Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Some day

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Leo Draper

Despite what my sister seems to think, my job in the military is not that great. Sure, it's let Kit and I get our own place but it's a tiny place and after paying our deposit, we had very little left over.

So we've got a nice view of the city from our bedroom...

...but we're going to be living on grilled cheese for some time, while we make the place our own. The floral wallpaper was the first to go and we've been replacing the furniture bit by bit too.

At least we can pretend we live in luxury. There's a pool table in our lobby, along with a fancy stereo and bar. It's all the luxury we'll have for a while.

Okay, so I shouldn't have spent our little money on an engagement ring for Kit but I couldn't help it.

It was worth it to see her reaction.

And besides, things started turning around for us a little soon after. I was promoted to Junior Officer, so I was able to pay off the ring. We still couldn't afford a marriage license and venue rental but that would come soon.

Or maybe not. We really weren't trying for a baby and Kit's pregnancy really blindsided us.

So of course, the very day after we realised Kit was pregnant, I was demoted.

It was just what we didn't need. I felt so guilty for putting Kit under more stress. Kit tried to reassure me by trying to make me look on the bright side - at least I still had a job. It wasn't much help though.

I had a bit of a revelation while I was working out some tension at the gym the other day - the military really wasn't for me anyway. I decided to leave the military as soon as I could and try something else.

I ended up working in the gaming industry, which I'm really enjoying so far. It doesn't pay much but I'm hoping we can make things work with Kit's salary added into the mix. We did at least manage to buy furniture for the baby's room.

Just in time too! I was really excited to be there for the birth of our daughter.

Maybe she'll be a lucky omen for us. We've named her Zaria Claire.


  • Zaria's profile is a dead link right now. It will be filled in when she ages to toddler.
  • Post-engagement, neither Leo or Kit have rolled the want to marry. Not that they have the money for a wedding anyway!


  1. Oh, wow, these two sure had a rough time starting out! Gotta love it when they get pregnant sooner than you anticipate. ;) Hopefully the baby brings joy and not more discord.

  2. This poor family! What a struggle for them right now. But I love that both of them seem to be keeping positive and supporting each other. That's the way!

  3. Zaria is beautiful!

  4. Yes, Bigger Bills and the apartment hack strike again! I wanted Kit and Leo to move into the same apartment that Mina and Pascal just moved into but they were just short of the money they needed!

    Zaria's beauty remains to be seen. They're all identical as babies but Leo was a cute kid and there's no particularly prominent feature that Kit has that will look very odd on a toddler, so she should make out okay. ;)

  5. They've had such a rough time! I hope things look up for them soon.

  6. I hope so too! They have zero savings and a new baby, so they could use some luck!

  7. Things'll pick up for them - all it takes is one bonus / promotion and they'll be okay again. It makes for more interesting playing than if they were swimming in money anyways.

  8. This is very true. I do have more fun with them when they're struggling a bit. I like them to have just enough money to decorate their house adequately and Leo and Kit aren't quite there yet.

  9. I agree, the struggling financially is half the fun! One of my families now has over $700,000 in the bank, and every single one of them is permaplat, soooo boring. I enjoy the drama of the struggling families much more. :)

  10. Ha, you should buy them a few vacation homes. That's what I do, even if I never end up using them. Although, none of my Sullivan Sims have that much money. I think there are a couple who have over $100,000 but that's about it.