Friday, 20 February 2009

Little dawn

Round 13: Days 61-65

Raines was not having a good week. He started a kitchen fire by trying to make some waffles while he still had some croissants in the oven.

It was a better week for Maria. She was promoted to relic liberator and got to come home early as a bonus.

She used her unexpected free time to invite her boyfriend Filippo over.

They didn't get to spend much time together because within minutes of Filippo's arrival, Emil had come home from school.

Emil didn't seem very surprised at all to see Filippo at his house but James Novak was a little curious.

Once James went home, Emil sat down next to Filippo and told him all about school, as if he'd known him all his life.

Emil was enjoying the chat so much it was hard for Maria to convince him to go to bed but finally he did, and Filippo and Maria could share some private time.

The next morning, Maria suspected she would have a lasting reminder of their "private time".

She still had to go to work though and the nanny hadn't shown up, so she asked Filippo to watch Emil.

He was a bit nervous about babysitting, considering the stories he'd heard from Raines but as it turned out, Emil was all tuckered out by 4pm and napped right up until his mother got home.

Maria's belly was getting bigger and it was time to tell Emil about the impending arrival.

Especially seeing she'd just learned she would be having twins!

To her surprise, Emil was thrilled!
Filippo was excited too. He and Maria hadn't moved in together yet but that was definitely on the horizon in the future.

Maria did wish Adam would stop coming over so often. When Adam was there, Filippo spent much of his time playing video games, which Maria found rather boring. Not to mention the in jokes she didn't really understand. Hopefully, it would stop once the twins arrived.

Which was sooner rather than later. Maria tried to call Filippo when she felt the signs of early labour but his answering machine said he'd be working until 8.

So she gave birth with the help of Raines and Emil instead. Welcome to the neighbourhood, Caleb Samuel...

...and David Reuben!

Random pic:
I love how pregnant Sims can't have pillow fights but for some reason, they have no difficulty doing this. I don't think I could do this now! Emil is 11!

  • Filippo and Maria tried for a baby on their own. I was going to wait until I moved Filippo in (they don't have the want to marry yet) but she would have been 40 by then and it might have been difficult. She got pregnant with no trouble this time, so maybe she had a feeling her biological clock was ticking.
  • Maria has put on a few pounds. She doesn't seem to mind (no wants to exercise or get fit), so neither do I. ;)
  • Maria suddenly spun up the want to invite Filippo over a couple of hours before she gave birth. I thought that was very cute and realistic.


  1. Oh boy, twins and a soon-to-be-teen! That'll be an exciting household I bet :P I also find it ironic how Maria first went for a guy older than her and then one younger than her, she really doesn't like the ones her age, does she?

  2. Ha ha - you gotta love those maxis career costumes ;-)

    I'm glad that Maria is happy with Filippo. She needs all the help - not with twins! I hope they make pretty babies - Maria's a looker but I'm not so sure about Filippo!

  3. Awww, these two make a good couple. It's good to see they each found someone. Maria wears those extra pounds well!

  4. Thanks for commenting, guys!

    Yes, Maria has made some interesting choices in men in her life. I guess age just doesn't matter to her at all. Unless it's Adam we're talking about - she's friends with Adam but she never got any romantic wants with him. With Filippo, she gets them all the time.

    I am *hoping* that the twins have Maria's mouth. I just went and had a look at Filippo's toddler portrait (I keep the pics I use for their profiles as a sort of historical record, in my game folders) and he didn't have an upper lip then either. Caleb and David definitely do, so I think they've escaped!

    Mao, I think Maria and Filippo are an odd pair but they seem to work, for some reason. Not especially high chemistry (2 bolts, nowhere near 3) but a good couple nonetheless.