Thursday, 26 February 2009

Too careful

Round 13: Days 61-65
Ever since our daughters left home for university, Floyd and I have been enjoying our increased privacy.

Unfortunately, there was still that pesky thing known as employment getting in the way of us having fun all the time. It'd be nice if Elias would send a nicer car to pick up his manager. That might make the ride to work a little more tolerable.

We've started to suspect Debbie might be partaking in some illegal substances on campus. She calls the house at all hours asking to speak to Linnea. Who lives in the same dorm as Debbie. It's very odd.

Floyd is still plugging away at the drums, for all the good it does him. He's still just a roadie. He doesn't seem to realise that he needs to work on his charisma to make it in his industry. His talent is unquestioned but his people skills leave something to be desired.

Maybe if he finally got promoted he'd stop bringing these weirdos home from work. I could really do without people like this guy hanging around all the time.

Every time I start to wonder why we stay together though, he reminds me.

Floyd's been bothering that Nihill woman next door again though. He should probably watch out because her husband doesn't like it. He actually asked me to speak to Floyd about it. I will but it was kind of funny to watch a man in his early 60s try to impress a woman more than 30 years younger than him with terrible dance moves.

I was attempting to get some reading done one afternoon (nothing interesting - boring stuff for work) when I heard the stereo turn on outside.

I looked out and it was my little brother Galen! Not so little anymore, really, as he's in his mid 40s. I don't know how he got out there without me seeing him. He must have jumped the fence because the only other way to get out there is through the apartment and I would have noticed that!

It didn't matter anyway. I hadn't seen him in a while and was thrilled to catch up for a while. We weren't that close as kids (he was closer to Xanthia than to me) but since we've grown up, we've become a lot tighter.

There he goes again. He's lucky they don't report him to the landlord.

Despite having more time to spend with Floyd, I'm still missing my daughters while they're away. I hear from both of them frequently, luckily but I wish they'd look at the time before they call. Athena called at 1:45 the other night (or the other morning, more accurately) and I'm sure she heard me yawning!

I have to give Floyd a bit of credit here because he's actually been trying to mend some fences lately. I think he should give up on the landlord and focus on poor Maria Collins. That landlord doesn't like anyone but maybe Floyd hasn't yet burned all his bridges with Maria.

Did I mention that we have a slight wolf problem in our lobby? Yeah, neither did the landlord. Most of the residents are frightened of them and scurry into the elevator or their apartment when they see them but Floyd goes right up to them. They literally eat out of his hand!

Athena has been telling us about Adam, her new boyfriend and we were both keen to meet him, so all the kids (ours, plus Adam and Debbie) came over for dinner recently. I was somewhat surprised to hear about Adam because while she was in high school, Athena was dead set on snaring Filippo. Then she did, and then they broke up. I suppose girls can still be pretty fickle at that age.

Not Linnea though. I would never have thought she'd stick to the one girl for so long but she and Debbie have been together since high school and are still going strong!

Adam was lucky Floyd wasn't yet home from work. No one was allowed to touch his drums except Floyd. And Athena, if she asked him nicely first!

I was so happy watching Linnea interacting with her dad, once he got home. Their relationship has always been so iffy and poor Linnea used to try so hard to get his attention. I'm glad they're getting along now.

Not so for Adam and Floyd though.

Floyd liked Adam just fine but Adam was completely baffled by Floyd and is still a bit standoffish with him.

  • I love how Drusilla looks like she's trying to cover her face and sneak by Mohawk Man (who is, by the way, the same weirdo who barged into Ottilie's bedroom to dance while she was a kid).
  • I am still stumped as to how Galen managed to get by Drusilla for his hula dancing without going through the apartment. Sims can't jump fences, can they? LOL. Maybe they can when we're not looking!
  • Floyd gets the want to visit Caterina all the time. It's a little creepy. Look at him just standing at the door.
  • Floyd started a fight with Maria (again) but I missed the picture. So it was only alluded to in Drusilla's entry.


  1. Ahh, life without the childrens! Unfortunately, I have no idea how you did it. I hate just playing the adults when their kids are gone, LOL.

  2. Mao, let me tell you, I was honestly bored to tears for most of their play session! I had to invite the kids and their partners over to spice it up a bit.

    I'm already dreading playing my next family - Nathalie and Elias are on their own now too. I won't even have Floyd to make it mildly interesting with his cantankerousness! Perhaps I will invite Ottilie's new boyfriend Lake over and see if he farts at her mother like he did to Ottilie.

  3. We've started to suspect Debbie might be partaking in some illegal substances on campus. She calls the house at all hours asking to speak to Linnea. Who lives in the same dorm as Debbie. It's very odd.

    LOL, hitting the bubble blower a little too hard, Debbie? ;)

    I have a hard time playing through the adults when their kids are away at college too. I'm always so eager for the kids to graduate and move back home so that something interesting might happen!

  4. Yes, I've just realised that Lukas and Raffaella are on their own now, so I'll probably need to either move them or Hanna and Augustin. I can't take any more empty-nesters! It's much too boring.