Friday, 20 March 2009

Time can never kill the true heart

Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Augustin Novak

We have been struggling financially since we bought this house, so my parents offered to move in with us, so we could pool our resources. It has worked out well in more ways than one. James and Naomi will be able to really get to know their grandparents. Already, Dad has spent a lot of time watching them play and draw.

We've had to keep our dog Zeke separate from my parents' cat, Homer though. Right now, they don't like each other too much but we're hoping they'll become accustomed to each other.

We had a bit of a scare not long after my parents moved in. Hanna and I hadn't told anyone yet but we'd been trying for another baby and had been successful. She hadn't been taking enough care of herself, I guess, because she experienced some pre-term contractions one evening quite early on.

It was a close call but we got through it and Hanna made sure she ate a good diet and got plenty of sleep for the remainder of her pregnancy.

We've had a really cold winter and have had lots of snow. Naomi wasn't too thrilled about that. The snow's too heavy for her to play soccer but not heavy enough for school to be cancelled - the kids have still had to go off on the school bus every day.

Hanna's on maternity leave now, so she's trying to get into astronomy again. I don't know how many stars she can see in the day time though.

Mum is continuing her quest to find one of each existing insect species in Sullivan.

She has 28 out of 30 so far and has plenty of bee stings to show for it.

Hanna is still pregnant with our third but I'm already thinking about our fourth. Actually, if it was possible, I'd love it if we had ten children. Hanna has put her foot down though - this is our last baby.

Hanna is really missing being at work. She recently got a job as a high school teacher but she wasn't able to be there even one day before going on maternity leave.

Hanna finally went into labour on a Sunday morning, with all the family around.

Meet our new (and final, if Hanna has anything to do with it) son, Eliot Stephen!

For the meantime, Eliot is sharing a room with James. Both the kids' bedrooms are fairly large so there's plenty of space. I don't know how thrilled James will be about it though!

It's so much easier to care for a baby when you're a) not at college and b) have four adults in the house to help out.

Make that three adults and one elder! On the same day as Eliot's first birthday, Dad got noticeably older himself.

Speaking of Eliot, since he became a toddler, we've been working on his skills. I've been getting him going with his walking...

while Hanna has been teaching him to speak. My parents were nice enough to share potty training duty, so hopefully, dirty nappies will soon be a thing of the past!

I can't believe I'm old enough to have a teenage kid but I have two of them now! James got a job in the same lab with my cousin Collette and my aunt Justina. I don't think he's privy to any of the exciting research they do there - he just cleans the equipment. But he's earning money for college (which he's already excited about).

I'm a little worried about Naomi because she's become a bit boy-crazy. She's also very shy though, so hopefully one of those traits will keep the other in check!

Aww. Apparently, Zeke had become quite close to Homer over time. He was more upset than any of us when he died of old age! We're burying him in the pet section of the local cemetery.

Random funnies:
I wish I'd swung round to see Naomi's expression here. I've never seen such indignation. I almost wish Sims spoke English, so I'd know what Augustin possibly could have said to offend her so!

Do you think they might be discussing Joanna's recent streak at the Morettis' house?

  • Raffaella and Lukas moving in has worked out well for the Novaks. Lukas had about $40,000 in savings and Augustin had a $31,000 debt. Wasn't it nice of Lukas to pay off his son's mortgage?
  • Hanna should be lucky I've put her on birth control because Augustin really wants another baby and the 10 kids want rolls up from time to time too.


  1. I love it when the male sims get the want to have 10 kids. Do you sim guys even know what you're asking?

    Awe... what a sweet family. They must be fun to play.

    LOL at the random funny. She does look indignant, doesn't she? And he's all, "What?"

  2. He's lucky he's got such rich parents!

    Now if only the rest of us were that lucky ;-)

  3. Now that I think about it, it's usually the male sims that get the 10 children want. Yeah, keep on dreaming dudes!

    This is a very nice family. I'm glad that Hanna got through the pregnancy :)

  4. If you get a chance, I have two questions...where did you get Hannah's adorable pregger clothes, and how do you put the links to earlier posts in your story? Thanks so much, I checked Blogger's tutes but can't figure it out.

    Congratulations on almost fillingup the bug collection!

  5. LOL, maybe Augustin should try having the babies if he really wants ten. ;) I'm sure raising Eliot seems like a breeze now with so many people around to help out compared to their situation with the twins!

    That's so cool that Rafaella has almost completed her bug collection. I haven't managed to have anyone get even as far as she has!

  6. Yes, Lukas and Raffaella are very generous. This family is still struggling with money because they don't have much in the way of savings to rely on now that Lukas spent most of theirs on the mortgage.

    You know, I think it's usually the guys who get the 10 kids want in my game too! Figures, doesn't it!

    This is the furthest I've got with the bugs too. I got 26/30 in my old legacy. I got bored of that challenge before I finished the collection.

    Francesca, I'm pretty sure Hanna's maternity wear comes from either All About Style or Liana Sims. That outfit is one that is categorised as maternity (as well as everyday) and those are the only two sites I know of that do their skins that way.

    To do links, you need to select the text you want to make a link and press the link button (which looks like - oddly enough - a chain link). Then you enter the URL of your previous entry (or Sim profile or other website, or whatever).

  7. Boy are they lucky to have parents that will pay off their mortgage! hehee!

    I'm so happy the baby made it, he's adorable.

  8. Hey Simmington, nice to see you around again!

    I just realised I now have 7 Sims in this house! Argh...wonder how long it will be until Lukas dies. LOL.

  9. Oh, man! Ten kids in a Prosperity? That would be crazy, LOL. Thank goodness for sim birth control. ;)

    Also, congrats on the almost completed bug collection!

  10. I'm just hoping no Sims in Sullivan get that fun glitch I had once where one baby turned into six! I don't think I have the patience for that right now!