Monday, 9 February 2009

Spring rain

Round 12: Days 56-60
Last update: Pascal/Mina

Not long after she and Pascal had moved in together, Mina decided she needed a holiday. It had been so hot in Exeter recently and the beach was not as appealing as it might normally be, so it was off to the mountains instead.

The cabins they stayed at were really cheap (the furniture in their cabin was hideous!) but there was a hot tub outside, which Mina and Pascal didn't waste any time in putting to good use.

Not to mention that it was warm enough to wander around in swimsuits but still much cooler than back at home.

They were never bored on vacation and found plenty of things to do.

Like getting married!

They hadn't planned on eloping but they were there in the park, they saw the wedding arch and thought "why not?"

Only after the quickie ceremony did Pascal realise it was raining.

So it was back to their cabin to dry off and cuddle up under the warm covers.

Back at home, Mina and Pascal discovered they were expecting a baby. Mina had had no symptoms of pregnancy at all, so it really was a surprise. Mina was thrilled about it. Pascal had always wanted a family but he wasn't sure if he was ready just yet.

Mina enjoyed her pregnancy. It's easy to enjoy it when you're feeling on top of the world all throughout it, unlike some of the less fortunate women in this neighbourhood. She loved the time off work, of course...

...but she also loved watching her belly grow, knowing she'd soon have a son or daughter.

And Pascal, who'd come to terms with the pregnancy, gave her all the back rubs she wanted.

Pascal invited his sisters Georgette, Vivienne and Leontine over to meet Mina (finally!) but they get somewhat distracted by the bar, the stereo and the pool table in the lobby.

In the end, Mina comes down to meet them and teaches them all the slap dance she learnt while on vacation. It's pretty silly looking but they had a lot of fun learning the steps.

Not long after Pascal's sisters left, Mina realised the baby would be arriving imminently!

It was a son! Welcome to the neighbourhood, Jonas Maximilien. Maximilien was Pascal's late father's middle name and it was important to Pascal to honour him.

Random funny:
Jonas wanted to wait until Mina had a clear path before he was ready to come out!

  • Mina rolled an ROS to go on a family vacation. I almost sent her with Maria and Emil because I want Mina to be close to her half-brother but it made more sense for her to go with Pascal.
  • Neither Mina or Pascal had the want to get married but tough crap for them. I wanted to try out the wedding lot. I'll be adding one to all my vacation hoods. With Cape Elizabeth (my beach hood), I'll probably just add an arch to Seawater Beach Paradise rather than put a new lot down. Anyway, this park is Morrissey Park (because I'm lame and I name almost everything after music I like). You can't see it properly because they got married at night but it's really lovely in the day time.


  1. LOL, they got married just because you wanted to try out your lot! That's awesome! Call it impulsive maybe ;)

    Congrats on the wedding and baby Jonas!

  2. Hahaha, I love that they got hitched! Now they have a baby, awesome. I wonder how long until Pascal freaks out and need to hit on someone? ;)

  3. Oh, he already has. He does the Charm and Hit On interaction on random women so much that I barely bother to take pics of it any more. I wait until it develops into something further and it hasn't since he got married. I guess Mina can be thankful for that much!