Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sister saviour

Round 13: Days 61-65

By the age of 8, Trent Kirby had insisted on taking over full responsibility of the Kirby farm's crops, which were previously the domain of his dad, Brandon.

Brandon wasn't quite content to leave it completely up to his son, so he usually snuck in and talked to his plants after Trent went off to school. No one else was quite sure why but Brandon insisted talking to the crops was the true secret of mouthwatering fruits and vegetables.

Along with watering, tending and harvesting crops, Trent and his twin brother Tate had also set up a lemonade stand in their front yard. Tate wasn't much of a salesman and usually his only customers were his parents and his brother.

Trent had a bit of a knack for sales and attracted the most unlikely customers with his home-made lemonade.

And he never forgot to ask for the money. It was quite a lot of money too - Trent charged $13 for each cup.

Chess was more Tate's game and he usually stuck to that and watched his brother man the lemonade stand. Trent was always happy to share his earnings anyway.

Leontine had recently started fertility treatments, hoping to give Brandon one more child. Age was still not on her side though and conception was just not happening for them.

Career-wise, she was doing well. It wasn't really her style of music (she didn't even keep a guitar at home), but Leontine had become a Rock God. Brother Pascal even dropped by to congratulate her.

One had to wonder how Pascal would get along with his son, Jonas, as he grew up though. He still had no idea how to interact with his two nephews. Maybe it would be different with his own kid.

Brandon got fired from the military last round but had got a new job this round, as a Prep Cook. He loved cooking so he was happy but his true passion was still Kirby Market, which had reached Level 10 and was booming!

He was glad to still have Jonah around as manager. Even on days Brandon couldn't check in, Jonah managed to bring in over $3000 in profit.

With their sons soon to enter high school and still having no luck on the baby front, Leontine and Brandon had stopped actively trying for another child. Now, they'd say they were not trying but not preventing either.

They were very satisfied with the two sons they already had anyway. Brandon especially was proud their sons had grown up so well, both becoming very family-focused young men, just like their dad. Neither of them were keen to go on to college just yet but they were still only 13 and they had several years to decide for sure.

  • Oh my God, Trent is even more of a Brandon clone as a teen than he was as a child! Similarly, Tate is Leontine all the way. I'm not so excited about that because Sacha Lachance's genes are already all over the neighbourhood anyway!
  • I'm secretly glad they can't get pregnant. Leontine would have to give up her music room (which she and Trent both love) or the boys would have to give up their separate bedrooms if another kid came into the picture.


  1. Two family sims? Oh boy! Look out, population!

    Haha, I can feel you on the whole 'no more babies, please!' situation. All my sims seem to be getting knocked up this round, sigh.

    It's funny how the twins each favor, in an extreme, one of their parents.

  2. "Trent charged $13 for each cup"

    Talk about over-pricing! Ha ha - that better be fresh lemons he's using

    And two sons are enough - a heir and a spare - if it's good enough for the royal family, should be good enough for the sims!

  3. Yes, two sons are definitely enough, especially seeing they're family Sims! Brandon still has the Have a Baby want but he can suck it up. Leontine is the one who'd have to carry it.

    Tate's lifetime want is to marry off 6 children. Like his father, he'll have to suck it up. No way am I doing that one!

  4. I don't think I've ever tried the lemonade stand. Maybe I should buy one for some kid.

    I can totally relate to the "no more babies" wish. There's been a real baby explosion in Wellington lately.