Monday, 2 March 2009

Helter skelter

Round 13: Days 61-65
Maybe I should have started my own business instead of going into journalism! Elias has Drusilla as manager now, so he can pretty much set his own hours and sit around in his pyjamas watching TV with Moses all day. As he frequently does. Some Fortune Sim he is!

He does work hard keeping his store in stock though. Drusilla is just as capable as he is at pottery but he's determined to make sure that Elias's Earthenwares is not just a name! On my days off, I go out to the backyard and paint while he makes his pots, just like when we were in college.

Ottilie and Leo are away at college and it's too far away for them to come and visit frequently (or so they say, anyway!) but I still see my sisters Petra and Mina regularly.

Mina is pretty heavily pregnant so she usually had to rush into our bathroom when she arrived, leaving me and Petra to gobble up all the waffles. Yes, we're eating waffles for dinner!

I'm well past my childbearing days and have discovered it's much more fun to watch someone else go through it all now. I can't believe my little sister has a 5 year old at home and is pregnant with her second!

The only parenting I'm doing these days is with our fur-baby, Moses. When we bought Moses, they told us he was a genius. I don't know what kind of a genius would sleep in a dirty rain puddle when there was a nice, dry bed for him inside.

Elias wouldn't let this entry go by without me updating you a bit on his business. Elias's sister-in-law Simona dropped by the other day, looking for some pottery to inspire her students in the new high school's art room.

So it's all going well, though Elias has been having trouble with loiterers lately.

As you might be able to see, there's not really enough space in his store for kicky bag. Elias loves his store but he's starting to wonder if he should have bought a bigger lot.

Back at home, this creepy guy has started to follow me home from work. It's the same guy who I caught in Ottilie's bedroom when she was a little girl, so to say I'm unsettled is an understatement.

He freaks me out a little, so I try to be polite so as not to anger him but he gets upset anyway. You're probably wondering why we don't call the police. We would but the police here don't seem to care about anything except burglary.

Oh, God, how did this picture get in here?!? No wonder I'm putting on weight! Cookies for breakfast? Real healthy, Nathalie!

I'm not crying about my weight gain though - I'm not that vain! No, I had thought my job as a media magnate was fairly secure but I was a little too honest about the art hanging in one of the head honcho's offices and he busted me down to magazine editor. I'm over it now because I know I can work my way up again but I was really beating myself up about it for a while.

Having Elias's support really helped me through it.

Random funny: gesturing?!

  • Mina drops over autonomously every couple of days, which is cute. I wonder if she'll drop over at Petra's too, because she's always been closer to her.
  • Mohawk Guy comes home so often with Nathalie that he is now BFF with her, without me ever directing them to interact.
  • I swear, I will do everything in my power to never have to play empty nesters again! Staying interested in them is quite a struggle for me!


  1. It can get pretty boring while playing I agree - I remember when I was playing Florence Delarosa's house - I think I took a little nap while the game was on! ha ha

    I pull out the ROS (even if not scheduled) for situations like that - just to make things interesting!

  2. I love how you have profiles for your sims so it's easy to reference the important people in their lives. It makes it really easy to start catching up and getting to know the characters.

    Mohawk guy is very creepy!

  3. Yikes, that mohawk does not give up! He's so creepy, LOL!

    I love it when kids autonomously visit their parents. :D

  4. I'm glad you're finding the profiles useful, Lunar. I refer to them quite often myself!

    I contemplated rolling an ROS for this house but I don't know if there's anything that can make an empty-nester house interesting for me! I don't have a problem with single adults or couples with no children while they're young - it's just after their kids leave the house that I get bored!

  5. All my families still have kids living at home but I fear the day they move out... Elders are so boring to play and I imagine that "old" adults are the same.

  6. Yeah, "old" adults are pretty much like playing more attractive elders. LOL. Not too exciting!

  7. I don't have many older adults in my hood that are by themselves. But I can understand. It is almost like playing single sims. The only good thing is that they house goes by really fast.

  8. Ha, I wish! The empty nesters always seem to draaaaag when I play them.