Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Round 14: Days 66-70

Narrated by Betsy Carmody

This is the last picture taken of me as a child, with my little sister Anna.

Now I'm a teen and I look more like this.

And maybe, if I show I'm really responsible, my parents will let me drive this! We finally have a car. It's not like we couldn't afford one before.

So there are rumours I used to enjoy impromptu concerts in the living room. I can't say I'm as enthusiastic now. I just hope my mother and father stay away from the guitar if I ever have friends over. So embarrassing!

Now that I'm old enough, I've started working after school. I got a job at a law firm and have gone as far as I can go there (I'm the receptionist). I want to do something a bit more adventurous when I'm older but this job enabled me to get the fourth scholarship I need to go to university, if I choose to go. So I can relax now.

Anna doesn't have me to play with after school any more so she's started inviting friends over instead. I think Tatiana is a good bit younger than Anna but she probably enjoys having someone to boss around, instead of being bossed around (by me, obviously).

On the weekend, I headed over to Lost Generation, as most of us teens do in Sullivan. I was going to scope out some boys, like my friends are doing but I kind of surprised myself when I found I was much more interested in the girls! Not this one though - pretty, but also a total bitch (if you'll pardon my language) and not gay, anyway.

Elizabeth is okay but I have to admit, if I got anything started with her, it would only be because she's the only one available. The attraction just isn't really that strong and I don't see why I should have to settle.

So I ended up playing pool for most of the evening instead.

I've always been really into science (one of the scholarships I earned was for my telescope handling abilities) and we discovered that Anna really has a knack for it too.

I should probably talk to her about using it in the day time though. Some of the neighbours tend to not like that, surprisingly. But I'm pretty sure snooping is her aim, so maybe I'll just tell her to be more discreet.

It's nice that we can be nerds together and watch the Weather Station for hours on end. Don't tell anyone at my school! I cover up my interest in geeky things there.

How cute is this little easel? I couldn't fit a regular sized one into my bedroom but I had a nightstand with nothing on it, so Dad bought me this one. The paintings don't sell for as much as large ones but it's so adorable that I don't mind. I should see what they look like hanging.

Mum works quite a lot, so Dad is usually the one hanging around the house in the day time. He used to work nights but he's got a new job in the day time now, so we'll probably be left to our own devices soon enough. Which suits me just fine.

When Mum is home, she usually disappears off into the bedroom with Dad. I do not even want to think about what they do in there!

  • I can't remember if Betsy has the want to go to university. She probably does, as she's Fortune and they normally do.
  • I seem to have an imbalance of lesbians in the hood. I was actually planning on having Betsy get together with Tate or Trent, until I realised she wasn't into boys. Oh, and also that they're her cousins.
  • Kimono Girl is really a bitch to Betsy, which I suspect means she's actually very nice (Betsy has only one nice point).
  • Joseph's new job is as a cook at Julian's diner. He hadn't been hired yet when I was playing the Carmodys (Carmodies? Carmody's?) so he was still working nights here.


  1. Cute little easel - it is a bit of a space saver isn't it?

    Go Betsy - wonder who ends up with her...

  2. Betsy is cute! I love her freckles. (Always have loved freckles.)

    Having lots of lesbians will at least help keep population growth under control. XD

  3. Whoa, you can actually use the little easel? Color me shocked! :O

    Gotta love ACR's randomizing of gender preferences. Always tends to throw a wrench into well-thought-out plans, LOL.

  4. Hey, your neighborhood is getting cohesive!!

  5. I love the easel - I've never used it before. You can use that easel but not the one from the IKEA stuff pack, if that's what you're thinking of. This one is from TSR.

    Lunar, not for me. I can't bear to have my Sims not reproduce, whether by natural birth or otherwise. All my gay Sims will eventually have children too. I would be bored to tears if they didn't!

    Francesca, I am feeling that way myself lately! It feels like there's a bit of a history to most of the families and they're all inter-connected. It's exactly what I wanted.