Friday, 6 March 2009

Round 13 Summary

This round's hatches, matches and dispatches!

3 (Madelyn Nihill, Caleb and David Moretti)
Deaths: 0
Engagements: 3 (Augustin and Hanna Novak, Charlton and Aphrodite Nihill, Adam Gottlieb and Athena Lane)
Marriages: 4 (Augustin and Hanna Novak, Julian and Collette Sitko, Charlton and Aphrodite Nihill, Ben and Caterina Nihill)
Break-ups: 0
Graduations: 4 (Ottilie Draper, Athena Lane, Linnea Lane, Debbie King)
New residents: 0

Total population: 55 (27 Males, 28 Females)
Babies: 0
Toddlers: 3
Children: 9
Teens: 2
Young Adults: 1
Adults: 36
Elders: 4


  1. Hey, Sullivan! I've been spending the past month trying to get caught up with your blog. I'm really enjoying it. I just wanted to drop you a note that I love that "hatches, matches, and dispatches." Quite Clever!

  2. I must confess that I stole that from one of the newspapers here! LOL.

    Glad you're enjoying it.