Sunday, 15 March 2009

Morpha too

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Charlton Nihill

Madelyn didn't really know my Dad all that well, so it sort of surprised me that she was so upset when he died.

She must have just picked up on a general vibe around the house though, because as soon as I was feeling more like myself again, Madelyn was all smiles too.

I think our new kitten played at least a small part in cheering her up. His name is E.T. (I don't know...I think Owen named him) and he's one of the offspring from my sister's cats' litter. We accepted him mostly for Madelyn so I'm glad she likes him.

I have to admit that Aphrodite and I are pretty taken with him too. He sleeps in one of the old dog kennels that were inexplicably outside our triplex when we moved in and no one's bothered to get rid of.

For a few weeks, we wondered how such a tiny kitten was eating so much food. I'd fill his bowl at about 10am and all the food would be gone by 2 that afternoon. When I discovered Madelyn munching away at E.T.'s kibble, the mystery was solved.

Luckily, her love of kibble didn't follow her into childhood. Madelyn just opened the fridge when she wanted a snack now. It was too cold to spend a lot of time outdoors recently, which is what she really liked to do. So she contented herself with the next best thing - a doll tree house we bought for her.

If you're wondering where Aphrodite has been in all of this, she's been working some crazy hours. She leaves for work well after Madelyn and I have gone to bed and she doesn't come back until we're leaving for work and school. There's just enough time for a quick hug and that's it.
And yeah, I'm working again. Aphrodite got sick of me not contributing to the household and made me take a job as an aerobics instructor. Which was okay. I've always been interested in fitness. But I kept my eyes peeled and finally found a job in a record store as a clerk. I'm much happier now.

Anyway, to keep Madelyn occupied (and quiet) while her mum is sleeping on the weekends, we often go to a playground or a park.

I generally sit down while she goes full force on all the playground equipment.

It's a good thing I always sit in sight of her, because she's so enthusiastic that she ends up falling on her bum quite a bit.

There she goes again!

Sometimes, I use the opportunity to teach Madelyn a little tai chi. It's really not her thing though. She hasn't got enough balance yet, I guess.

On this particular Saturday, we had to cut our visit short. Madelyn wanted to stay but I wasn't going to have my daughter struck by lightning and the sky really did look threatening!

As well as being an outdoorswoman, Madelyn is a real animal lover. She loves it that E.T. is now so big, fluffy and cuddly. She's made it her mission to teach him some "tricks" now. Aphrodite and I both warned her that cats aren't as easy to train as dogs but she's determined. She has him responding to his name already!

Random funny:
I swear, if there was a "married men" turn on, Noelle Harvey the Homewrecker would totally have it. I have never once seen her flirt with a single man.

  • I totally had Madelyn's doll house when I was a kid! I loved that thing. I am definitely not outdoorsy like Madelyn is though. Anyway, it was one of the Advent Calendar gifts at Around the Sims and I was really excited when I saw it.
  • I hope the playground pictures were not too annoying. The snow melted soon after they arrived - it was near the end of spring. I hate continuity issues! It was a crazy weather day that weekend, apparently.
  • This house was a nice break after the Morettis. No drama, no sickness, no money issues! Very relaxing!


  1. Your sim kids have the coolest toys :-)

    That was a cool picture you took of the sky (it did look threatening) - do you have a special hack to get better weather special effects? I know there was a sky hack somewhere for movie-makers...

    Why were't there other kids on the playground?

  2. Aww, Madelyn is the prettiest little girl ever! I love that little gap-tooth smile :)

    It is nice playing relaxing families sometimes! I'm looking forward to a couple in my line-up too :)

  3. I think I remember that tree house. I didn't have it, but I remember thinking it was pretty nifty. (My "doll house" was my Care Bears Care-a-Lot set.)

    Madelyn is too cute. And E.T. is huge compared to her. Haha.

  4. Thanks guys. I'm glad you think Madelyn is cute because I take an awful lot of pictures of her. I'm like one of those parents who doesn't let a single moment of their child's life go undocumented - she must be really sick of the flash sound by now!

    Simstate, that's just the Maxis sky. Why were no other kids on the playground? I don't know, ask EA why playground equipment doesn't seem to attract children to community lots! ;)I didn't notice any other kids showing up the entire time I was there.

  5. Madelyn is adorable. Drama-free families are a nice break sometimes. :)

    I always get annoyed by continuity issues in my own pictures, but honestly I didn't notice the snow in your park pictures until you mentioned it.

    I never have children show up on any of my community lots, so my playgrounds are always empty except for adults and teens standing around talking. :(

  6. I loved the playground pictures! Madelyn is adorable. :D

    It's nice to see a somewhat normal family amidst all the drama. Sometimes, we simmers need a break from playing those trainwrecks. ;)

  7. I just love the playground animations in general (though the teen animations leave a bit to be desired) but they're especially funny when the kids have no body skill and end up falling off all the time, like Madelyn.

    It's very unrealistic, isn't it Shana? The playground equipment closest to my house is absolutely swarming with kids from before school right up until 5 or 5:30pm and as late as 7 in the summer.