Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I only want you

Round 12: College (Ben and Caterina)
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Warning: partial nudity

Ben's girlfriend, Caterina, recently cheated on him with his brother Charlton. Ben feels angry and betrayed but they are still living together, because their cruel mistress doesn't want to have to redecorate this house next time she moves some college kids into it.

Ben was still furious at Caterina for her indiscretions with his brother. He refused to sleep in the same bed as her. If Ben happened to go to bed first and Caterina tried to crawl in next to him, he went downstairs.

As was the case the night the estranged couple were robbed. Ben was witness to the whole thing.

Even though the burglar was arrested, he was still very upset. He probably realised that Sims don't seem to stay in prison very long in this neighbourhood.

Caterina was rather desperate to be forgiven. Charlton really meant nothing to her and she thought the fact that she pushed him away should count for something. Ben didn't agree.

At least at first. Caterina's constant pleading wore him down and he realised there was no other girl for him. Caterina was it.

He wasn't ready for kissing just yet though.

Caterina decided to leave Ben alone for a while and finds a distraction in the form of Debbie King. Debbie appeared to be on some kind of mission to make friends with everyone on campus, because she could often be found hanging around the student rentals. It would be creepy, if everyone didn't like her so darn much!

Giving Ben some time to cool off and think seemed to have worked.

For the first time in a while that night, Ben lets Caterina share the bed with him.

Ben and Caterina want to go somewhere to celebrate their reconciliation but can't really afford much, being poor college students. So they end up at the diner and decide to order the fanciest food they have on offer.

The fanciest food they had there was, apparently, fried chicken and salad. Ben had a little surprise up his sleeve to cover up that disappointment anyway.

Ben unfortunately spent the last of his cash on the ring and had no money to pay the bill. The host was not amused when Ben tried to skip out on their bill.

Caterina was not amused when they had to wash dishes in the kitchen to pay their bill.

Ben and Caterina's engagement seemed to bring their raging libidos back in full force.

In clothing booths, in bed, on the couch. They just didn't stop.

Somehow, they managed to graduate. Ben finished with a perfect GPA of 4.0, while Caterina had a much more modest 3.2 GPA.

  • Ben and Caterina woohoo 3 or 4 times a day. I think they are actually worse than they were before. I'll be interested to see if this continues back in the hood or if young adults really woohoo that much more.
  • Caterina's attraction to Charlton has dropped to 2 bolts. I think it was 3 before, but I'll have to go and check.
  • Ben really, really wanted to make up with Caterina. After 3 apologise interactions from her, he wanted to "Talk" to her. Then he was swooning all over her. Then he wanted to "Be Friends" with her. Then he rolled up the engagement want almost as soon as they went on their classy date to The Greasy Spoon.


  1. Awww, I'm glad they're back together! Hopefully now Caterina won't mess up again, LOL.

    Wow, they really DO woohoo a lot. I don't think I've had any sims go at it like that yet, haha. Geeze.

  2. Ben is so forgiving! I had an eyebrow raised the whole time - I'm not so forgiving! ha ha

    I really dig your diner.

    I've noticed that YA woohoo a lot more (from ACR), but I think it's because they're in the dorm all the time wasting time & are free to do so. Adults have to go to work and stuff.

  3. Yeah, I don't know if I'd be so forgiving either! Caterina was completely faithful to Ben up until the Charlton incident but she is a Romance Sim and it's not really in her blood to be monogamous. We'll see.

    I think YAs might woohoo more than regular Sims. Debbie & Linnea woohoo a lot and Filippo and Athena did too, when they were together. These two are something else though.