Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Round 12: Days 55-60

Not unlike his cousin Arianna, Adam had been left behind in Exeter by his twin sister Hanna.

Quite unlike Arianna though, Adam was lucky enough to be hired in the career of his choice straight out of high school. He had dreams of one day hosting his own cooking show but for now, Fast Food Shift Manager would do.

As a Pleasure Sim though, the one thing he really liked about his job was days off. In the middle of the week! It gave him lots of time to hang out at the juice bar and teach his cousin Leo what the ladies like.

Adam didn't really have much luck with girls himself though, so let's hope Leo took his advice with a grain of salt.

Adam had shared his troubles with his dad. Sports-mad Isaac insisted Adam's misfortune was due entirely to his pot belly and he insisted his son join him for a game of basketball.

Basketball definitely wasn't Adam's game but Isaac, despite being in his early 50s, was quite skillful and had soon attracted a small audience.

Adam, meanwhile, felt like his muscles were firmer already.

Isaac was positive his son's new physique would help out his reputation in no time.

When the boys arrived back at home, they were greeted by Hanna, who Petra had invited for dinner. She'd invited Augustin too but he declined.

Who could blame him? The very second Adam said Augustin's name, Isaac excused himself from the table and went to watch television. He was still not thrilled about his daughter becoming a mother while still in college.

Adam was promoted to Waiter late this week. It meant there wasn't as much time to hang around downtown in the afternoon and evening so he usually had breakfast somewhere in Exeter in the morning. On this particular morning, he met Sydney.

They went inside and ate a meal. Adam discovered he liked Sydney but she clearly wasn't the girl for him. She never wanted to marry, for one thing and Adam wanted to leave that possibility open.

He did kiss her goodbye though.

Which may have given her the wrong idea.

Alyson Queen (the same woman his father was having an affair with) came home from work with him on Thursday night and quickly put a stop to any sort of romantic ideas Adam had. On his father's recommendation, Adam had lost the gut but was still striking out with girls.

Mini-Araminta update:

Those silly Family Sims! Perhaps it's just idle daydreaming but I don't think the Sullivan Adoption Agency allows teenagers to adopt children!

She's getting rather popular with the boys though!

But she refuses to go out with just anybody!

This is how much Petra cares about Isaac's affairs. I thought maybe she'd care a little (he did this autonomously) because her secondary aspiration is Family but nope. She's too busy on the computer to care.

  • Collette = Win. She's got that engagement ring on her finger and she's not going to allow random 18 year-olds to feel her up outside juice bars!
  • Poor Adam! I don't know who he'll end up with! The only possibility on the horizon is Athena but she has her eye on Filippo. When she goes to college, I'll see who she matches up with better.


  1. LOL at your comment about Collette! That is hilarious. Poor Adam, he really has no luck.

    And Araminta! No babies for you!

    LOL at Petra... she's like, "can't you go somewhere else and do that? I'm TRYING to check my facebook here."

  2. Poor Adam! He just has no luck with the ladies, does he? Hopefully things will get better for him! And I almost feel bad for both Petra AND Isaac, unless they've both decided it's okay, I've got a feeling their relationship must suffer under those sort of circumstances!

  3. Hey, random question here - but did you build that diner yourself? Love the lay-out with the booths on one side and counters on the other...

    and lol at the last pic with Petra not caring - talk about open marriages!

  4. ROFL at Petra! Yeah, she cares a lot about her husband and other women, lol.

  5. Poor Adam! I hope he can find someone, the boy is getting desperate!

    LOL at Petra! Could she care any less?!

  6. I think this must have been something Petra and Isaac decided on without me knowing! I really did think she'd care at least a little. I wonder if he cares about her affairs. Must experiment.

    SimState, I did not build this diner myself. You can count the lots I've built myself for Sullivan on one hand and I've done lot tours for them all. No, I downloaded this one from a forum pack at N99.

  7. LOL, does Isaac STILL have a problem with Augustin? Is he ever going to get over it? :)

    And LOL @ Petra! This update was hilarious!

    Poor Adam, hopefully he starts to have a little better luck with the ladies.

  8. Isaac is still furious with Augustin. I don't even know what he's angry about though, because he's been furious with him since Hanna was in high school! Fathering twins with his daughter must have pushed him right over the edge.