Thursday, 26 February 2009

Try not to breathe

Round 13: Days 61-65
Narrated by Mina Lachance

Look how big Jonas is! Our baby boy just turned 1!

Pascal and I try to share the load with Jonas but lately, much of it has been falling to me. This means I'm usually the one to put him to bed. He goes off happily enough but then he'll wake up cranky an hour later.

Jonas causes mischief when he's awake too! Whenever we can't find him in the apartment, it's usually because he's crawled out the door, trying to get downstairs to the stereo (he loves music!). Thankfully, he can't walk yet and definitely can't negotiate spiral stairs!

I've started working nights so I've been spending my days sleeping. Pascal has been taking a bigger role with Jonas, which is nice. They didn't get much bonding time in when he was a baby.

Check us out being all domestic and stuff! Who would have thought?! Not me, that's for sure. I'm getting a bit restless with all this domesticity, actually. I think I missed out on going to clubs and picking up lots of guys because I met Pascal when I was so young.

Perhaps there'd be time for that later, once Pascal and I were done with baby making. We were going to stop and let Jonas be an only child but we decided we'd really like just one more.

I probably should have let Pascal get his TV dinner out of the oven before I enticed him into the bedroom though. Thank goodness we have a smoke detector because we had no idea about the fire until we heard it go off.

Of course, the smoke detector woke The Boy Who Never Sleeps.

He insisted on a bottle before he'd go back to sleep.

Then Pascal put him back to bed and he was screaming again within an hour! Someone remind me why we want another one! I just found out I'm pregnant again and I really hope Jonas's little sibling sleeps better than him. This kid's lungs are unbelievable!

I tell Pascal that I'm bored at home but I've discovered a love of video games while I've been on maternity leave. They've been keeping me busy and entertained. But it's a secret!

I think Jonas might be taking after me in the hobby department. We wanted to buy him an activity table but there was no way we'd fit it in our apartment (Reason #45, 643 that we need to move) so we got him this music thingy instead. The other day, I caught him trying to open it up to see what was inside. So we might have a little tinkerer on our hands! And look how cute he is when he's not screaming!

Yup, there's definitely a baby in there! Not long now!

I swear, we forget to pay the rent every single Monday and Mr. Atkins always has to come and knock on our door for it the next morning. We really should make a better effort to remember. It's really cheap, for some reason, and one of the landlord's friends recently got us a further discount on our rent. We've been very lucky.

But like I said, we need to move. What you can see here is pretty much our entire apartment. There's a teeny bathroom behind me and two teeny bedrooms behind those doors. But that's it. We need to move.

Yay! Jonas is now 5! Hopefully this means he'll sleep through the night. And he's a pretty handsome little man, if I do say so myself! He looks very much like his dad did when he was a kid.

  • I almost wrote as Pascal but changed my mind at the last minute. Maybe next time.
  • One reason Jonas kept waking up all the time was the noisy neighbours. I moved the potty against the wall and that blocked some of the sound but he still woke up a lot, for reasons I (and Mina!) can't fathom. Hopefully the next one won't give them (and me!) as much trouble.
  • As always, you can see a nice close-up of Jonas as a child in his profile.


  1. I actually love their tiny apartment - it's so cozy! But I guess with another one on the way, they really don't have a choice.

    Does the rent discount continue if you move apartments?

  2. I HATE those noisy neighbors! It never failed. When Trisha had the twins soon as she got to sleep, BAM. All the noise around 3 am. What time do they start in your game?

    Makes me want to make my sim beat them. ROFL

    Jonas' is a little cutie pie. I can't wait to see him as a teen.

  3. I've managed to avoid noisy neighbors, thankfully. I try to pick apartment buildings that don't have the bedroom walls near another apartment! Patrick's was the only one, but it was in his living area. There were woohoo noises, which cracked me up.

    Especially because his neighbor was Roman's now dearly departed mistress...

  4. I love their apartment too but seeing they haven't yet gone over my child limit (which is 2), I'm letting them have another because they both want to. And because it'll be cute. So this apartment just won't do.

    The apartment noise in my game seems to happen any time between 10pm and 4am. I'm positive I've seen it in the daytime at least once but that may have been just a glitch.

  5. I love the decor of their apartment! But it does look crowded for a soon to be family of four.

    Jonas is adorable!

  6. Thank you!

    This was the first time I tried to carry over the decor style of a Sim's first residence to their next. So it's lots of black/grey and white but with a little more colour than Pascal's bachelor pad, due to Mina's influence.