Tuesday, 17 February 2009


Round 13: Days 61-65
Over at the Carmody place, Vivienne was making sure she was on her boss Nathalie's good side. She hoped to have her boss's job one day and she wanted to be first in line to replace her when Nathalie ever retired.

Hopefully, Anna (who was the spitting image of her older sister) would not be as demanding a toddler as Betsy was. If that was the case, sucking up to her boss might be the only way Vivienne could earn a promotion. There certainly wouldn't be much time for skilling.

Fortunately, Anna was nowhere near as difficult. She was less demanding already but she also had an older sister who was willing to entertain her most of the time.

Joseph did most of the child-rearing anyway.

Although seeing he worked nights, it meant that Anna kept a rather odd schedule too.

Having Joseph do all the hard work meant that Vivienne got to take care of the fun side of parenthood when she was home.

Betsy discovered a genie lamp in the front yard. She thought hard about what she might wish for and finally decided on "peace of mind".

It had been a while since Joseph and Vivienne had gone out on a real date so on Joseph's first night off work, they headed to Sullivan Village Centre.

They had their pictures taken in a photo booth, something they hadn't done since Vivienne was in college.

Something neither of them had ever done was try out a dance sphere but Vivienne was game to give it a go. Joseph was kind of alarmed watching her thrashing around inside it.

Vivienne was completely unfazed though.

Most of the young couples headed to Exeter when they wanted to dance and it was fairly late for most of the middle-aged couples. So Joseph and Vivienne were free to act like they were the only ones in the room.

Finally, Vivienne had to admit she was exhausted and they started back on the walk home.

The time for Anna's 5th birthday had arrived and she still bore an uncanny resemblance to Betsy. Both girls favoured their father and there was barely a hint that Vivienne was their mother.
Random pic:
Georgette was at the village centre at the same time as Joseph and Vivienne and they all fell on their bums simultaneously.

  • So what do you think? Anna and Betsy - identical or not? They look really similar to me. Sigh. I was hoping Anna would look more like Vivienne or at least more of a mix. Unfortunately she suffered from the super sharp cheekbones problem that Betsy had when she was a toddler. They smooth out at the child stage, thank goodness. They just have to grow into their enormous chins now.


  1. Did you do the pacifier roll - they do seem to be identical!

    I've never seen the Genie in my game, unfortunately - do you have some sort of hack?

    And I've noticed that you have that activity table in your homes most of the time - I don't really play much with it - I'm thinking I should. Maybe I can stick the kiddie's doodles on the front of the fridge...

  2. Well both parents chins are rather long lol. Jay Leno, is he in their family. *giggle*

    I love the roller skating pick. Don't tehy crack you up when they go skating in heels. rofl

    I like it when siblings look alike. But they might grow out of it when they are teens or adults. You never know.

  3. I actually don't use the activity table as much as I'd like to. It takes up a lot of space. It's a 4 tile object but if you want to be able to use all 4 sides, all the adjacent tiles need to be free too. I often put it outside.

    I don't have any genie hacks though.

    Jay Leno has definitely crossed my mind when looking at Betsy and Anna. Neither of their parents' chins look freakishly long, so I'm hoping it's something they'll grow out of. I did do a pacifier roll. I always do that at the beginning of each play session. I don't mind so much that they look very alike. Most of my other siblings don't, so it's nice for a change.

  4. If their personalities are different, then they're not actual clones. But I can totally sympathize! I am always disappointed when siblings look way too much alike. Especially when you can't keep breeding lest you overpopulate your hood.

    LOL at everyone falling.

  5. I rarely look at Sims' personalities. A lot of the time, personality seems to have no effect on how a Sim will act (Mina is *very* shy, would you believe!) so I just go with what I observe.

    I just checked SimPE and it turns out they are clones! Damn! Oh well...some sisters are very alike, I guess. And this is my only pair of clones in Sullivan so far.