Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Seven nation army

Round 14: Days 66-70
Narrated by Leontine Kirby

We started off with a bit of luck when Tate found an old genie lamp that someone had just left on our lawn. He wished for peace of mind but I couldn't resist being a bit vain and wishing for beauty. I've been feeling old since I turned 40 but to my disappointment, the genie didn't get rid of my wrinkles or anything. All that happened was a constant stream of visitors to the house, at all hours of the night, wanting to talk to me! I hope it wears off soon because I can't take it for much longer!

I don't normally have to do much with the crops but Brandon has been so busy recently that he hasn't even had time to check on the market, let alone tend to his veggies. Work has been running him ragged.

He's still keen for another baby. I'm not but I don't mind letting him try. It's not going to happen anyway - thank goodness! Tate and Trent will both soon be off to college and I don't know if I could do the whole newborn thing again. It was hard enough when I was in my 20s.

I cut my hair quite short when I turned 45 to reflect my new found maturity. I felt it was a bit more appropriate for a woman of my age. I cried when I first looked in the mirror but I really like it now.

Yes, Tate is heading off to college soon but there's still nothing he loves more than playing in the snow in winter. I can't help but laugh when I see a kid his size making a snow angel!

The boys still do all the regular teenage stuff too. They hang out at Lost Generation most weekends. I can't believe that place is still so popular! It was actually there that I first met Brandon, about 35 years ago.

Anyway, they don't tell me much about what they do there but I know Tate talks about Renee a lot, who's in his class at school.

Someone named Lainey calls quite often for Trent, whoever Lainey is. Boys never tell their mothers anything!

Brandon brought home a parrot after work the other day, because we need more things to care for in this house! He's not too much trouble though - he's pretty quiet and his food lasts him a good few days. I've completely forgotten his name though - he's Brandon's pet, really.

Even the bird couldn't cheer Brandon up when he was demoted to Prep Cook, mere weeks after being promoted to Sous Chef. He's worked his way back up again now, but for a while there, he was inconsolable.

The boys weren't leaving for college just yet but we were so proud of them both for getting in that we bought a small gift for each of them. They each got a wall hanging, intended to put up in their dorm or house, or wherever they end up living on campus. I'm happy they're heading off on their own but I think I'll miss them both at the same time.

  • As I said, both boys will be heading off to college at the end of this round. They'll be the only two new students, so it will be a very small student population at Suffolk this round - just the Kirby boys and Magdalena Novak. No one else will be old enough to go yet.
  • Sigh. So Leontine and Brandon are going to be on their own next round and they don't even have any older kids I can move in with them. Maybe I'll finally get Leontine to concentrate on her dog training so she can reach her lifetime want.


  1. Oh, poor you! I hate it when aging adults are left alone without their children. I am a fan of chaotic households, lol.

    Wow, Leontine certainly looks different! I can never seem to put wrinkles on my sims or make them progressively age, lol.

  2. Uh oh.. more empty nesters. Maybe the empty nesters in the hood need like a game night or something. Everyone can get together for dinner or poker or something. XD

    Aw... *clicks the link and takes a look back in time* He leaped right into her arms.

  3. Why don't you make a bingo hall? Isn't that where all the oldies go eventually {wink}

    It's cool how you have such history in your hood!

  4. I think Leontine looks very pretty in her older age. She's aging gracefully. :)

    I like simstate's suggestion of a bingo hall. I agree that the empty nesters definitely need something to occupy their time until their kids come back. They get a bit boring and tedious to play!

  5. Yeah, maybe that's my problem. I try to speed through the elders and empty nesters but maybe I should use the community lots more for them, to break up the
    monotony. Don't know if I could do a bingo hall but I might be a little less bored if I just made use of the community lots I already have!

    Mao, it always bothers me that my Sims continue to look 20 right up until they turn into elders, so I've found my favourite wrinkles and everyone over 45 is getting some!

    Lunar, he leapt right into her sister's arms, actually! Brandon was dating Vivienne all through high school, even though Leontine was who Galen was intending to set him up with. Leontine dated Charlton until she went to college.

  6. Poor family sim trying with ACR to get 6 kids to marry off!

    Lost generation looks really cool! Is it playable-owned?

  7. No, it's just a regular community lot for now. I'm not sure if I want to run it as an owned lot.

    Ha, Tate will not be having 6 kids, no matter how much he wants it. He'll have to suck it up and deal. I ignore that LTW completely. I can do 4 with little difficulty, 5 is pushing it but 6 is too many for me.