Thursday, 5 February 2009

Counting down the hours

Round 12: Days 56-60
Georgette had been the primary carer for Samson as a newborn but as he got older, Galen took a more active parenting role.

As a result, as soon as he could express a preference, Samson became a total daddy's boy.

Samson was the spitting image of Galen as a toddler.

He had quickly shown a talent for music...just like Dad.

Dad, of course, played no small roll in encouraging his young son's talent, taking every opportunity to teach his son nursery rhymes and help him with his xylophone.

Galen's increased interest in fatherhood made him all the more attractive to his wife.

Georgette played with Samson too but it usually ended in Georgette getting bored or Samson throwing a tantrum.

She preferred to focus on her career and it had finally been paying off lately. Georgette was hired by a law firm which specialised in personal injury compensation claims. It seemed a bit shady but anything was better than her previous position.

Samson was much sweeter by himself in his crib than he ever was with his mother. He was quite content to play alone in his bed every morning, while his parents were otherwise occupied.

Georgette would usually brush up on legal matters. Being an attorney (she'd moved from compensation to family law) was a lot harder than working in the bills department.

Galen's before-work activity of choice was to squeeze in a quick work out in the gym just off the apartment lobby.

Samson's birthday this round saw him turn 5 and he continued to bear a strong resemblance to his dad.

  • Well, well, well, Galen! No wants to flirt, make out or woohoo with other women? What's up with that? He still has a 20 woohoo want that I've locked but other than that, he's been very well-behaved!
  • Samson really did react better to Galen than to Georgette. I don't know why but he often had his grumpy pants on when she'd try to teach him stuff. Maybe he could sense she'd rather be elsewhere!
  • It took me forever to write this. It's been so hot here recently and I couldn't be bothered to sit blogging for extended periods of time.


  1. Samson looks exactly like Galen! I mean I don't see Georgette in him at all. Speaking of Galen, what has happened to the womanizer we all knew and loved?! LOL Maybe he's finally grown up.

    I've read about the heat wave there. No wonder you don't want to sit in front of your computer. I hope you have air conditioning in your house :)
    For me simming and blogging is the only way to keep myself entertained because we've been having snow blizzards for the past few days.

  2. Are we sure Galen wasn't abducted by aliens without your knowledge? lol He was actually being good, no flirtying or anything? *swoons* What is your sim world coming to? lol

    And Samson's cheeks, they are too cute. I want to pinch them. Just hope he grows into them, or not. If not I hope his not a romance sim with the face of an angel, lol.

    You're having a heat wave and where I live we are just now starting to climb out of the low teens, well yesterday it was 2 degrees, back into the 20's. I need heat!

  3. LOL! Is Galen suffering from "burn out"? Wow, no romantic wants at all! Maybe the thing with Collette scared him, haha.

    Samson has some odd cheeks! They look good on Galen, I wonder why they stick out so much when they're young?

  4. Yeah, maybe he's scared of impregnating another woman. He met Mina (God, can you imagine those two together?) and they have 3 bolts but no ACR action.

    The only thing Samson has from Georgette is the eyes. Galen has brown eyes.

    I have to wonder who Galen got his cheeks from. I might extract Gina and Nelson and age them down to see who's responsible! They get less noticeable with age but even as a teen, Galen's were quite prominent.

    The weather here today is supposed to be 33C (91F), which is positively cool compared to the 48C (118F) they're experiencing in other parts of the state. Apparently, it's the hottest place on Earth right now, even considering the Sahara Desert! So says the news, anyway.

  5. Wow, Galen is a changed man! didn't expect that.

  6. I'm amazed at Galen! Fatherhood has really changed him.

  7. Yes, we'll have to see how long it lasts now!