid that was one of your guys lying dead on the grass too! I'm glad it was just a dormie. He must have been one really dumb dormie to not know to eat food when he's starving, LOL! That's one way of weeding out the gene pool. ;)

    Even if that hot tub chat was innocent, I don't think getting in naked is the best way to reassure your girlfriend, Max. ;)

  7. I know, right?! He doesn't even get in naked with Zaria, so I don't know what's up with that. I think that might mean it's not ACR. I don't think I've ever seen a Sim get into the hot tub naked with ACR.